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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adventure: Klutzy’s Secret - My Stories and Adventures

Today when I walked around in The Forest I saw Klutzy..Follow me! Klutzy said…        …Klutzy lead me through The Forest to a Cave Opening…

…I Know this place I said, it is here we start the Knights Quest…Klutzy nodded…we walked inside the cave and TOGETHER we lighted all the Orbs…


             …we hurried past the Snow Throwing Cave and…

   …went into  the puzzling maze…was that Herbert? Shhhhh…Klutzy said not now!

…I Followed Klutzy to the Serene Puffle Cave… and there was Sensei! I dropped my jaw to the cave floor…I want you to know that Sensei is my Friend too Klutzy whispered...

           …Before I had a chance to talk to Sensei he was gone…

…Someone whistle and Klutzy said in a Hurry Please Saraapril keep this coin in a safe place for me I will need it later…

   …Sure I said and looked at the coin…I have Never seen a coin like this before…Why do you want me to keep it?

…Klutzy didn't answer…I looked up and…I was Alone…Klutzy was gone!

click to enlarge    …I went home and placed the coin in a Flowerpot for safekeeping…

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Thanks Klutzy for showing me Sensei you are a Great Friend :) I Promise to take good care of your Coin :)

Special Mission - Klutzy's Mission Part 1 - My stories and Adventures

Medieval Party Club Penguin Home Page Picture :)

                          Welcome to the Medieval Party :)

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I LOVE this Picture :) The outside decorations of this lighthouse is the cutest Ever! Have you notice the heart shaped keyhole? So Cute!

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Party Banner in Club Penguin :)

We have got something NEW :) Shakespeare have made a great Art Work and Now Proudly Presenting the MEDIEVAL PARTY BANNER!

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I can’t see the Medieval Party!

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