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Friday, May 1, 2009

No Paycheck yet…

Right now Club Penguin have some Bugs that have to be squished then we Secret Agents and Tour Guides will get our First Paycheck :)

Sneak Peek gets Real :) And New Backgrounds :)

Do you Remember the Medieval Hair Sneak Peek earlier this week? This is How the Finished Item Look! So Cute :) I LOVE the Two New Medieval Backgrounds too…

    Pretty Princess Dancing :) I LOVE these Pretty Sparkling Gems :)

Princess Saraapril Dancing

                         Now I will go and Play in The Forest :)

                                        See you there :)

Medieval Party Preparations

It is Time to Look around Our Island…grab our Tools and Start to Work TOGETHER to make everything Ready for next weekend :)

click to enlarge

           …Puffles signs will be used as decorations, hay too…

click to enlarge

                        …The Big Snow catapult will be back :)

click to enlarge

                             …and the Money in The Pool…

click to enlarge

           …will this be used again too? Great I LOVE Recycling :)

click to enlarge

            …we need New Paint here…I better start work now :)

click to enlarge

This will be FUN lets work TOGETHER! See you all in Club Penguin!

We Decide what Background!

Medieval Party Sneak Peak! and we Decided :)

Medieval Party – The Story Begins!

Medieval PARTY Sneak Peek :)

Medieval Party Opening Picture!

ATTENTION! Cool Challenge TODAY! and New Penguin Style on Friday – Sneak Peek :)

A Medieval Story Part 2…

Penguin Style May 2009 – New Catalog in Club Penguin

Ye Olde Blacksmith - Penguins at Work

Sneak Peek gets Real :) And New Backgrounds :)

A Special Member Quest Awaits…

Adventure: Moving Day

Medieval Igloo Decoration :)

INVITATION! Medieval Igloo Party :)

Medieval Igloo Party

A Medieval Story Part 3

Coloring Pages – Medieval Pictures

Medieval Party 2009 - Club Penguin

Master Card – Jitsu and Become a Ninja – New Opening Picture :)

We have a New Cool Opening Picture in Club Penguin…Master Card–Jitsu and Become a Ninja…Enter the Ninja Hideout. Build your own Dojo and turn invisible!

click to enlarge    Learn how to Master the Card – Jitsu Game and Become a Ninja :)

Ye Olde Blacksmith - Penguins at Work

                                           This is Fun !

Last Years Medieval Party was the First Time we could Work as a Blacksmith I had so Much FUN doing that :) Thanks Club Penguin for bringing this Back :Saraapril working as a BlacksmithHow can I work as a Blacksmith? Put on your Apron ONLY your Blacksmith Apron! and Dance :) Now you can make stuff on your Anvil! I will start to make a Necklace for The Prettiest Princess in The Kingdom…

Penguin Style May 2009 – New Catalog in Club Penguin

New Pretty and Cool Outfits are HERE: Hark! This month is all about Medieval Merriment! Here you’ll find armor for knights, dresses for fair princesses, and more Surprises! So whatever you’re courtly a king or a court jester, there’s something for everyone with these medieval fashions! I will show what page you can find Hidden Secret Items on without ruin your Fun :)

click to enlarge

                                 …Crystal Staff 250 Coins…

click to enlarge

                              ...Woodsmans Hat 200 Coins…

click to enlarge

                                       …A Blue DRAGON…

click to enlarge …Hoover over picture to get this text…Blue Dragon Costume 1000 coins…

click to enlarge

                          …Black Graduation Cap 100 Coins…

click to enlarge

…Red Viking Helmet 750 Coins……Open and close Tree Times open again and you get the…

click to enlarge

                          …Blue Viking Helmet 1200 Coins…

click to enlarge

                                 …The Spikester 500 Coins…

click to enlarge

                                    …Pink Boa 300 Coins…

click to enlarge

…I LOVE all these FANTASTIC Costumes The Medieval Party will be so Much FUN :)

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