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Monday, June 1, 2009

Contest! Ivanrf’s Dojo Igloo :)

This Is Ivanrf’s Igloo :) I LOVE all books in here…I think I will visit and read some of them :) The guitars are Cool too :)

click to enlarge

                      Contest! Ninja Dojo Igloo Decoration :)

Contest! Eaglegys48’s Dojo Igloo :)

This Igloo belongs to Eagleguy48 I like the cute Flowers and the harp :) Tea is Always served in this Igloo…LOL

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                     Contest! Ninja Dojo Igloo Decoration :)

Paycheck TODAY!

Today I got paid for my hard work :) If you are a Tour Guide or a Secret Agent check your Mailbox…My Paycheck from PSA Secret Agents…

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                            …and for my Tour Guide Job :)

click to enlarge

THANKS! Club Penguin :) I am Happy to Help Protect and Serve :) TOGETHER we make Club Penguin a FUN SAFE place to Play!

CONTEST! Ninja Igloo Decoration :)

If you are both a Ninja and a Member you can Enter this Contest…In Ninjas Secret Hideout you Find the Martial Artworks Catalog…

click to enlarge you find The Dojo Igloo for 5000 Coins it can be yours :)

 click to enlarge

                               …Time to DECORATE :)

click to enlarge

                …Done :) I hope my Girly Ninja Igloo will Win :)

click to enlarge

…I like this Ninja Dojo Igloo Decoration Contest Club Penguin have right now :)

I will have a Contest too take a picture of you and your Decorated Dojo Igloo and send it to The Igloos I like Best will be Published on my Blog…Be Creative and have FUN Good Luck :)

click to enlarge

Rockhopper and Yarr leaving us for now…

Today I was at the Beach and said Farwell to Rockhopper and Yarr…It was so Much FUN to have them here and I will miss them a lot…Thanks for all the plants and FLOWERS :) Please come back soon again…

click to enlarge

…THANKS Rockhopper and Yarr for the FUN PARTIES and GAMES :)click to enlarge…Fair winds my  FRIENDS!…Sail Safe and Welcome back soon again :)

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…A BIG CONGRATULATIONS! to all Penguins that met Rockhopper and got his FLOWER Background :) and a special CONGRATS! to the Penguins that was posted on this Blog! Now I am Hungry so I will waddle over to The Pizza Parlor for a seaweed Pizza see you there :)

Announcing: 101 Days of FUN :) in Club Penguin!

WOW! This is AWESOME read this from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
You guys are always finding really cool things to do all over the island and since some of you mentioned you'll be on holidays soon, we thought we could join you on your quests for fun, excitement, and creativity - and give you some ways to stay busy in Club to enlarge

Starting this Thursday, June 4, until the middle of September, every week you'll find a list of things to do in the Club Penguin Times! 101 Days of Fun means there will something new to do, discover, and check off every single day! It all kicks off on Thursday, so we'll give you more details then.
We can't wait to see how much fun you can have exploring Club Penguin in interesting ways.... If you've got any ideas for things that penguins should do for fun, we want to hear them!!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

THANKS! I can Hardly wait! Mum is less amused she is afraid I NEVER will leave the computer ever again…LOL

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