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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

101 Days of FUN Banner :)

Have you add the 101 Days of FUN Banner to your Blog that Billybob told us about yet? I just did :)

click to enlarge This is a Great Feature now we can easier keep track on all the Activities :) Thanks Club Penguin!

click to enlarge

                   You can get a 101 Days of FUN Banner too :)

Flower Box Dimension Room is FANTASTIC!

Have you been in Box Dimension recently? Look :) This is AWESOME have these Plants been here the whole Adventure Party? Or is it here the plants and Flowers ended up after my last Experiment? LOL I LOVE THIS :)

Click to enlarge

…Stay in this Room for a Long time so you don't miss anything…you will have FUN :)

                            …Time for more Experiments :)

                          …This is FABULOUS FLOWER FUN :)

THANKS Club Penguin! I will spend a lot of time in here :) FLOWERS FOREVER!

Box Dimension Tour Guide and Secrets – Club Penguin

The Soccer Pitch is Back :)

On The Penguin Stadium the ice Rink is replaced with the Soccer Pitch :) 

                              …LOL…we need MORE RED!

click to enlarge 

                                 ...This will be FUN :)

The First Time we got The Soccer Pitch was in August 2008 :) First it was ONLY available for Members…Then for all…Notice the Map over old Club Penguin :)

Furniture Catalog coming this week :)

Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
If you've been wanting to redecorate your igloo, there's a new Better Igloos furniture catalog coming out on Friday! I wanted to give you a sneak peek, so I managed to get this image for you:If you miss the plants from the Adventure Party, you can always plant a few of these in your igloo. What do you think?
The Dojo igloo contest winners will be announced in tomorrow's edition of the newspaper. Congratulations to everyone who entered! As always, we have more contests coming up.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

                                I miss all Pretty FLOWERS!

                        Adventure Party 2009 – Club Penguin!

Adventure Party 2009 – Club Penguin!

The Adventure Party is over and our Island is back to normal again…This has been one of the most Wonderful Club Penguin Parties EVER! FLOWERS FOREVER…LOL

click to enlarge

Here you have the Links to the Adventure Party :) TOGETHER we had so Much FUN :) Enjoy! 

Adventure Party is HERE!

Free Items! Adventure Party!

Adventure Hunt! Cheats :)

Adventure Party Secrets!

Tree House Tour Guide :)

Tree Fort ONLY for Members!

Adventure Party - More Effects!

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt ANIMATED!

Adventure Party by Billybob :)

Day 9, Green Day Parade – 101 Days of FUN!

Adventure Party Home Page Picture :)

Plant and Flower Jokes :)

Green Day Parade Party – ANIMATED!

New Post Cards – Mail!

Day 10, Complete The Adventure Hunt – 101 Days of FUN!

Tour Guide Dock and Beach – Adventure Party

FLOWER Colors in Forest :)

Club Penguin Adventure Cheats

No Adventure Party Card Yet!

Super Pool Party :)

Super Pool Party Animations :)

Looking for Stone Puffles Party :)

Due to Mums Extreme Home Makeover The Adventure Story Rockhopper’s Plants Part 2 is Delayed…it will be Published as soon as possible…Now me and Littletias will working with repaint the Kitchen again :)  Mum was busy with the New Green House this Spring so she never had time to finish the painting of the green details in the Kitchen and now she have changed her mind from Orange walls and Yellow cupboards so we have to start over from the Beginning :) This time the Kitchen will be Lilac with Purple, Soft Green and Yellow Details :) Mum LOVES to Decorate and so do I…Littletias not so much…LOL…but he likes to paint :) Then we will go to Grandpa and eat :)

Flower Box Dimension Room is FANTASTIC :) 

Update: Rockhopper’s Plants – My Stories and Adventures :) and Rockhopper’s Plants Part 2 – My Stories and Adventures :)

Day 14, Serve Coffee Day - 101 Days of FUN!

Wednesday June 17, It’s a Busy day in the Coffee Shop! Put on your Apron and get to work. Serve 10 cups of coffee to thirsty Penguins.

click to enlarge

…Time to go to work :) Cocopuffs 199 take the orders and I serve :) Rybok, Jenny681 and Rios Rikata  Loves Coffee Tea and  Hot Chocolate :)

                               …Busy Busy Busy but FUN :)

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