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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Decide Pick a Summer PIN :) 101 Days of FUN!

FINALLY! Thanks Billybob :) Read his Message:

Hello Penguins!
The last time you made a decision about the color for the new wig (you picked BLUE and it looks awesome), the response was incredible!
The team was so excited to read the tons and tons of comments you left - It was another record! This time, we'd love it if you could help us decide a summer pin design.
Which will it be? 2009-06-10 18.23.39 - Copy               Pin A                             Pin B                          Pin C

We'll post the results on Friday's blog!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                            LOL…I pick the SUNFLOWER PIN :)

Today I met New Friends :)

Today when I waddled around I met New Friends at The Plaza :) Dark Wonder and Tegu Girl :) Sorry that my Buddy list is full…WE ARE FRIENDS ANYWAY :)

…This is Dark Wonder’s Player card Cool outfit and a FLOWER background from ROCKHOPPER :) AWESOME! We both are Friends to Rockhopper and Yarr!

                              …LOL …you know me so well :)

   …Hi 2robby3, wender67 and Hanmontan589…Happy Dance Party!

                          …THANKS! You are a GREAT Friend :)

                 ...See you soon again in Club Penguin Friends :)

Day 7 Help us Pick a PIN – 101 Days of FUN!

Wednesday June 10, Before you log in to Club Penguin next time, check out the What’s New blog and help us pick a summer Pin by leaving your comment!

click to enlarge

                    I will do that…Hmmm NOTHING there yet…

click to enlarge

…are we suppose to just post a Pin idea or waiting for a special we decide Blog Post?

                          We are waiting so Please let us know :)

UPDATE: We decide Pick a Summer Pin!

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