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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coloring Pages – Medieval Pictures

This is so FUN :) Thanks Club Penguin I LOVE Coloring Pages :) Now I know what to do…Glitter glue :)click to enlarge

                                 Get all Coloring Pages :)

click to enlarge                       You can get this Picture as Wallpaper too :)

                                     Get all Wallpapers :)

The Haunting of The Viking Opera – The Stage

A New Play at The Stage will be here Tomorrow Friday May 8, 2009 :)

click to enlarge

                                        The Stage Tour:

…The Stage had been completely transformed from the last time we’d seen it. There was a beach, a sandy cliff, a great storm overhead, and an enormous Viking rowboat (know as a Longboat). “The new play is pretty interesting,” said the tour guide. “It’s actually a play about a play, if that makes sense. In it, a play called the ‘Viking Opera’ is having troubles with a spooky ghost. It’s an opera with a mystery twist, or as I like to call it: a ‘Twistery!’”

click to enlarge

Hmmm…This is so interesting :) Will this play have a secret Treasure? Will we find the Ruby Viking Helmet? Or can we buy it from the Costume Trunk? Meet me Tomorrow at The Stage to find Viking Saraapril waves          …and If you have a Viking Helmet wear it! See you there :)

A Medieval Story Part 3

The Story continues…click to enlarge Once upon a time (around May 8-17), a heroic knight,  a brave princess,  and her jester set off on an adventure. They joined a dragon who led the way to a mysterious underground room.

The knight attempted to rush at the door, but the princess (once again) stopped him. “Remember? This is a brains thing.”

They worked out all the puzzles together and as the doors opened, the knight declared, “Nothing will stop our quest!”

They set off through a maze that seemed to go on forever. But finally, they reached their treasure.

“There’s enough here for everyone!” smiled the princess. “But only the bravest will find it!” replied the knight.

The dragon roared and said, “Let’s throw the greatest Medieval Party in the land!”
And so they did…click to enlarge

Tomorrow Friday May 8, 2009 The Medieval Party and Quest starts WELCOME TO CLUB PENGUIN AND JOIN THE FUN!

click to enlarge

                               See you there Waddle On!

Medieval Party – The Story Begins!

A Medieval Story Part 2

Secret Revealed: Classified – Jet Pack Game

                                         Secret Nr: 25

click to enlarge Jet Pack Adventure: Perfect Run

Many know that the hardest thing to do in Jet Pack Adventure is run the course without getting any coins… But not many know about the secret prize.

Make it to the end without collecting a single coin, and you’ll receive a 1000 coin reward!

Heads up though! To do this, you’ll have to use up all your fuel at the end of each level. Hover just above the landing pad until it’s gone.

click to enlarge

This is a FUN Game and you need to play it some times before you are skilled enough to Master it…I like that :)

Saraapril Flying Jet Pack

Free Play Mission 9 - Cause And Effect, Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Free Play Mission 9 - Cause And Effect

Go to the Ski Hill and pick up the scarf on the ground, your goal is to find the owner of the lost scarf. The owner of the scarf will show up to claim the mitten once you have helped 3 penguins around Club Penguin with their problems.

At the Ice Rink, help the Goalie break the goal out of an ice block by hitting it with either the Red Puffle or the Yellow Puffle.

At the Plaza help Lost Jacket penguin find his lost jacket. If you mechano-dust the snow pile at the Glacier, you will find the jacket.

At the Sports Shop, help the clerk lift his wardrobe by hitting it with the Purple Puffle. Once you have helped all three characters, the Lost Scarf penguin will show up and ask for his scarf. Hand him the scarf to end the mission. You will get some coins as a reward.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

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