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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Pink Puffle Sweet :)

Sweet is my Pink Puffle she LOVES to Exercise just like me and The Trampoline is her Favorite Toy :)

Sweet Pink Puffle jumping Trampoline

                     …and she is AWESOME with Rope Tricks… 

Sweet Pink Puffle Playing with Lasso

…Sweet is Always Active, Cherry and Happy and we have so Much FUN TOGETHER :) DANCE! DANCE!! DANCE!!!

Sweet and Saraapril Dancing

            …she eats her cookie in an old Fashion Pac Man Style…

Sweet Pink Puffle eats Cookie

                                …Gulping down her Food…

Sweet Pink Puffle Eats Food

            …and making a BIG Bubble with her Chewing Gum :)

Sweet Pink Puffle chewing Bubblegum                           …she is so Cute when she sleeps :)

Sweet Pink Puffle sleeps

                        …Sweet LOVES to Play in the Bath…

Sweet Pink Puffle takes a bath…TOGETHER we challenge the underwater world to find Rare Treasures and  Outsmart sea Monsters…

Sweet Pink Puffle Loves to play Aqua Grabber

…Sweet and I have so Much FUN all the Time! During The Puffle Party The Iceberg was Home for Pink Puffle FUN :) I am so Happy to have a Nice, Kind and Positive Friend like Sweet :) Thanks Sweet for wanting to be My Puffle! I LOVE YOU :)

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

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