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Monday, June 8, 2009

2” Mix N’ Match Figure – Toys!

Under Toys you find this cute and FUN Figures I Like to be creative and put Gary’s head at Rockhopper body and…LOL

click to enlarge 2” Mix N’ Match Figure Packs ( Age 5+) Figures comes in three parts – Get creative and mix them up!

2” Mix N’ Match Figure packs come with 2 penguin figures and an accessory. They are available at North American Toys’R’Us Stores, Disney Stores and North America Disney Theme Parks.

                          Band Member – Move to the Music!

                              Gary the Gadget Guy – Invent!

2009-06-09 01.03.56 - Copy

                                Gary’s Robot – Help Create!

                            Mummy - Wrap up an adventure!

                              Pajama Bunny Slipper – Cozy!

                                       Pharaoh – Be Gold!

                                         Rookie – Laugh!

                             Secret Agent – Solve Mysteries!

                            Snowboarder – Conquer the Snow!

                                      Scuba Diver – Splash!

                                     Space Alien – Explore!

                                    Astronaut – Take Off!

                                 Bumble Bee – Buzz Around!

                    Frankenpenguin – Show your Monster Side!

                                  Mermaid – Make Waves!

                                 Reporter – Snap the Shot!

                                    Rockhopper – Explore!

                             Shadow Guy – Save The World!

                 See the BRAND NEW 2” Mix N’ Match Figures!

With The Code you get when you buy this Toys you can Unlock items Online :)

Problem to Submit Fan Artwork to Club Penguin

After drawing a Picture for Club Penguin’s Contest I tried to send it to them…It didn't work! The instructions are to “Save it as gif, jpg (jpeg,)  png or bmp” and even though my picture was a png file I got an error message “Only gif, jpg and png files are accepted.

The solution or workaround for this bug was that I had to save the image into gif format and then it worked to send it to them :) This is my Underwater Fish Picture…

Saraapril's Underwater World

                                       …Blub Blub Blub…

Contest! Draw a Fish – 101 Days of FUN :)

From Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
For today's 101 Days of Fun activity, you're challenged to catch the Big Fish in the Ice Fishing game! (Shhhhh.... There's a hint on the 101 list!) You can find the entire week's list of things to discover and do in the Club Penguin Times. It's also on the Fun Activities page along with a list of things to do offline!
The team thinks it would be awesome to see what your very favorite Club Penguin activity is - we'd love it if you could draw it on your computer (or on paper and then scan it) and send it to us through the Fan Art Submission page. We're always excited about the creativity you bring to the island!!
Don't forget that this is the last week to get your igloo decorated like a Dojo for the contest! Details are this week's Club Penguin Times, and winners will be posted in the June 18 edition. Let us know if your igloo is all decked out like a Dojo!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Cool :) I LOVE to Draw! This will be FUN :) See other Penguins Drawings on Community Fan Art

New Toys 2" Mix'n Match Figure :)

This Four NEW sets of Club Penguin 2" Mix'n Match Figure are for sale at Toys R us :)

                                 Leprechaun and Cowboy

                                      Sombrero and Fiesta

                                Bard and 12th Fish Costume

                             Marching Band and Cheerleader

Product Description: 
Club Penguin 2" Mix'n Match Figure Asst Club Penguin™ is a snow covered virtual island where kids can play games and interact in a fun-filled, on-line playground. Collect all your favorite Penguin characters with the Club Penguin™ 2" Mix 'n Match Figure Asst. Mix 'n match the Penguin parts to interchange the costumes and create unique figure variations. The more figures you collect, the more variations you can create! Each Club Penguin™ 2" Mix 'n Match Figure includes a coin with a code to unlock items on-line. Each collectible toy includes a coin with a code kids can use to unlock items on The code allows kids, free players and those with a membership, the opportunity to access unique and exclusive items ranging from virtual clothes to puffles, Club Penguins pets. To unlock your items, you need: The code attached to your Club Penguin toy.A Club Penguin account. If you do not have a penguin account, please visit to create a free account. Once you have both of these, you need to: Go to Club, Click the Unlock icon on the homepage. Follow the simple steps to enter your code and unlock your items. Help to Unlock Items Online

The Sombrero and Fiesta is my Favorites I LOVE Club Penguins  Fiesta Party :) And the Piñata Horse is so cute! Littletias likes the Cowboy best and Mum likes the Bard she say it is so Romantic and reminds her about Dad! That is so NOT true! Dad DON’T Look like That at ALL! But he sings for her sometimes…

Why doesn't the Flowerpots grow?

In my Igloo I have some of the Flowerpots Rockhopper brought us I have take good care of them I have both watering and talking to them…LOL…BUT NOTHING HAPPENS! When will they GROW?

click to enlarge  …Have Club Penguin forgot about them or do we have to wait for the Adventure Party? Well…I will talk to my plant some MORE…LOL

Day 5, Ice Fishing – 101 Days of FUN

Monday June 8, Make a BIG Fish Wish! Go ice Fishing by entering the door in the Lodge. Try to catch the BIG Fish. Hint: Near the end. instead of a worm, use a fish as your bait.

click to enlarge

                                        To the Ski Lodge…

…Time to fish…if you want to catch the grey fishes you need to bring your fishing rod…

Ice Fishing Instructions: Move Your mouse up and down to raise and lower your hook. Left-click to release the fish.Click above the ice to release your fish into the ice fishing bucket. You can’t catch any fish if there is no warm on your hook. Barrels and Boots kick fish of your fishing line. A can of warms will give you an extra life. For every fish you catch, you will receive four coins at the end of the game. For every gray fish you catch, you will receive 8 coins at the end of the game. If you catch the BIG FISH, you get an extra 100 coins!

click to enlarge 

             …Barrels and Shoes will knock the fish off the hook…

…Careful, Jellyfish can shock your line…click over the ice to get a new worm…

…catch can for one extra life…yellow fish is easy to catch…grey silver fish can be hard to catch watch how they swim…

                                   …watch out for sharks…

                         …Danger! Crabs have sharp claws…

…after you have caught 60 fishes Mullet will be visible in the background…

                   …Mullet can NOT be caught with a worm…

          …you need a Yellow fish to catch Mullet the BIG Fish :)

                             …This is FUN see you later :)

Sport items on Location Catalogs

Ice Fishing

Secret Revealed: Classified - How to catch Mullet

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