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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dancing Around Club Penguin Island :)

      Today I feel so HAPPY so I can’t stand still :) It is SPRING!

      Pizza DanceHappy Dancing

       Dancing on Boat Dancing on Ski Hill

     Dancing at Mine Dancing at Pet Shop

     Dancing in Igloo Dancing in Box Room      

     Dancing i Forest Dancing in HQ

…LOL…Mum have starting to Spring Painting our Kitchen Today she does that EVERY year :) so we have to eat at Grandpa’s…He makes AWESOME Food and Grandpa allows us to eat as Much Candy we want…If Mum don't  stop us…she will…LOL :) See you all later in Club Penguin :)

Egg Painting

                       Today I meet My Friend Waddlesthe4 :)

                               …she had a surprise for me :)

                         …I LOVE to Watch Artists at Work :)

                  …FLOWERS too…LOL…you know me so well :)

                                    …I LOVE FLOWERS :)
…This is so Exciting! I am so curious how the Painted Eggs will look when they are finished…

                    …Waddlesthe4 has Painted all Eggs Now :)
                              …Ohhh…They Looks GREAT!

             …Only a TRUE Artist can make Something like This :)

                                   …They are so Pretty :)

        FLOWER Decorated Eggs in PINK and PURPLE = PERFECT :)
            Painted Egg Painted Egg  Painted Egg 
                                …The Eggs are so Cute :)
click to enlarge
Thanks for your Wonderful Gift Waddlesthe4 you made me so Happy THANKS!  You are a FANTASTIC Friend :)
Next Year I wish for Eggs that can be placed as Decorations in my Igloo…I wish they look EXACTLY the way Waddlesthe4 has painting them :) Can you Please fix that Club Penguin Team? Please! Thanks :)

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