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Friday, May 29, 2009

Having FUN with FRIENDS :)

         At the Iceberg I met 1blueguy10 he is a Great Dancer :)

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…the Cove was crowded and my old Friend 1w34e was on the way to Surf…

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      …Herapi, Buple Blue2 and I looking at the Growing Sea plant…

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…Then we had a FLOWER Beach Party! WOHOOO! It was FUN to met Sapphire2346, Pollypollyno and other Penguins :)

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Life guard Training…Love11360, Sparkle 1517, Wolves07, Floppy89967, Lyyllaa and me learned a lot…

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            …Oops! LOL3 is in Trouble! Chilly Hay directed us…

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…The Rescue was successful  LOL3 is Saved! Great Team Work Everyone :)

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…Lets tip the Iceberg…If everyone turns Yellow and Dance will it TIP?

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                …LOL…NO…Lets try again what about Green?

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      …or MULTICOLOR! LOL…We had so Much FUN TOGETHER :)

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…THANKS! to ALL Penguins I played with Today you are GREAT :) See you all Tomorrow…Waddle ON!

Flower Decorated Club Penguin Home Page :)

     The Home Page in Club Penguin have FLOWERS and Plants :)

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…A Photo option It is not every day FLOWERS grows this fast :) FANTASTIC!

             …If anyone have missed this I LOVE FLOWERS…LOL

Penguins at Work – Life Guard

To be a Life Guard is very Cool and an important job…We help you have a Safe and FUN time at the Cove and Pool :) You to can Help keep the water safe! Please Join the Cove Watch too:)

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…Sparkle 1517, Ben29981, Wolves07, Floppy89967, LOL3 and me Saraapril in Life Guard Safety Training :)

        …This is FUN now we are ready to work…see you at Cove :)

FLOWERS at the Beach :)

      This is FANTASTIC! The Beach is filled with Flower Boxes…

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…mouse over all four Boxes…and FLOWERS will grow! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH :) This is a Perfect Paradise Beach for me :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

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                          …and the Water Plant Grows too :)

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                                       …This is so Pretty…          

                                          …cute Flowers:)

                                       …Fantastic Flowers…

                          …I LOVE all these Purple FLOWERS :)

                 …Cool Water Plant…or a MONSTER PLANT…LOL 

…The Beach is now my FAVORITE Place in Club Penguin EVER! If you looking for me I will be easy to find :)

     …This FLOWER Adventure Party will be Floweriastic Fantastic :)

New Opening Picture in Club Penguin - Adventure Party!

Explorers Wanted June 12 – 16…Now we know what will happen with all Rockhopper’s Plants and FLOWERS…LOL This will be AWESOME!

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               See earlier Post about this Adventure Party!

Igloo Music UPDATE!

We have NEW Music added to our Igloo Music List :) I Like that the New Songs are in bold text font so that we can see them easy :)

Flipper Stomper…Coconut…Catchin’ Waves Theme…Puffle Ragtime…Summer Song…Mix Maestro…Water Kongo…

click to enlarge              …Click on the Tape and choose your Favorite :)                      

click to enlarge                             The Newest Old Igloo Music List

Sport Furniture Bug! in Catalog

                          I tried to buy Red Biscuit Tube…

click to enlarge

                …Oops! This item is not currently available…

click to enlarge    …If you get stuck and unable to leave the  Catalog ( I do ) you have to Log Off and start all over again…I am sure that Club Penguin Bug  Team will fix this soon :)

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed! Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team you are AWESOME!

New Snow and Sports Catalog May 2009 - Cheats

                                The New Catalog is here :)

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…on this Page I found the Secret Hidden Green Soccer Jersey 600 Coins…

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                         …as Always I didn't spoil your FUN :)

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