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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trading Cards for the UK and a New Puffle Deck :)

Today Billybob gives us Great FUN News :)

Hello Penguins!

We want to thank a LOT of you for your patience. The team's been working really hard to get the first set of Card-Jitsu™ trading cards to the UK and they'll be available there as early as next week! They'll even come with codes to enter in Club Penguin so you can build up your Card-Jitsu™ deck  online!

We're always working on ideas for new cards - and we wanted to ask everyone about the kinds of things you'd like to see in future decks. Right now, in North American Toys'R'Us stores, there's a new, smaller set of puffle themed Card-Jitsu™ cards available.

Just like the first set, you'll be able to play with them at home, and also enter the cards online to help you along your ninja path.

Have fun playing!!

Until then...Waddle on!

By Billybob

Thanks Club Penguin Team! This will be AWESOME :) I still don't have any special Power cards only the one Sensei gave me…I still wish for a Power Card there Roses and Flower raining down :) Can Klutzy be in a Card too? and Herbert? Please…I LOVE this cute PUFFLE CARDS :)

All Card – Jitsu Trading Cards – Toys! Fun Game :)

Tour Guide of Tree house – Medieval Party

                           Welcome to the Treetop Fort!

click to enlarge 

                     …This fort was added just for the party…

click to enlarge

                …Some Puffles have already found their way up :)

click to enlarge                          …I LOVE to sit up here and Sing :)

Tour Guide of Knight’s Quest – Medieval Party

                                    Ye be now in the cave…

click to enlarge                …Here, ye find the starts of Ye Knight’s Quest…

click to enlarge                      …Only the bravest should enter the gates!

click to enlarge

                           …Please keep off the Treasure…

 click to enlarge

                                   …Welcome Questers!

click to enlarge  

                          …Thine challenge room awaits…

click to enlarge

                      …Light the orbs to unlock yonder door!

click to enlarge

                        …Hither be the second challenge room!

  click to enlarge

                     …Hit the Targets to further thine quest!

click to enlarge

                                    …Hear ye, hear ye!

 click to enlarge

                                  …Ye be in the Maze…

click to enlarge 

                             …They say it goes on forever…

click to enlarge

                    …If ye be lost, then follow thine clues…

click to enlarge                                      …Or ask for help…

click to enlarge

                                 …Ye be lost in the Maze…

click to enlarge                            …Verilly try ye a different way!

click to enlarge

                       ...Congratulations brave Quester!

click to enlarge 

                  …Ye hath foundeth the end of the maze…

click to enlarge

                            …Behold ye great treasure!

click to enlarge

…Thanks for taking this Guided Tour! Use the Exit door to your right! If you want Souvenirs you can find them in Gift Shop Market :)

Glowing Ghost and Jokes – Medieval Party

Chezy6589 learned me a Cool Trick Today…put on the Ghost Costume and hold a Flashlight in your flipper then Dance :) We are GLOWING! Right now we can buy this Items from the Costume Trunk at The Stage…

Medieval Party Glowing Ghosts …Have you Notice that All jokes in Club Penguin have a Medieval Team? They are so FUNNY :)

2009-05-09 22.23.07 - Copy

This is how you make a Joke: Click on talk bubble, choose Activities, click on Tell a Joke, Now you are FUNNY too :)

click to enlarge

Thanks Hawks556 for all the Fun we had in The Serene Puffle Cave you are a Great Joke teller :)

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