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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DJ3K Sneak Peek and Happy77 Talks Music

This is an interview done by Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
With the groovy music updates coming to the DJ3K game and igloos this Friday, I thought it'd be kinda cool to talk to someone on the team who does a lot of the musical stuff around here...Q: There's a lot of music in Club Penguin. How you do decide what music goes where?
A: We'd like the music to support the feeling of the areas and the party themes.
Q: What's your favorite part of making music and sound effects?
A: Working with music and sound effects (sfx) is creative and fun, and we hope it adds another dimension to everyone's experiences on the island.
Q: At last year's Music Jam party, I seem to remember music called  "bubble pop" - is that short for bubble gum pop? Are there other kinds of candy music?
A: With that song we were originally inspired by the Bubblegum Pop style of music. But with music this sweet, it's all candy.
We'd love to know what you think about the sfx all over the island!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

                I LOVE Music Thanks for letting us know all this :)

                                     How to Play DJ3K :)

Bug in Card – Jitsu Game! Glitch

I have sometimes had trouble with loading the Card – Jitsu Game but Today the Weirdest thing Happened and I hurried to get it on tape…Look!

…Nabilrocks card is STUCK! But it don't effect the Game…Strange…The Card was there until the Game ended…Nabilrocks Won by the way I was to occupied with the Glitch…LOL…Great Work Nabilrocks :) The next time I played everything was back to normal…Have this happened to anyone else? Please let me know :)

      Logging in and Club Penguin Performance Problem Solution

New Coloring Page in Club Penguin

We have got a Summer Coloring Page from The Cove WOHOOO! This Coloring Page is Nr 40 :)

My Grandpa Always put up my Drawings on his Walls :) One Day I asked him what will happen when all his walls are Cowered? He laughed and said that he will start put them on the ceiling…My Grandpa is Funny :) and I LOVE him so Much!click to enlarge 

You can Guess it, can you? That’s right :) TIME FOR GLITTER GLUE!

               You can Print out ALL Coloring Pages here :)

WE ROCKED The DOCK! Color Party Review :)

      Yesterday we had The Color Party we started at The Dock :)

click to enlarge

…PINK…Blue…Dark Blue…Yellow…Red…Lime Green…Green…Orange…Black…Purple…Brown…

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

…we All said our Colors out Loud…LOL…That was FUN :) We LOVES to have our own Style :)

click to enlarge  

               …Time to Party in The Box Dimension Room :)

click to enlarge

                      …I change color from PINK to Purple…

click to enlarge  

                                   …MORE PARTY! LOL!

click to enlarge

            …CRAZY Snow fight Vinvin67 is AWESOME on this…

click to enlarge

…I agree with Gummy Peng and her cute Pink Puffle :) Time to PARTY!

click to enlarge

                              …Color Party at the Iceberg…

click to enlarge

                   …Color Party at Ski Hill…I am Green Now :)

click to enlarge 

…Sled Race! Stralis33, Jt9034, me and 1999leah…GO! GO!! GO!!!

click to enlarge

                  …COLORS ROX! YES THEY DO! WOHOOO! LOL…

click to enlarge

             …I LOVE to spend time TOGETHER with my Friends :)

click to enlarge                             …We LOVES to SING and DANCE…           

click to enlarge                  …TOGETHER WE ALWAYS have so MUCH FUN :)

click to enlarge …COME ON! Ivanrf, Masterhenry; and Extra Peng LET’S RACE! The Winner can High Five The Blue Sled Race Penguins!

click to enlarge

THANKS! To all Colorful Penguins that come to the Color Party you ALL ROCK!

Me and My Friends LOVES Color Parties :)

Mia4446 and the Cove Party

Clown Party

Day 21, Card – Jitsu Game – 101 Days of FUN!

Wednesday June 24, Challenge someone to a Card – Jitsu Match and earn your next Belt. If you’re already a Ninja, practice in the Secret Ninja hideout.

click to enlarge     To the Flying Flippers Emporium :) Hi Ace1197 let’s Practice :)

click to enlarge

                                  …We Think alike…LOL…

 click to enlarge

                                 THANKS for the Game :)

click to enlarge

                    …This is FUN I LOVE to play Card-Jitsu :)

                                   How can I be a Ninja?

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