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Friday, June 12, 2009

New Post Cards! - Mail

   We have got an ADVENTURE PARTY Card to Send to our Friends :)

click to enlarge                              …and a FAIRY FABLES Card :)

click to enlarge

                     ...We have a NEW Be my Buddy Card!

click to enlarge

                                  …GREAT GAME Card!

click to enlarge                …Sled Race is Popular we have both this and…

click to enlarge                                         ...This Card :)

click to enlarge          Other cards have been updated too go and take a look :)


LOOK! Rockhopper and Yarr are BACK on the Island! When I use Chrome as a Web Browser I got this Cool Glitch :)

                    Yarr looks at all the Plants and FLOWERS :)

                       …ROCKHOPPER? YARR? Are you here?

                           UPDATE: This Glitch is now Fixed

Green Day Parade Party - ANIMATED!

Today's GREEN PARTY was AWESOME! Here are some Animations …Dancing in HQ :) 

                                          …FUN at Cove :)

…Can GREEN be the key to TIP The Iceberg? YES! IT ALMOST TIPPED ;) LOL

                                    ...WE LOVE GREEN!

                      Day 9, Green Day Parade – 101 Days of FUN!

Plant and Flower Jokes :)

The Fun jokes in Club Penguin are special for The Adventure Party so Tell a joke and make your Friends Laugh :)

click to enlarge                             How do Trees get on the internet?

                                       …They Log in!

                                                LOL :)

                       Go and Tell a Joke you too it is FUN :)

Adventure Party Home Page Picture :)


click to enlarge

Day 9, Green Day Parade – 101 Days of FUN!

Friday June 12, It’s The Day of the BIG Green Parade! Paint your Penguin any shade of Green and start a Parade across The Island with 20 other Green Penguins!

click to enlarge

We had a GREAT GREEN PARTY Today :) We started at The Forest :) Hi Extra Peng, Rassbert, Dogivi124 and Manham123…

                                        …Hi Spider880 :)               

                                    …Hi to ALL FRIENDS :)

                        …we waddled up in The Tree House :)

click to enlarge                       …LOL…This Plant is ALWAYS HUNGRY :)

click to enlarge       …Hi Mmopuk! I am Happy that you could come to the Party :)

                                    …FUN at The Dock :)

click to enlarge                                ...TOGETHER we Danced…


                                      …and LAUGHED :)

                          …Green Penguins at The Beach :)

               …Thanks Extra Peng for inviting us to this Party :)

click to enlarge

                    …Party at Nikkigirl9’s GREAT GREEN Igloo :)

click to enlarge                                          …in TOWN…

click to enlarge…WE are ALL Secret Agents…Shhhhh…our Mission is to make our World More GREEN :) FLOWERS for FRIENDS :)

click to enlarge            …GREEN HAPPY RUNNING…LOL…This is so Much FUN!

click to enlarge                   …The Green Parade started on the Mountain…

…TOGETHER we waddled cross the Island to The Cove…LOL we waddled so FAST that I didn't have time to take pics in every room...

click to enlarge                                        …The Plaza…

click to enlarge                                 …GREEN PARTY AT COVE :)

click to enlarge        …Green Penguins TIPPED the Iceberg! LOL…just kidding :)

click to enlarge                    …Next Stop Rassbert’s Gingerbread Igloo :)

click to enlarge

…and then Extra Peng’s Cute FLOWER Filled Igloo :) I Like this Igloo and I tasted the Tea…it was Yummy…THANKS! Extra Peng :)

click to enlarge                                   …Party at The Plaza :)

click to enlarge             …The Underground Pool Is so Cool Lets Plant MORE :)

click to enlarge                            ...GO GREEN SAVE OUR PLANET!

click to enlarge

        …TOGETHER we can fix Global Warming lets do Research… 

click to enlarge …Then we practiced what we just learned and planted seeds and FLOWERS in The Forest :)

click to enlarge

  …The Birds are so Cute and sings so HAPPY up here :) All of us Teaching other Penguins about how to Save the Environment :)  GREAT Work Everyone!

click to enlarge

                  ...Time for WATER PARTY at the Ice Rink  :)

click to enlarge THANKS to ALL Penguins that came to the Party :) THANKS! for making this to a FANTASTIC FUN GREEN PARADE PARTY! TOGETHER WE ROCKS!     

                         Green Day Parade Party – ANIMATED!

         See Extra Peng’s Pictures  and read more about the Party :)

Adventure Party by Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!
We hope you're having fun discovering all the new plants and animals, and exploring the Adventure Party. Grab your friends and don't leave any leaves unturned! We'd love to hear what kind of adventures you're finding. click to enlarge
On Wednesday's blog, you had the chance to pick one of the pins that will be hidden somewhere on the island next month. We got an awesome community response (French, Portuguese, and English). The pin that you chose is:

                                                    PIN B! 
Don't forget to let us know about all your cool adventures during the party! And you might want to gather your buddies up and check out the Forest...
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                     THANKS Billybob we have so MUCH FUN :)

click to enlarge

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