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Friday, June 26, 2009

DJ3K Igloo Party – 101 Days of FUN!

Today's idea of a DJ3K Igloo Party was so Much FUN :) Spider880, Peggie Quin and Bjc695 was first to come :)

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            …we dances and talked about Famous Penguins…

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…Peggie Quin had never met Gary but wished to do and then GARY3005 came…LOL…

          …Once The Penguin Band signed Spider880’s guitar…

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…Gary3005 wonder when My Next Story will be posted…I working on it…Mum wants me and Littletias to be outside during the Summer and we have so much FUN but less computer time :)

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                        …Aunt Arctic and Cadence is GREAT!

                             …THANKS! Peggie Quin :)

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             Hi Cafina WELCOME to our DJ3K Dance Party :)

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         …we ALL waiting for the Next Club Penguin Mission…

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                            …Lets go to the Night Club…

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               …There we Party to the DJ3K Update Came :)

Thanks Friends for coming to the Party TOGETHER we ROCK! And soon we will have FIREWORKS in Club Penguin again! I LOVE FIREWORKS BUT THEY ARE NOT GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! Hopefully Uncle Gary have made the Club Penguin Fireworks harmless…

DJ3K Updated and Animated!

       This is SO MUCH FUN! Select the Tracks you want to Mix!

                   …I LOVE That we have this Spotlight now :)

                    …Colors shining on me like a Rainbow :)

              …The Light follow the beat in the Music…COOL :)

…and for MORE FUN you can take your Yellow Puffle with you…Here is me and Sunshine listening to the Music…


                   …AWESOME! DANCE! DANCE !! DANCE!!!

…Before this update I almost never played this Game…Now I LOVE it! I will play this a lot :) The BEST thing is that we can take the Yellow Puffles with us :) THANKS Club Penguin this Update ROCKS!

DJ3K the NEW Version is HERE in Club Penguin :)                                              

                          See the Original Version of DJ3K

DJ3K The NEW version is HERE in Club Penguin :)

FINALLY!  The DK3K is HERE! WOW First buy some Music! You find it here in Night Club…click to enlarge

         …or click in the Right lower corner for the MUSIC CATALOG! 

DJ3K Game UPgrades How this records Works: Just buy a record and play DJ3K. You’ll be able to choose your new tunes in the music menu! This is ONLY for Members! Non Members can still play in Classic style…and they get the cool color updated DJ3K version too :)

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…The New Tunes are Jungle Record 75 Coins ( I missed to take a picture of this can someone please send me one?) Funky Records 75 Coins…

click to enlarge                               …Festival Records 75 Coins…

2009-06-26 18.17.27 - Copy

                    …You find the Records under Hand Items…

click to enlarge                         Bring your Yellow Puffle for MORE FUN!

                             DJ3K Updated and  Animated!          

                     This is How the Original DJ3K looked :)

UPDATE: DJ3K make your OWN Igloo Music :)

UPDATE: March 8, 2011 Updated DJ3K Game UPgrades catalogue :)

Flowerpot Plants Growing again :)

The Flowerpots Plants have grown some MORE :) Finally the Surprisus Maximus growing! Yay! It looks so cute I wonder if it will get a Flower some day? I hope so :) and Plantus Fantasticus will probably grows and take over my Igloo…LOL…I LOVE this :)

click to enlargeThanks Joanna7777 for telling me that the Plants in the Flowerpots have grown some more you are a GREAT FRIEND :)

Igloo Upgrades and Archaeological Dig Decal

                      We have a New Igloo Upgrades Catalog…

click to enlarge

…The Igloo Flooring is FANTASTIC! Sand floor 400 Coins and Archaeological Dig Decal 160 Coins now I REALLY need that brush to take away sand on the artifacts…

 click to enlarge

  …Thanks Extra Peng for showing me your Igloo :) This is…WOW!!!

click to enlarge

               …On this page you find The Secret Stone Igloo…

click to enlarge    …The Secret Hidden Gingerbread Igloo…Like before click on all four words “Candy”

click to enlarge

                             …Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo…

click to enlarge 

                                 …did I miss anything?

DJ3K and Music Update in our Igloos

We have got new Music in our Igloos :) Viking Opera, Mountain Dojo, Silly to Funky and Planet Y :) THANKS for this update Club Penguin :)

click to enlarge

…DJ3K is not here yet! I have found a Server with Few Penguins and TOGETHER we waiting for the DJ3K…Let’s have a DJ3K DANCE PARTY!

click to enlarge

             …I can Hardly wait for the NEW MUSIC FROM DJ3K!


After discovering new tracks were being added to DJ3K, the Club Penguin Times caught up with a DJ on the dance floor.

“I’ve been working with a couple of buddies down at the Night Club and we’ve put together some rad music samples that we added to the decks. Ch-ch-check ‘em out.”

“There’s a real mixture to cater for all music tastes – folk, rock, and dance. Members will be able to buy special DJ3K tracks from a catalog in the Night Club and take them into the game. Can you imagine the possibilities?”

He added, “See you there to mix cool tunes!”

Get your flippers on the decks and get ready to create some new music! Head down to the Night Club June 26.

click to enlarge  …This will be so much FUN :) If only Club Penguin could launch the Game Now… Were is DJ3K? Were is DJ3K? Were is DJ3K?  Were is DJ3K? Were…LOL

Day 23, DJ3K Game Tracks – 101 Days of FUN :)

Friday June 26: CH-CH-CHECK out the New DJ3K Tracks in the Night Club Today and Celebrate by Starting a Dance Party in your Igloo! Don't forget to Decorate.

click to enlarge

WOHOOO! This will be FUN :) I starting with the Decorations! DONE :)

click to enlarge 

…Now to the Night Club and try the New DJ3K Tracks :) And I will have an IGLOO DANCE PARTY LATER TODAY!

Server: Flippers
Time: 9:00 Am PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Place: My Igloo on Map

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