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Monday, May 18, 2009

Club Penguin Party Banner automatically changed :)

This is AWESOME! Do you Remember the Party Medieval Banner? I put it on my Blog and Now I got the Banner updates Automatically! Thanks Club Penguin I LOVE this feature!

click to enlarge 

                             Party Banner in Club Penguin

Meeting Friends in Club Penguin :)

          Today I meet my Friend Penguina46 in the Coffee Shop :)

                         …Sorry I was late the Server was full…

  …Me, Melinita02, Penguina46 and our Puffles had a Puffle Party :)

click to enlarge                  …We Moved the Party to Penguina46’s Igloo :)

click to enlarge    …Penguina46 is a Great Party host we were served a Great Seaweed Pizza…

               …It was the Yummiest Pizza I Ever have tasted :)

                                 …and we got CAKE too!

                              …and coffee and Ice cream :)

      …after all food we relaxed at the pond talking and laughing…

…I am so sorry that I couldn't add you to my Buddy List my list is Full…I need an unlimited Buddy List :) Please Club Penguin can you fix that?

              …we sent Buddy Cards so we are Friends Anyway :)

…Thanks Penguina46 and Melinita02 it was so Much FUN :) You are both Great Friends! See you soon again in Club Penguin :)

               Read more about this Party at Penguina46’s Blog

Rockhopper’s boat filled with FLOWERS :)

     Yarr and Rockhopper are soon HERE :) They are Much Closer Now!

click to enlarge …The Boat is Filled with FLOWERS!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY :)FLOWERS!!!!! FLOWERS!!!!! FLOWERS!!!!! LOOK at them they are so PINK and Cute :) Palm Trees and Green Trees too…Rockhopper bringing us the JUNGLE! This is AWESOMELLY  FANTASTIC!!!!!!! GARDEN PARTY SOON )click to enlarge

       …Wow lets make noise so Yarr and Rockhopper can hear US! 

click to enlarge

             …Lets Celebrate The Return of Rockhopper and Yarr…

  click to enlarge


click to enlarge

…NOW we are LOUD :) I am sure that we can be heard all the way to the Migrator :)

click to enlarge

…Now I must run up the stairs to the Beacon again and wave…I am sure that Yarr can see us from the Crows Nest :)

                               WELCOME BACK FRIENDS!

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