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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catalog Sneak Peek!

A Sneak Peek and News from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!
Hear ye! Hear ye! We're happy you're having so much fun at the Medieval Party. And there's more! There's a new furniture catalog that'll be delivered to ye olde igloo this Friday. So even when the party's officially done after May 17, ye can keep thee medieval spirit alive!click to enlarge

In other news: With the Card-Jitsu trading card announcement on Saturday, there's been some ninja buzz... and we thought that some creative ninja/medieval outfit combos (ninja knights, ninja princesses, and ninja dragons?) might be cool.
So whether you're a black-belted, already-defeated-Sensei ninja, or a hard working yellow belt, mix it up with some medieval and waddle around the island! We'll post a screenshot of a "medieval ninja" on Friday's blog.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                            This is me as a NINJA DRAGON!

                                         …NINJA KING!

                                … Forest NINJA Princess :)

                                     …vain Ninja Princess…

     …I don't know what this is…LOL…but I have a Ninja mask on :)

  This is FUN on Friday I will buy More Furniture and REDECORATE :)

New Medieval Wallpaper in Club Penguin

           We have a New Wallpaper...Thanks Club Penguin :)

click to enlarge

                       …Pizza to the KING and Puffle  please :)

                  Here you can get ALL Club Penguin Wallpapers :)

Adventure: Klutzy’s Challenge – My Stories and Adventures

      This Morning when I opened my Front door I found a scroll…

click to enlarge        …it was an invitations from Klutzy he Challenges me and my Puffles to a snow throwing Contest in The Forest…

..we Happily Hurried out to The Forest and meet Klutzy..TOGETHER we had so MUCH FUN :) I Love snow fights Chillie and Speed tried to make Klutzy lose his balance…we Laughed so Much :)

click to enlarge   …After playing and laughing for Hours we climbed up in the Tree house…It is so calming to sit up here looking at the view, listen to the birds and singing TOGETHER :) Sunshine and Shakespeare made up a  special song for us and all birds stop singing to listen…It was Amazing! 

click to enlarge   …Thanks Klutzy for a Fantastic FUN Day in The Forest you are a Great Friend :)

click to enlarge                         …I wonder what Herbert did Today?

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