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Friday, May 8, 2009

Postcards From Club Penguin :) And an Idea…

Today I got TWO Post Cards From Club Penguin :) THANKS you are so Kind! Medieval Party Invitation :)click to enlarge                   …and A Quest awaits for you…Card :)click to enlarge

…I LOVE the Cards and I will NEVER Delete any card Club Penguin have sent me! They means so Much to me :) So Please Club Penguin can you make the Post Box BIGGER? PLEASE? I would LOVE to have a UNLIMITED post Box! I have some Ideas…Save the First Card somebody send us and then add everyone (if we choose to) to a “My Friend sent me this Card” Like this:

click to enlarge

Mr Maby was first to send you this card and have now send you 3 of this card

Greg4545 have send you 8 of this card

Mia446 have send you 2 of this Card

click to enlarge

2222lushia was First to send you this card and have now send you 2 of this Card

..and so on…This way we can KEEP ONE of EVERY Card Club Penguin Makes :) Please Club Penguin Team can you fix this? PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE?

I want to do the Knights Quest Again…Club Penguin

After you are Done with the Knights Quest next time you enter the Maze The Arrows will automatically lead you right... So how can you play the Quest again?

click to enlarge              …Just take a Wrong Turn and the Arrows Get Dark…

click to enlarge                             …Now you can Re Play the Game :)

click to enlarge   …If you want you can skip Challenge one and two and ONLY do the Maze…I LOVE to do EVERYTHING in the Maze :) Medieval Party Lalalalaaa :)

The Quest! Knights needed in Club Penguin - Member Game

Knight’s Quest Animated – Club Penguin for Members

Medieval Party 2009 - More Animated Pictures

Uncle Gary and Sister Gary have worked hard TOGETHER to make these snow catapults ready again :)

  Saraapril at Snow Fort

                                …I am The Dancing Queen :)

Saraapril at Beach

…now I am a Servant working hard to keep the Beacon Fire going dressed in last years Free Item and my new pointy shoes and Bracers :) WOOD WOOD MORE WOOD…LOL

Saraapril at Beacon

                               …time to feed the Puffles :)

Saraapril in Pet Shop 

                    …this Harp sounds so Pretty…Lalalalalala…

Saraapril playing Harp

…Now I am a Brave Princess with Tabard and shield! Ready to challenge The DRAGON :)

Saraapril at Mine

       …Hard Working Travelling Blacksmiths are always Welcome :)

 Saraapril at Dock

…I LOVE This Medieval Party! It is so Much to see and do! Now I will be a...

Medieval Party 2009 – Club Penguin

New Cards in Club Penguin

We have got Two New Cards Today :) The Haunting of The Viking Opera…click to enlarge

                      …and The Meet me at Tree Forts Card :)click to enlarge

…I LOVE all these invitations Cards in Club Penguin They helps me and my Friends to have More FUN :) THANKS Club Penguin! Sometimes I get an invitation Card from a Penguin I don't know and Immediately I have got a NEW FRIEND! That is AWESOME!

Free Play Mission 10 - Lost And Confused, Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force, Nintendo DS

Club Penguin EPF Free Play Mission 10 - Lost And Confused

Go to the Forest. Talk to the blue and black penguins and they will talk about their missing guide. Use the Snow Trekker to follow the trail and find the lost tour guide. After winning the minigame, the mission will be complete and you get an award of some coins.

More about EPF in this post:
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - Hints and Tips - Nintendo DS

Knight’s Quest Animated – Club Penguin for Members

To all my Non Member Friends I have made some Animated Pictures so you all can see The Quest…Enjoy :) Let the Quest Start…

Knight's Quest Starts

                   …Challenge One! Light up the Five Orbs…

Challenge One

                          …Challenge Two hit 50 Marks…

Challenge 2 

                       …Find your way through the Maze…


                          …The Secret Serene Puffle Room…

The Stairs

…Happy Quest Dancing :) I guess that this Room is build by Sensei…

Happy Quest Dance

To solve this Quest read: The Quest! Knights needed in Club Penguin

See The Maze Animations

Medieval Party 2009 – Club Penguin

Hi Friends :) This Party is Awesome! Filled with Adventures, Quests, Secrets, Items and Cool Effects :) I have already Blogged about some of them and here are MORE :) Lets start underground…Meet the DRAGON!

click to enlarge

…Use the Switchboard 3000 for Cool Effects…I think this is The CUTEST DRAGON EVER :)

 Mine Dragon

                    …at Night Club a Knight can Dance…LOL

click to enlarge

              …up here we have a Great view over the Kingdom…

 click to enlarge

                                    …Coffee Please…

click to enlarge

     …This Book Room is a Perfect place for learning New stuff :)

click to enlarge

…I am a Medieval Poet writhing Funny things to make Pretty Princess Smile :) Medieval Party Poet

                   …Here we will have AWESOME snow fights :)

click to enlarge

                                …this will be FUN too :)

click to enlarge 

                  …at the Cove we have a little Tree house…

click to enlarge

            …and in The Forest The BIG Tree house is BACK :)

click to enlarge

…The Tree house is one of My FAVORITE places during the Medieval Party :) Do you find the Hidden Puffles?

click to enlarge

…Here are Three of The Tree Puffles :) Go to the Tree house and look for more…Puffles in Three

            …The Plaza…and The Haunting of the Viking Opera

click to enlarge

                              …The Puffle Stable is Back :)

click to enlarge 

        …Someone needs to clean up in the Pizza Parlor…yuck…

click to enlarge

...The Travelling Blacksmith’s are Back too…Great! My Armor needs to be fixed…

click to enlarge

                                 …Home Sweet Home…

click to enlarge

                        …The Beacon have a Big Fire…

click to enlarge 

..and the Ski Hill have the evil Mirror again…hmmm this is Scary…I DON’T like That!

click to enlarge

               …Look at the Shiny Rainbow Princess Castle…

click to enlarge

                                   …This is so PRETTY :)

click to enlarge

                    …This Butterfly in the Flowers is so cute :)

Butterfly in Flowers

                                           ...cute fish :) We can Feed them too…

click to enlarge

…I LOVE to sit here and Feeding the Fishes :) It is so Calming…LOOK they eats from my hand :)

Feeding The Fishes

Medieval Party 2009 – More Animated Pictures – Club Penguin

New Items at Market! – Medieval Party :)

Free Item Medieval Party - Wizards Hat

New Pin in Boiler Room – King’s Crown

The Quest! Knights needed in Club Penguin - Member Game

Knight’s Quest Animated – Club Penguin for Members

I want to do the Knight’s Quest Again…Club Penguin

Postcards From Club Penguin :) And an Idea…

I can’t see the Medieval Party!

Party Banner in Club Penguin :)

Medieval Party Club Penguin Home Page Picture :)

Adventure: Klutzy’s Secret – My Stories and Adventures

Glowing Ghost and Jokes – Medieval Party

Tour Guide of Knight’s Quest - Medieval Party

Tour Guide of Tree House – Medieval Party

Fun Around with Friends – Medieval Party

New Medieval Wallpaper in Club Penguin

Screenhog’s mini – Medieval Guide

Pink Ice Palace Igloo Medieval Style :)

Medieval Party - Maze Hints Animations

Adventure: Maze Guardian – My Stories and Adventures

Medieval Party Preparations 2009

Medieval Party 2008

New Items at Market! Medieval Party :)

              The Gift Shop has been Transformed to a Market…

click to enlarge

                                   …and open this scroll…

   …So Many GREAT Items to Buy :) Did you notice that Background?

Medival Party Items 

…I Like to play on the Harp it has a Beautiful sound :) If you need help with your outfits click on Red Puffle sign and a Black Puffle will help you :)

Medival Party Black Puffle

                                     …This Lute is cute :)

Playing Lute

This Medieval Party is AWESOME so many Cool and Fun Details are hidden everywhere click and scroll over them… 

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