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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Camping in Tree House Igloo :)

Today we found an empty Tree House Igloo and we bought it immediately for 4500 coins :)

click to enlarge The View is Fantastic from up here and lots of birds and butterflies flying around…The fresh air and the calming sound from the leafs is soothing…First a bed time Story and then we will go to sleep...

click to enlarge         …Tomorrow we will Furniture and Decorate our new Home :)

Rockhopper and Bambadee’s Background :)

       Today I meet Redsmarti88 she has The NEW Background :)

click to enlarge

…She has been at Disney World and met Rockhopper and Bambadee there :) They gave her a Coin with a Code and then she unlocked this Background online :) This is an AWESOME Background! CONGRATULATION Redsmarti88 you are so LUCKY :)

 click to enlarge

           New Rockhopper and Bambadee Background to come :)

Card – Jitsu Update coming soon :)

Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
You've told us you love Card-Jitsu and the ninja journey. You've told us it would be even better if you could see your belt progress. You've told us it would be really cool to be able to see your online card collection. (Did we mention we think you're awesome for telling us what you think?)So...the team's been working hard with the feedback you gave and soon, when you're in the ninja areas (Dojo, Ninja Hideout, Courtyard), you'll see a new card deck icon. When you click it, a Card-Jitsu board will pop up with your ninja information. Just like you requested, you'll be able to see how close you are to your next belt color and you'll also be able to see your online card collection!!
As always, we really love to hear what you think. So keep letting us know!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Read More here: Coming soon: Belt Progress Bar - Sensei

Glitch - The Migrator are HERE filled with FLOWERS :)

    Rockhopper’s boat is visible at Club Penguins Home Page :)

click to enlarge

                            The Migrator Looks AWESOME :)

                               …Yarr keeping an eye on us :)

Migrator Yarr and FLOWERS :)

                                  …but were is the Boat?


…I guess we have to wait until Tomorrow to meet Rockhopper, Bambadee and Yarr…I Better go and earn some Coins…Otherwise I will be ruined on all Flowers I will buy…LOL

Rockhopper Bambadee and Yarr with a Ship loaded with PLANTS and FLOWERS :)

Rockhopper Bambadee and Yarr are soon here with PLANTS! With all these Plants and Flowers we can start build the Green House for Herbert :)

click to enlarge    On May 22, Rockhopper is back in town, and it appears that he’s bringing an entire forest with him! The Captain should be in Club Penguin soon, and from the look of the Migrator, he’s got a great big surprise for to enlarge

“I’m so excited!” said an older penguin. “Rockhopper brought a very special plant for us last year, and now it looks like he’s bringing a bunch more. I can’t wait!”

Some penguins were a bit concerned that the Migrator looked to be under strain. “I wonder if the Captain is in trouble… The Migrator looks really full – like it can’t take much more weight.!

Waddle down the Beach on May 22 to learn more about this peculiar pirate plant puzzle.

Today I and Chillie was up at the Beacon again to wave at Yarr :)

               Tomorrow my Friends are back I can hardly wait :)

Coming soon: Belt Progress Bar - Sensei

click to enlarge

Sensei wants to get the word out: anyone can become a ninja with a little training.

This week, the famous ninja master talked about the Dojo and how far his students have come. He also shared a special announcement:

“I am very proud. Do you recall long ago, Helping me dig snow? We rebuilt the school, And we’ve played Card-Jitsu since And I have listened.

You have asked for more… For clear signs of your progress So I will show you.”

In the near future, when you are in any of the ninja areas, you’ll see your card collection online! You’ll also see how close you are to getting your next belt.

Read about How to Become a Ninja


Working at the Dojo

Puffles helps out at Dojo

Puffles and FLOWER Dojo

Secret Revealed: Classified - Pizzatron 3000

                                        Secret Nr: 27…

click to enlargePizzatron 3000

 You might already know how to make a cheese pizza in Pizzatron 3000. But do you know how to make a sweet pizza?

Switch to sweet

Before you hit “Start” in Pizzatron 3000, flip the red switch underneath the conveyor belt. Your regular pizza toppings will turn into sweet treats.

click to enlarge

                …This Secret was First Revealed as Secret Nr: 9

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