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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rockhopper in Walt Disney World - UPDATE!

Some days ago we got this Exciting News How to meet Rockhopper in Real Life! Today we got this Update from Billybob:
Hello Penguins!
So many of you told us you're excited about the news that Rockhopper will be visiting Walt Disney World in Florida! Our favorite pirate penguin will be there from April 30 - May 13th.
There are lots of us who won't be able to go, and I don't know about you, but I'd love to hear what it's like to meet him. So we have a request for those of you who can go to Florida during that time to meet Rockhopper: It would be really cool if you could write about it and let us know - and we'll share some of your experiences on the blog.
For those of you who can go, get out your pirate maps and make an "X": Hollywood Studios is the location for Captain Rockhopper's whereabouts while he's in Walt Disney World in to enlarge Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob
I wonder if Rockhopper will do the cool Penguin Dance just like the Girls on The BIG Time Square Party did? I hope so! And I would Laugh so Much If Rockhopper jumped on one leg backwards and singing sea shanties at the same time :) Thanks for giving us a map I really hope that Rockhopper have starting to learn how to read a Map too…LOL
NEW YORK TIME SQUARE PARTY! Pictures from the Party Thanks for Tree Years of AWESOME!

Herbert Poster!

Today I have had so Much FUN playing with my Friends :) When I come back to my Igloo to Feed My Puffles I found this Poster…Someone has put this on my wall! WHO?

Herbert Poster in Saraapril's Igloo

Party! and Box Room Glitch!

              Me and some Friends had a Fun Igloo Party Today :)

click to enlarge

…Very soon we turned the Party to PIRATE PARTY! Thanks Spider880 it was a GREAT Idea :) Sled Master is a Fantastic Dancer and Sebi73075 and 1w34e can Rocks too :)

click to enlarge

             …It was so Much FUN :) Then we went to Box Room…

click to enlarge                       …??? Were is My Friends? I am ALONE!

click to enlarge

   …I opened Spider880’s Player card to Find him…It says Box Room!

click to enlarge …We both logged in and out…Tried again…for a while My Box didn't work…This is so weird…

click to enlarge                   …we decide to play in the Slopes instead…

click to enlarge

Thanks to All My Penguin Friends for all the FUN we had Today! Next Time I Hope the Box Room Works Again :)

Is This Glitch Related to this?

The Penguin Band invisible Bug

Club Penguin Bug – Penguins Missing!

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