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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Logging in and Club Penguin Performance Problem Solution

For some days now I have Problems to be connected to Club Penguin! I have cleared my cache and tried Three different web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox - all have this Problem! And it is the same no matter what language I choose!

I have NO Problem to get this page or access anything from here like community, Toys, contact and so on…

            …I can choose Penguin but then I got stuck here…

…sometimes I get past that and can choose Server but then I get stuck Here…

    …I have Tried Busy Servers and Empty Servers…Same Problem! …If I get connected and actually get in to Club Penguin I got stuck when I visit mine or other Penguins Igloos and sometime before or after a Game…If it happens after I LOSE all earned Coins! I have Lost over 5000 coins this way :(

If I get into Club Penguin Sometimes the Rooms are slow…all Penguins walking slowly and catalogs don't loading, problem to changes penguins outfit, I can’t enter rooms in Club Penguin…I have problem to go from room to room or to other penguins Igloos and so on…and the games are Not working fluently and smooth...

Eventually I found the SOLUTION!!!

Dad have online backup programs like Carbonite and Mozy running on our computer and sometimes when they work very hard to backup data they interfere with Club Penguin in some way. The solution is to either stop them from running or to lower the bandwidth they use. Carbonite can be set to Low Priority. Mozy can be set to make the the computer Faster to use a lower upload bitrate.

There might be other programs using the Internet that alone or together can give this similar problem. It might be that you Skype for example.

                         Now I can Play Club Penguin Again :)

Pet Furniture Catalog – Puffle Items Update :)

          The Pet Furniture Love your Pet Catalog is Updated :)

click to enlargeWe have No Brown Puffle in Club Penguin…yet…and The Brown Puffle House is replaced with a White Puffle House :)

click to enlarge

…On this page you find The Hidden Secret Grey Puffle House…we don't have Grey Puffles either…

click to enlarge

  …I like the word Puffle Bedz z like in zzzzz…LOL…That is so Cute :)

click to enlarge

…I wonder if we will get a Hot Pink Puffle soon? I still Wish for that :)

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