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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Friend Floppyj10’s Party :)

Today I was invited to my Friend Floppyj10’s Tree house Party :) I was little late so I was so Happy to see that she still was there…

…My Friends Lilliana305 and Justin11083 came too :) TOGETHER we had an AWESOME FUN Dance Party :)

…some Penguins clams that they have seen Herbert around here…we looked for him but he didn't show…we drank a lot of soda cream…Yummm…Burp…Sorry…lol…

…Then we visit Floppyj10’s Igloo her Puffles were so cute and Friendly :)

            …Cool99 came too :) TOGETHER we danced and sang :)

…I LOVE to spend time up here in the Rainbow Castle :) Thanks for a Great Fun Party Floppyj10 :)

  …Goodbye Lilliana365 and Floppyj10 you are both Great! Please feed the fishes some more…

…Now I will go and answer the questions Floppyj10 have made up for me…she have Posted Pictures from this Party too :)

Screenhog’s mini – Medieval Guide :)

This is a Message from Screenhog:

Hi everyone, it's Screenhog.

While you're off getting the golden armor from the ultra-cool Knight's Quest, remember to check out these other things from the Medieval Party!

*The lighthouse beacon has become a big bonfire!

*The mirror at the ski hill tries to answer your questions! Just ask your question and move your mouse over it!

*The second floor of the princess castle has a fountain with Koi in it... just remember to feed the fish!

*If you go to the Gift Shop market, you'll see a special Medieval Party catalog (including the player card background chosen by you).

*Medieval snowball fights in the Snow Forts! You don't see contraptions like that every day.

*The treetop fort in the Forest. Looks like some puffles have made their home in it.

*The huge, red dragon in the Mine. It's controlled by the Switchbox 3000.

*The Smithy where the Boiler Room was (if you can't find it, just ask a passing blacksmith).

*The Book Room has been turned into an old library, with scrolls everywhere!

*There's a bouncing wizard's hat in the lighthouse. If you haven't gotten your wizard's hat yet, I'm pretty sure it will give you one if you ask nicely.

click to enlarge

In other news: It's time for Rockhopper to set sail from Walt Disney World in Florida! We hear that those of you who had the chance to meet him in person really enjoyed it. I'd say that our favorite pirate penguin will likely be sailing his Migrator ship to the island sometime soon...

Until next time, enjoy the party! And don't forget about the Viking Opera at the Stage!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

Thanks for this information Screenhog :) Read More About Medieval Party 2009

Rockhopper will be back soon :)

Rockhopper and Yarr will come back to our Island this Month :) He ALWAYS brings us something Cool…I am glad that the Beacon Light is fixed and I have something to ask him!

click to enlarge       See you soon in Club Penguin Captain Rockhopper and Yarr :)

Secret Revealed: Classified – Take your Puffle Places!

                                           Secret Nr: 26

click to enlarge

Take your Puffle Places! Did you know they are games some puffle can take part in? Here are a couple:

Dance Contest: Purple Puffle love to show their moves on the dance floor…Bust a move TOGETHER!

Aqua Grabber: Pink Puffle loves to go swimming and can hold their breath for a long time…Take yours into the ocean for an extra air Bubble :)

click to enlarge …and you can take Red Puffle to surf :) Try to take any Puffles to The Book Room and read “My Puffle” TOGETHER :)

Secrets and cheats in “My Puffle” Book :)

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