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Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Play DJ3K :)

       Inside Night Club you find the cool Game Mix Music DJ3K :)


       Would you like to Play DJ3K? Yes, Please…Lets ROCK! LOL…

…you have all kind of buttons switches and scratch functions…just start to click around and Mix your own Music…I like the Piano :) 

                            …Your Penguin will go WILD! LOL

…To stop the Game click on the X in the upper right corner…and you earns Coins too :)

click to enlarge 

          On Friday June 26, 2009 this Game DJ3K will be Updated!

                               DJ3K Updated and  Animated!

Club Penguin Music Party Video

Look at this Cool Music Party Video :) TOGETHER WE ROCKS! EVERYONE NOW LET’S ROCK! ROCK!! ROCK!!!

…before you listen to the Music Party Video…click on pause or mute to shut off this blogs backgrounds music :)

  THANKS! to She Ra for telling me about this Video :) You ROCK!

DJ3K UPDATES! Music Tracks from a Special Catalog – Club Penguin

July 25 2008 Club Penguin Launched DJ3K and now it is Time for an UPDATE!

Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Stay tuned this week for some music updates! On Friday you'll find some new music in your igloo, and that's not all. Also coming on Friday is a DJ3K update in the Night Club. Members will be able to purchase exclusive music tracks from a special catalog - and then take them right into the game! There's been some talk of yellow puffles being quite enthusiastic about the update to the DJ3K game... We'll have to see what that's all about on Friday.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

GREAT! Soon we can Choose the Music and then Mix it and the Yellow Puffle will Help us!


         FINALLY! DJ3K will be FUN! I cam hardly wait to Friday :) 

                        See the FIRST Sneak Peek of DJ3K

                        See the Second Sneak Peek of DJ3K

Day 19, Sports Team Game Day - 101 Days of FUN :)

Monday June 22, Form a Sports Team with your Buddies and Start a Game at the Soccer Pitch. Choose a Team Color to wear and make up cheers for your Team!

click to enlarge

…This will be FUN :) Lets start with Blue…Blue is COOL just like School!

click to enlarge           …Time to be Red! REDS THE BEST FORGET THE REST!

click to enlarge       …and now GREEN! GREEN IS GREAT! GO GREEN DREAM TEAM!

…Yellow…YELLOW is FUN shining like the SUN! GO YELLOW BE A FELLOW!



…ORANGE! Thanks 1w34e for starting this FUN Team :) ORANGE IS COOL! GO ORANGE!

                            …Okay Everyone Time to PLAY!

click to enlarge

                                             …GOAL! :)

click to enlarge…Hi Club Penguin Team I wish for PINK Cheerleader Dress and Soccer Outfit and everything in PURPLE too :) Then we can have a PINK and PURPLE Game :) I would LOVE that :) and can you Please add Glitter to the Pom-Poms? And can you Please paint small FLOWERS on the Ball too? That would be SO cute :) THANKS!

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