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Friday, May 22, 2009

Rockhopper is here on our Island

This Message is from Billybob:

Ahoy Penguins!
Why are pirates the way they are?
They just ARRRRRR!!

Well, he's arrived! Captain Rockhopper, our favorite pirate penguin, is here! And have you seen what he's brought with him on the Migrator? Head down to the Beach and check it out. And don't forget your coins, because there are some cool things that you may want to add to your inventory.... Let us know what you think!

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If you're short on coins to get all the pirate treasure you're after, there's a Treasure Hunt game you and your friends can play in the Captain's Quarters (only when the Migrator is docked in Club Penguin)! And if you're up for a really serious pirate adventure, try to hunt for Rockhopper while he's here. He loves meeting his penguin mateys, so if you're very lucky, you might just see him out and about on the island!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

It is SO MUCH FUN to meet Rockhopper and Yarr :)

I met Rockhopper and Yarr :)


Spider880 and I worked TOGETHER to find Rockhopper and Yarr…HERE THEY ARE :)

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                                       …YES PLEASE!

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              …Rocking with Rockhopper and Yarr at the Beach…

click to enlarge

                             THANKS Spider880…WE DID IT!

…LOL…we had so MUCH FUN running around and playing TOGETHER :) We played Follow Rockhopper and YARR…it was a BLAST :)

 click to enlarge

                   …Rockhopper and Yarr enjoying the view…

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…I asked Rockhopper why he was Orange and he laugh and promised to tell me that later…click to enlarge

                     …Thanks for this AWESOME Background :)

click to enlarge

    …and a BIG THANKS to Spider880 you are a AWESOME FRIEND :) I think the BEST WAY to find Rockhopper is to search TOGETHER! And it is SO MUCH FUN :)

Postcard from Rockhopper :)

       I got this Plant Card from Rockhopper Today :) THANKS!

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Rockhopper’s NEW FLOWER Background!

I just Missed Rockhopper…AHHHHH!!!!! But my Friend Spider880 met him :) This is the Cutest Background from Rockhopper and Yarr EVER! Sorry cant Blog more…Back to Rockhopping…

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                             Read More At Spider880’s Blog

Rockhopper Yarr and Bambadee are here with Free Item and FLOWERS :)

             The Plant and Flower covered Migrator is HERE :)

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                           …FANTASTIC FLOWERLY FUN :)

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          …I can see a RAIN FOREST from up here…AWESOME :)

click to enlarge

                   …WOW this is a DREAM Coming TRUE!

click to enlarge  

…The Free Item is the Overgrown Ship Background…and Rockhoppers Rare Items are FLOWER POTS :) Surprisus Maximus 250 coins…Plantus Fantasticus 280 coins…Sprouting Spectaculous 540 coins…

click to enlarge

               …I have put them in my Igloo…soon they will grow…

…Remember to Read the Notice Board in Captain’s Quarter…Water me plants…Prune me plants…Buy plant feed…Find seafarin’ gardners!… Party with my plantin’ buddys!

click to enlarge                 …Time to look for Rockhopper Yarr and Bambadee :)

New Ice Cream Sundae Pin in Pizza Parlor - Club Penguin

                  Waddle on to Pizza Parlor for the Newest Pin…

click to enlarge                     …The Ice Cream Sundae Pin…YUMMMMY :)

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