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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Green Buddy PARTY in The Forest TODAY!

My Friend Extra Peng come up with an AWESOME idea: Saraapril, can we meet up for day 9 of 101 days of fun? We can be green buddies!

YES :) Lets do that! Lets Have a Green Party! Everyone are Welcome!

My Friends Floppyj10 will try to come and so will Rassbert :)

Server: Antarctic
Time: 11 am PST
Where: The Forest

Week Two – 101 Days of FUN!

             Online Activities :)

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Try doing things in a completely new way today. Start by reading the Club Penguin Times backwards like this – Day Backwards It’s! Luck Good!

It’s the day of the big green parade! Paint your penguin any shade of green and start a parade across the island with 20 other green penguins!

Start finding! Get a group of friends together and have a race to complete the Adventure Hunt. Be the first to spot everything!

Find a buddy and go find a plant that eats snowballs. Hint: Throw snowballs at every plant you see until you find it!

Prepare for take-off at the Beacon of the Lighthouse! Play Jet-Pack Adventure and try flying the whole course without getting any coins and win a huge bonus prize!

Attention explorers! Grab your best explorer’s outfit and uncover the mysterious stone puffle statue. Lead 10 penguin to it, calling “This way to the stone puffle!”

It’s a busy day in the Coffee Shop! Put on your apron and get to work. Serve 10 cups of coffee to thirsty penguins.

                                You can Print out this :)

Favorite Party Memory! - Reviewed by You questions

Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Today is the first time that Reviewed by You is here on the blog! We asked this question in the Club Penguin Times on May 28: There's a party coming up in Club Penguin. Tell us your favorite party memory!
We got a lot of awesome answers - it's always hard to pick just one - but we thought this one was very cool:
Ever have a favorite party you just don't want to end? That's how I felt about the Water Party! Club Penguin can make parties into anything! I remember how that crab broke the glass, allowing water onto the island. Penguins didn't know what to do! So, we got a hose, a couple of inflatable animals, and we started a water party! Wow!
Thanks, Vendiagram1!

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There's a lot of fun information about older parties and lots of other events inside the Yearbooks! They're in the Book Room (upstairs in the Coffee Shop).
Your new question: Tell us about your favorite adventure in Club Penguin!
You can answer the Reviewed by You questions in the comments - remember to keep your answer between 50 - 75 words! We'll post some and then choose our very favorite to be featured on the blog next week.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I have so Many FUN Memories in Club Penguin :) The Music Party was FANTASTIC :) So much happened and I met the Penguin Band for the First time and got their Autographs and played different kind of Music with my Friends :) Sometimes when I needed to rest I went down to the Mine and listened to the Icicle Music and told Stories…I LOVED that room :)

Adventure Party Discover it June 12 :)

Tomorrow is the Adventure Party I have waiting for here…We can expect lots of surprises including a Snowball eating PLANT!

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                                        …soon soon soon…

Fairy Fables FUN! soon on The Stage

Tomorrow is the Great Fairy Fables back on Stage :)  Wohoo! Take one Feisty Fairy, two stories, mach them up together and what have you got? A stage stacked full of super Surprises!

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…we can prestart the Fairy Fun in this weeks Newspaper…Can you solve the Word Search?

 click to enlarge

                 …THANKS! Twee you are a FABULOUS FAIRY!

click to enlarge 

                     …I will be at the Stage early Tomorrow :)

Day 8 Completely New way Day – 101 Days of FUN!

Thursday June 11, Try doing things in a Completely New way Today. Start by reading The Club Penguin Times Backwards like this – Day Backwards it’s! Luck Good!

click to enlarge                                    LOL…RUNNING HAPPY :)

                                   !FUN Already is This…

Explorer’s Checklist – Secret Revealed: Classified

                                          Secret Nr: 30…

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     This weeks secret is all about the upcoming Adventure Party :)

Explorer’s Checklist: Calling all scientists and adventurers! Can you find the Following things at the Adventure Party June 12 - 16? Wildlife, Ancient Ruins, Butterflies and Mysterious and  Drum beat?

click to enlarge

WOW! The Party Tomorrow will be AWESOME! and THANKS Club Penguin for present something NEW on this page :)

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