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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Club Penguin EPF Mission Summer Seasonal Mission, June 20-30, Nintendo DS

Hi Friends don’t forget about:

Summer Seasonal Mission, June 20-30
Go to the Pizza Parlor. The Parlor owner will tell you that he needs four coconuts to complete his masterpiece. If you agree to help him, four coconut trees will spawn around club penguin. The first is in the Town, the second is on the Beach, the third is in the Forest, the Fourth is on the Ski Hill.
To get a coconut, find a tree and hit it with a snowball from the blue puffle. It does not matter what order you find the trees in, because they will all appear at once. Deliver all four coconuts to the Pizza Chef to win the mission.

You find the FREE Item the Fiesta Hat (sombrero) on the Frozen Pond (behind the Ski Lodge) inside a box.

Check out the new items in the Catalog.

More about EPF in this post:

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force – Hints and Tips – Nintendo DS

Box Dimension Tour Guide and Secrets – Club Penguin

                    This place is called the Box Dimension…

 click to enlarge

                         …Naturally, it is filled with boxes…

click to enlarge

        …Oh! And it looks like some plants have sprouted too!

click to enlarge

You can see Animations of this Room in Flower Box Dimension Room is FANTASTIC! See Old  Box Dimension Tour Guide BEFORE the plants…See Old Animations too :)  If you not are a Club Penguin Member you can still visit this room :) Non Member enter the Box Dimension like this…Find a Friends Igloo or find one on the Map that have the Teleport Box…walk on box and you will Teleport to Box Dimension Room :)

This Room is SO COOL! And I have been on Many FUN Parties in here :) Try to Throw a snowball…LOL…I hope the Box Dimension Room will stay FOREVER!

Flowerpot Plants Finally starts Growing in my Igloo

The Plants Rockhopper brought us have started to Grow! FINALLY! My Experiments succeeded! This makes me so HAPPY :)

                    Read more about this in Flowerpot Mystery

UPDATE: Notice that only Two of Three Flowerpots have Grown!
Sprouting Spectaculous: Blue
Plantus Fantasticus: Black
Surprisus Maximus: Orange (not growing)

Thanks! Extra Peng :)

Day 20, Color Party – 101 Days of FUN :)

Tuesday June 23, Make sure you have All The Colors from Penguin Style. Then get TOGETHER with your Friends and Throw a Color Party!

click to enlarge

…This is a GREAT idea :) First waddle over to the Gift Shop and check in Penguin Style Catalog that you have ALL Colors…Yes I have them ALL :)

click to enlarge

…Then find Friends and start a Party…My Friend Flothnia Jr and I started a Color Party TOGETHER! 

                 …be UNIQUE! Choose your OWN Style and Color!

…I am BRAVE enough to be DIFFERENT and so are my FRIENDS :) AWESOME! This is so Much FUN :)


Extra Peng will have a COLOR PARTY TODAY!

Day: Tuesday, June 23,
Time: 11:00 PST (Like always)
Server: Breeze
Place: Dock

is the Time Am or Pm? I have NO IDEA…LOL…I waiting for Extra Peng to tell me then I will add it here :)

UPDATE! I just met Extra Peng in Club Penguin it is Am GREAT!

Waddle on and have Colorful FUN Today then I see you at the Party :)

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