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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventure Party! in Club Penguin June 12-16

                     Be an Explorer! Discover the Adventures :)

…Right now I am at The Beach and preparing for the upcoming Party…I think I see something in the Water when I use my flashlight ;)

                 …it will be so Much FUN and the BEST Part is…

               …There will be FLOWERS! LOL…I can Hardly Wait!

            See the Picture for The Adventure Party from Disney :)

How to Tip the Iceberg in Club Penguin!

                     Tip the Iceberg have you tried that? Alone…

click to enlarge

                          …or TOGETHER with other Penguins…

click to enlarge    Tipping the Iceberg Party is AWESOMELY FUN and we have them ALL THE TIME! Sometimes during a Party the Iceberg get transformed…

                        We can get a Tip the Iceberg Puzzle…

…so…Can you Tip the Iceberg in Club Penguin? Not yet ;) But Don't Stop Trying One Day it will WORK :)

    Remember! Before we couldn't become Ninja but NOW WE CAN!

                             The First Ninja in Club Penguin


Capture The Captain Contest – Ivanrf met Rockhopper!

Congratulations Ivanrf you did it! You found Rockhopper :) AWESOME!

..and you got the Background too :) Thanks for all Backgrounds pictures you sent I picked this one :)

click to enlarge


…The rules for the Contest: CONTEST! I met Rockhopper – Capture the Captain Contest :)

Dojo Instructions UPDATE! Card – Jitsu Card Game

Inside the Dojo you find the Instructions to Card – Jitsu Game hanging on the wall…Earn your Belts…Challenge Sensei…Practice Mode…

click to enlarge

    …when you talk to Sensei the Icons looks little different too…

click to enlarge                        See the Old one - New Message i Dojo!

               All Card – Jitsu Trading Cards – Toys! Fun Game :)

Card – Jitsu UPDATE!

     It is HERE! at the Dojo Courtyard you find the card-Jitsu Deck…

click to enlarge                                       …inside the Dojo…

click to enlarge                          …and i the Secret Ninja Room :)

click to enlarge

…click on the Deck and you can see how far you are from becoming a NINJA…Congratulations Ninja! You are a wise Card-Jitsu master and you now have access to the Ninja Hideout…THANKS :) Click on view your cards…

 click to enlarge

…and you can see your Card Deck AWESOME! With this 10 standard Cards that Sensei gave me I become a Ninja :) I have one Power card but there are 27! I have Animated the Power cards for you!

click to enlarge

…Littletias has just started on his training to become a Ninja…Don't give up with hard work and training you will be a Ninja too :)

click to enlarge    …If you want to see your Ninja Progress you don't have to go to The Dojo…Just open your Player Card and go to Awards…

 click to enlarge

                       …Sensei Seeks Students! WELCOME!

click to enlarge

               All Card – Jitsu Trading Cards – Toys! Fun Game :)

Screenhog on Club Penguin Times - Our Newspaper :)

Hello Penguins, Screenhog here.
Every Thursday, there's a new edition of our favorite newspaper, the Club Penguin Times. Believe it or not, the Club Penguin Times is quite amazing because it's the only thing that has been updated every week, without fail, since Club Penguin began. It takes a really long time to write from start to finish. There's sketching, drawing, coloring, writing, joke and riddle collecting, and a lot of other stuff that goes into every single newspaper in Club Penguin. It's a lot of work!click to enlarge
If you're a fan of the Club Penguin Times, you'll notice that this is the first week ever that we're doing a dot to dot puzzle. What do you think?
We also wanted to give you the heads up that today's the last Reviewed by You question in the Club Penguin Times. It's moving to the blog! So the answer to this week's Reviewed by You question will be published on Thursday, June 11 - and after this week, you can look for the new questions and answers right here on the blog.
Have a great day, and don't forget to check the Boiler Room to see if there are any editions you've missed!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

I LOVE the Dot to Dot Puzzle it is Cool :) Today I working in the Pet shop feeding the Puffles :)

My Settings! Were am I ? Mute Music and More…

Gary the Gadget Guy gives us some information About the   mark or “Edit your Account” Button :)

you to enlarge

According to Gary the Gadget Guy, each player card is fitted with a tiny device that allows anyone to find out details about themselves.

You can find out all sort of things – where you are ( in what Server am I ?..LOL ) how many days old you are, and how many buddies you have. You can even mute the music you’re hearing.

That is so Cool :) Right Now I am in server Brumby…I am 663 Days Old…and My Buddy List is FULL! I wish I had an UNLIMITED BUDDY LIST…click to enlarge                             Solving a Problem – I wish fore…

Dot-To- Dot Game in Newspaper :)

I LOVE this Game :) It is SO FUN…Next Picture will be a spoiler so don't look before you have tried the dot to dot…

click to enlarge                    …It is a Cool Surfer Penguin :) AWESOME!

click to enlarge

                                       …Time to Surf…

click to enlarge  …Oops! I need a Helping hand from my Friend :) Lets Try AGAIN!

                      …Surfing is FUN :) I LOVE the Blue Waves :)

               …Were can I find the Secret Hidden Silver Surfboard?

Secret Revealed: Classified

                                         Secret Nr: 28…

click to enlargeSpecial Dances Ever see penguin doing something different and wonder how it’s done?

Special dances are unique to certain items. Make sure the item is the only thing you are wearing. The press ‘D’ and see what happens. Also, try waving to trigger a special move.

Cheek out this cool dance: Put on the Blacksmith Apron, press ‘D’ and hammer away!

click to enlarge

             …Today I working hard to fix some carts at Mine :)

Saraapril working as Blacksmith                          Ye Old Blacksmith – Penguin at Work

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