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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playing Fairy Fables TOGETHER – 101 Days of FUN :)

Some of my Friends and I met inside The Stage to put up the play Fairy Fables Today :) Waddles186 played Twee…

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…I was the Director and Spider880 played Prince Redhood…Pigflower and Mindyzoe2 took care of all special effects on Switchboard 3000 :)

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                 …Ninja Spice and Pengwing4 are Big Bad Wool…

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                           …The Actors does a Good Job :)

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                            …Joanna7777 is Grumpunzel…

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…Great Performance EVERYONE! Lets play Again :) Now Spider880 is Director and I am Grumpunzel :)

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                                  …choose a Character…

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…This time Gknee19 and Joanna7777 playing Twee and Harris T 1 is Prince Readhood, Pengwinn4 Big Bad Wool and Childpengu1 reading the storylines for us and Penguin89483693 is Audience :)

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                               …I am in La La Land…LOL…

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                               …Oops and GRUMPY…LOL…

click to enlarge                      …This is a Success! Thanks Hat Pop :)

click to enlarge                      …Take a bow both Actors and Audience…

click to enlarge    …Here we are resting and talking drinking Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate…

                          …Thanks to you ALL this was FUN :)

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                  …Lets make up a NEW PLAY! it will be about…

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          …Lets start…Once up one a Time it was a jester that…

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                                    …I am the Fish :)

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                         …Time to Tip the Iceberg…LOL…

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                         …Music Party in Spider880’s Igloo…

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               …Explorer’s Party and Pizza in Gary3005’s Igloo…

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                …Studying Archeology in Joanena7777’s Igloo…

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…THANKS! to ALL that come to the Fairy Fables Party this was so Much FUN :)  You are ALL GREAT FRIENDS :)

Invitation to FAIRY FABLE PARTY!

               ATTENTION! Actors Needed TODAY at The Stage!

DAY: Saturday June 20

TIME: 11 Am PST (Penguin Standard Time)

SERVER: Iceland

ROOM:The Stage

        Read more here: Day 17, Fairy Fable - 101 Days of FUN :)

New Plush TOYS Series Three – Club Penguin!

NEW Cute Toys are HERE :) I think I need a summer job to save up for this…I will ask Mum and Dad if they have a job for me :)

                                       AUNT ARCTIC!

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                                     …Blue Cheerleader…

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                                      …Basketball Player…

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                                      …Court Jester…

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                                  …Bumble Bee is back!

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                                …ROCKHOPPER IS BACK :)

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               …The NEW COOL PUFFLES! Still no white Puffle?

click to enlarge 

               LOL…They use the Series 1 Coin on the Pictures :)

The Club Penguin™ online world is a snow-covered virtual island where kids can play games and interact in a fun-filled, virtual playground. Collect all your favorite Penguin characters with the Club Penguin™ 6½” Plush assortment. This soft plush assortment brings each Club Penguin™ character to life with high quality, detailed costumes. Each Club Penguin™ 6½” Plush includes a coin with a code to unlock items online. Collect them all! Mum wonder if they are WASHABLE YET! 

                                   Unlock items Online!

Banner Updated :)

The Club Penguin Party Banner is Updated THANKS! Club Penguin :)

                              Banner question to Club Penguin

Day 17, Fairy Fables 101 - Days of FUN :)

Saturday June 20, Head to The Stage to star in Fairy Fables! Try Playing all of the roles, then pick your Favorite and put on a play with your buddies.

click to enlargeOnce upon a time

…There lived a fairy storyteller, called Twee – that’s me! I live in a magical library where I tell no ordinary tales. I like to mix things up a bit. It’s a tale of twos you might say! So buckle up and get ready for the ride!

This is the tale of a prince all dressed in red, who goes riding through the forest to take some croissants to a princess with really long hair. I like to call it ‘The Enchanted Forest’.

Twee A magical storyteller who thinks that everything is better in twos. You never know quite what will happen in Fairy Twee’s library!

PRINCE REDHOOD He’s not just the bravest prince in the land, he’s the ONLY prince in the land!

BIG BAD WOOL You’d better watch out for the Big Bad Wool! This sheep would like 3 bags full… of croissants that is.

GUMPUNZEL Probably the grumpiest princess you’ve ever met. This diva has really long hair and a really short temper.

…That was the Characters I will be Twee :) Now I will Find some Buddies so we can Play this TOGETHER :)

               Costume Trunk Cheats – Fairy Fables at The Stage

                Fairy Fables the Story Book and Switchbox 3000!

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