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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How can I be a NINJA? Club Penguin

How to play Card- Jitsu: If you Never have played Card- Jitsu before start to check your Mail…There you find a postcard from Sensei…Card-Jitsu You are invited to play Card-Jitsu come play this ancient game and learn how to become a Ninja. Speak with me at the Dojo to hear more Sensei…

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…Click on the Cards in your lower right corner and you will get this: Here you can see your progress…Right now it is 28% Done so you have to work some More Before your Next Belt…click on View your Cards to see your Card Deck…


…Earn your Belts: Do you wish to play And compete with other Students, grasshopper? Challenge Sensei: To become Ninja, You must challenge me and win. But bring your black belt. Instructions: Do you wish to hear The instructions of the game Again, grasshopper?


…Instructions: Good day grasshopper, And welcome to the Dojo. Tell me what you seek. To begin training. You will first require these cards. Just like real ninja…Starter Deck has been added to your inventory…What do I do with these?


…To increase your rank, You must compete in matches. With hard work comes skill.

…Like the autumn leaf, You must prepare to learn. Are you ready now? Yes Please!

…The peaceful water, Brings it soothing harmony, And defeats fire. The white frigid snow Brings with it the winter’s chill, and freezes water. Furious fire, brings its mighty scorching heat, And will melt the snow. When cards are the same, The mach is not yet over. Highest number wins.

…How do I win a mach? …Much like the Forest, There are two path you can walk, to win victory. The first way to win:  Have tree cards of the same type, in different colors. The second path is: To have one of each card type, in different colors. If you should Forget, Mouse over the question mark, And all will be clear.


…How do I become a Ninja? Stand in the Dojo, Half an hour, very still. No…wait. Just kidding. To become Ninja, you must gain experience, From winning matches.

...As you master skills, I will award you new belts, Of different colors

…When you are black belt, You must challenge me and win. And I’m pretty good.

…When you best my skills,Then you will be true master, And become Ninja. Count me in!

                         …Time to Play :) Let the Game Begin!


…Well done. You have earned a While Belt for your efforts. I am proud of you.

…Card-Jitsu Congratulations Grasshopper. White Belt is the first step of your journey. Keep up the Good work. Sensei

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…If the Penguin you’re competing against leaves the mach early, don't be worried. Sensei counts that as a victory for you, and will still award you some points…Sensei awards points for all Ninja skills, like Patience and Persistence. Even if you don't win a mach, Sensei is still watching…Now you just need More Training…with Hard work you will soon be a Ninja :)

      Learn More: All Card Jitsu Trading Cards –Toys! Fun Game :)

                                    Card–Jitsu UPDATE!

                      This Blog Post will be Updated soon :)

Contest! Harris T 1’s Dojo Igloo :)

This Igloo belongs to Harris T 1 :) I LOVE the windows with the cute summer clouds :) and you have placed your fish pond well visible to enjoy GREAT Work !

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                      Contest! Ninja Dojo Igloo Decoration :)

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