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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cool Items :)

Thanks Ivanrf for the 26 Background pictures you send me :) I like them ALL! I LOVE that you have used the Backgrounds to match your Penguins outfits and then added Different matching Pins on some :) GREAT Work :) The Fish Picture was Fabulous! I choose these Three as my Favorites :)

Star Glasses and Tie Dye Shirt! This is Colorful Cool :) And a Pretty FLOWER Background :)  AWESOME!

click to enlargeCowboy Penguin! I am glad that these Rare items are brought back :) Tan Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Vest, Cowboy Boats and Lasso

click to enlarge

        PINK STUFFED BUNNY…awwww…soooo…Cuuuute LOVE this :)

click to enlarge

                         TOYS - Treasure Book Now Working!

3 Month Membership Special offer - Club Penguin

We have got a New Opening Page with a Limited Time Special offer for 3 Month Membership ( offer ends July 15th 2009 )

click to enlarge 

…If you click on the opening Page you ends up here…I can NOT find anything about the Special offer???

click to enlarge

…Hopefully Club Penguin will add more information soon…I know many Penguins that wants to be Members but can’t afford it right now…

                       How to Activate a Club Penguin card

UPDATE! Mystery solved: I can see the offer in my Internet Explorer web browser but not in Chrome yet…Here is the Limited Time Special offer :)

click to enlarge

A ton of new fun is on the way!

Membership allows you to explore more, discover more and play more. Over the next few months, we’ll bring you exciting member-exclusive activities, features, and experiences. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up for members:

Music Jam – Access special character appearances!

Stage costumes & New clothing catalogs -
Get creative and express yourself!

DJ3K – More music tracks!


Favorite Adventure and Music - Reviewed by you


Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
There was a lot of excitement around the Adventure Party and some of you commented that you liked discovering the way the island was decorated. Last week's Reviewed by You question asked about your best adventure in Club Penguin and from the comments (which were awesome, by the way), we thought this one was cool:
Ninja Red said:

click to enlarge
My favorite adventure on the island would most definitely have to be when I became a ninja. I proved to myself that I could do it, and I did. Getting all my belts, and defeating the Sensei was an incredible journey that i will never forget. I am proud of my position as a secret ninja, now what are you waiting for? Join me, Keep trying and reach for your goals!
Thanks, Ninja Red!
For this week's question, we'd really like to know: What's your favorite music in Club Penguin?
Leave your comments and we'll pick our favorite answer to feature on next week's blog! Don't forget to keep your answers between 50 - 75 words so we have room to show a lot of them.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

My Favorite Music is Fairy Fables :) I Always feel so HAPPY when I hear it :)

Toys - Treasure Book Now Working

Harris T 1 send me this Picture of Dx 1001 Thanks :) Dx 1001 have items from both old and NEW Treasure Books! You look Very COOL Dx1001 :)click to enlarge

Treasure Book Series 3 Cheats – Club Penguin

Treasure Book

Flowerpots Mystery

The Flowerpots in my Igloo STILL not Grows and neither does My Friends Flowerpots…The Penguin News tells us AGAIN that the plants in our Igloos grows…But they DON'T!

click to enlarge 

Last week: Dear Aunt Arctic, I bought this plant from Captain Rockhopper and it’s not doing anything. Is something wrong with it? – Disapplantment

Dear Disapplantment Don’t worry, you’re not the only penguin who has worried about their newly purchased potted plants! I wanted to know a little more about mine, so I asked the Captain himself before he sailed away. “Arr me hearty! Be patient as a pirate,” he told me. “Just like gettin’ yer puffle to play games, by my beard ye canst make a plan grow faster than it wants to.”

Like you, I keep checking back on my Plantus Fantasticus.. I’ve watered it and I’m trying to talk to it encouragingly, as I’ve heard other gardeners do. It’s showing some signs of growth and I hope yours is too!

click to enlarge

This week:Rockhopper’s recent visit to the island brought lots of wildlife and adventure. “We’ve bad a busy time finding new plant life, from cool color changing flowers to snowball eating shrubs,” one intrepid explorer told us.

There was some worry that giant plants would take over the island. We are pleased to report that all plant life has been potted and put into storage, where it will stay under controlled conditions until it is needed again.

Meanwhile, penguins are reporting that the pirate’s potted plants are flourishing in their igloos. Remember to keep a close eye on yours!

click to enlarge

                                Why doesn't my Plants grow?

click to enlarge

…Today I will do some More Plant Experiments and see if I can find a solution to this problem…do I dare to try the formula that started the hole Adventure Party again? or…hmmm…maybe if I take this and mix it with this…I think I will go and talk to Uncle Gary first…

click to enlarge

Dojo Igloo Contest Winner’s Announced!

CONGRATULATIONS! Well Done Work and Excellent Decorations :)First THANKS to Every Ninja who took part!

click to enlarge

            And Now… Proudly I present the Winners here they are:

click to enlarge

BLUE ISE I am glad to see, Ninja who enjoy music. Flowers calm me to enlarge

 CODEMOMMY Among plants and flames: White puffle with silly grin, Invites me for tea.

click to enlargeFREEZE THE1 In this great Dojo, Two ice knights share cups of tea. Very balanced room.

click to enlargeGLACEON614 In Puffle Dojo You can read, rest and reflect. Puffles are good hosts.

click to enlargeHAN SOLO 8 Dojo of flowers! Everywhere there is color! Street lamps make me smile.

click to enlarge LOULOU EMZEE A touch of awesome. Polka dots and disco ball. This Dojo is sweet.

click to enlargeMANAPHY1997 A private Dojo. Where great secrets can be shared. Red and blue unite.

click to enlargeSASKA97 A Dojo of walls. And fire lanterns. Perfect. For hiding ninja!

click to enlargeSTINKYMAN 10 Lots of fire light. Flowers perfectly arranged. Can I have some tea?

click to enlargeUGHABUG Wonderful! Awesome! Ninja need to party down. Every now and then!

click to enlarge123jillian, 1999 Lucy, Angel21745, Cowboys4444, Curly Choo, Daisy 85078, Giggle900, Harris T 1, Lavender321, Orangeman858.

click to enlarge

CONGRATS to ALL Winners again and a Special Congrats to my Friend Harris T 1 that took part in my Ninja Dojo Igloo Contest :) Great Work!

Cart Surfer Moves - Secret Revealed: Classified

                                        Secret Nr: 31…

click to enlarge Cart Surfer Moves Cart Surfing is great Fun and a great way to earn coins. Here are a few tips from surfing experts: Don't do the same trick twice in a row or you’ll get less points. Mix up your tricks to maximize points! Press down and then hold the left or right key to grind. You can even grind around corners to boost your score! When you’re really good, remember to crash on Purpose. It’ll make the game go longer!

click to enlarge

…This Secret have been posted before as Secret Nr 16…Club Penguin say that there are HUNDREDS of DIFFERENT Secrets around the Island so why all these Reruns?

Day 15, Copy your Favorite Dojo Igloo - 101 Days of FUN :)

Thursday June 18, Check out the Dojo igloo Contest Winners in the Newspaper! Buy some Furniture from the Ninja Hideout and recreate your Favorite in your own Igloo!

click to enlarge

Cool :) I will do that and then Update this Blog Post with a Picture of my Igloo :) See you later in Club Penguin Now I will go and redecorate my Igloo :)

I am back…LOL…The Winning Dojo Igloos were ALL awesome :) So I decided to add 10 item ideas…1 from every Winner and then some extra too :)

click to enlarge

…If you copy one of the Winner’s Dojo Igloo send a picture to me …I will post some of them :) Make sure that your Penguins name is in the picture too :)

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