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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy77 interviews an Artist

Today we got this Message is from Happy77 

Greetings Penguins!

We've got some new furniture coming tomorrow in the Better Igloos catalog. I got a glimpse and I thought I'd ask some questions so you could get a better idea about what's involved in planning furniture fashion around here.

click to enlarge   Where do you get your ideas for making furniture and items for igloos?
We love getting ideas from players and it's fun to pay attention to what's going on in the game. If players are saying they want something, we try to make it!

Have you ever considered making couches out of candy?
Yes. I remember there was talk about it around the holidays. So far we haven't but we'll have to wait and see.

What's your fave furniture item of all time?
I really like the Koi Pond because of the animated fish. I have three in my igloo.

We'd love to hear any furniture items you'd love to see designed -- Let us know.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77


I LOVE that we can ask for Items and that Club Penguin makes them for us :) I have asked for Many Many things and Many of them have come true :) One thing I asked for and got was the Pink Flowerpot that was  growing little by little Every Week :) I have 36 of them…what can i say…I LOVE FLOWERS…LOL :) Another thing I asked for and got was PINK Hair :)


If it is ANYTHING you want to have or want to Happen in Club Penguin don't hesitate to ask…Club Penguin Teams LOVES to hear about your ideas :)

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Dance Contest Update - New Tunes :)

DJ Cadence have made New Music to the FUN Dance Contest Game :) We can start to Play this April 24 2009…I meet Cadence at Night Club and she told me: It is three Epic Tunes! They’re ICE smooth with Funky New Beats for you to shake a flipper to…Thanks Cadence this will be FUN!

click to enlarge

               This New Music will only be Available for Members

Sled Race Update!

At April 24 2009 we can start to use a New Toboggan :) We can Buy the New Gears at the Top of the Mountain AWESOME! So waddle away to the Ski Hill and challenge your Friends to a FUN Sled Game :)

click to enlarge

       …This is the Picture we got as a Coloring Page Yesterday :)click to enlarge

Thanks Club Penguin for this and for keeping your Promises! You are all AWESOME :)

Secrets Revealed: Classified – How to Catch Mullet

                                         Secret Nr 22…

click to enlarge                         How to Catch Mullet you need a Bait…

click to enlarge

This Secret have Already been Revealed! It was The First Secret Club Penguin Posted in this series…

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