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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adventure: Maze Guardian – My Stories and Adventures

Today I walked around in the Maze and got lost…I tried different tunnels and got further and further into the Maze…There I saw Herbert and Klutzy! They were working putting logs on the Fire to keep the Fire going! Hi Herbert and Klutzy I said what are you doing down here?

click to enlarge    …Doing! What I am Doing? Herbert answered…Someone must keep the fires going! How do you Puny Pesky Agent Penguin think that happens? Do you think the wood gets down here by itself?

                       …well I said I thought PSA handled that…

…NO I DO you penguins will get lost immediately down here in the Maze if it wasn't for My Fires and Hints…

…WHY are all you Penguins down here at all? This is NOT a Penguin Place leave the underground maze to ME! GET LOST!

                       …I looked at Klutzy he winked at me… …Why are you down here? Herbert asked annoyed and stared at me…

…I played in the Maze and got lost I said with a smile :) Can you Please help me to find the way to the Serene Puffle Cave?

…GROWHHH…Read directions Puny Penguin!  Hints and Arrows are all over the Maze and you Penguins still get lost! Can’t you follow Directions and Maps?

…GROHRRR…LAUGHING…NOISY Penguins  wandering around and get LOST on PURPOSE and thinking that is FUNNY! Your voices echoes in the Tunnels…PESKY HAPPY PENGUINS…You give me HEADACHE! some Penguins dress like ghosts I don't like ghosts they scares me…

…I smiled Thanks for all your Help :) I am sure that Gary will close the cave again after the Medieval Party I laughs  you have made this to a GREAT FUN Place to PARTY!

…I have NOT helped you how dear you accusing me of HELPING YOU! All your parties are in the way for my BRILLIANT PLANS! I can’t have you walking around here and DISTURBING ME!…That is the ONLY reason why I work so hard down here GO AWAY!

 click to enlarge

… Herbert didn't listen I have dig out most of these tunnels this is MY MAZE! You shouldn't be here at all…

…I remember that I said all your digging caused an earthquake and almost  destroyed the Gift Shop It was only thanks to The PSA Agents that this Island could be saved! We are so Lucky that nobody got Hurt!

  …That is NOT my Fault you shouldn't have built the Gift shop there!

                 …The Gift Shop was there First I pointed out…

…You Agents always comes with logical reasoning I don't want to listen to that!

…can’t you Penguin stay out of the Maze? Are there Any Place for me on this Island?

…I didn't know how to respond so I said…Thanks for the poster you put up in my Igloo I liked it very much :)

…What poster? I have NOT given you a Poster! WHY do you think that?

...I just looked at Herbert in silence too surprised to answer…if Herbert didn't put up the poster who did?…

click to enlarge

…This is Not Fair! I get Blamed for Everything! Herbert murmured…

…Suddenly we heard the Happy Laughter from Penguins coming closer…MORE Pesky Penguins! Agent Friends to you? HA HA HA…You will NEVER capture me!

…Please Keep My Coin safe Klutzy whispered I will soon need it! Then he Hurried after Herbert…

…I looked after them…I was alone…How will I ever find the way out of the Maze? Then I notice a flashing arrow on the ground…

                   …Herbert helps us :) This I must tell Uncle Gary!

If you  are a Secret Agent go to HQ and play Mission Nr 8 Mysterious Tremors

Help to solve Mission Nr 8

How can I be a Secret Agent?

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