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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Green Puffle Gosig

My Green Puffle Gosig Loves to be silly and goofy around…he Always do the Funniest things to make me Laugh :) He is great at balancing and can do lots of tricks just  like a circus artist…

Green Puffle balancing                   …A Balloon Animal :) That is so Cute Thanks!

Green Puffleand the Bubblegum

                                 …LOL…Funny Face Gosig…

Green Puffle Bathing                                      …and he snores…

Green Puffle sleeping…Burp…Ahum…Excuse you…lol…you need to work on your eating manners…

Green Puffle Eating…Like all of us Gosig LOVES Cookies…he eats them like a vacuum cleaner…

Green Puffle eats cookie          …TOGETHER we Have so Much Fun and we love to Dance…

Green Puffle and Saraapril Dancing                              …and Flying around TOGETHER :)

Green Puffle and Saraapril Flying TOGETHER

                     …Gosig is AWESOME at Trick Flying too :)

Green Puffle Flying     …I am so Happy to have a Puffle like Gosig in my Life and I know that if I need help with something Gosig will be there for me :)

      This picture of Green Puffles Playing is from the Puffle Party :)

New Coloring Pages – Sled Race :)

Today we got ONE MORE Drawing to Color THANKS CLUB PENGUIN TEAM :) I will visit Grandpa on Sunday and I will have this picture ready for his wall :)    …and yes Mum have bought me MORE Glitter Glue Thanks Mum :) Here you can print out Club Penguin’s coloring Pages

Congrats Australia and New Zealand – EPF - Elite Penguin Force Update!

If you're in Australia or New Zealand, keep your eyes out for the Elite Penguin Force game - it should be available this week! This is GREAT News if you like to play Nintendo DS :)

Me and Littletias have this Game and we LOVE to play it :) I think all the Missions are AWESOME and the Minigames are so Much FUN :)

If you need Help to solve anything in this Game go to this Blog Post Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

I Wish for…a Spring Play on Ice at The Stage :)

Right Now me and my Puffles playing Ice Show TOGETHER in our Igloo and we having so Much FUN :) That gave me an idea…I would LOVE to have a Play at the Stage on Ice :) A Spring play where we can get Flower costumes :) PURPLE Crocus, Snowdrops, Bluebells, Hot PINK  Roses, Soft PINK Gerbera…

…The Switchbox 3000 can have cool Effects like growing Flowers, Flying singing Birds, Ray of Sun light with Fairy dust…a Rainbow that growing from one side of the Stage to the other and letting Flowers Raining Down on us…The Yellow Puffle Shakespeare can have a part too let a BIG Sunflower growing up…open the Flower and in there can the Yellow Puffle dancing around and singing :) a second part for Shakespeare can be to painting Flowers and Leafs…in PINK and PURPLE…LOL…Butterflies flying around…every time we press the switchbox 3000 for an effect I would Love to have a Nice sound to go with it…one special sound for Every Effect……Ohhh I wish this So MUCH!

Ice skating TOGETHER

…Can we Please have this Play Club Penguin Team? That would be so Wonderful and FUN! I Longing to Dancing around in the FLOWERS and I think Herbert can like this Play too…maybe this will make him less Grumpy :)…PLEASE? Thanks :)

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