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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 27, Read Books and find Secret item - 101 Days of FUN :)

Tuesday June 30, Waddle along to the Coffee Shop and go upstairs to the Book Room! Read all of the Books and then wear the Secret item That’s hidden in one of Them…

click to enlarge… Reading is one of my Favorite things to do so this will be GREAT FUN :)click to enlarge Snowball Press have give out many books Rockhopper and the Stowaway, Franky’s First Show, The Spice of Life, Truth or Dare, Then we have the Penguin Tales with short Stories from Club Penguin Book Room Writing Contest: Pizza Parlor Panic by Orantango, Comoica’s Jetpack Adventure by Comoica, The Legend of the Gold Puffle by Icmer, The Day my Puffle went at an Adventure by Chochypop, All in a Day’s work by Sammysays, My Puffle’s Party by Lollipops10…Then we have Three Great Yearbooks I LOVE to read them and remember all FUN :) and if you mouse over the pages you will find secret hidden Rare Pins to look at :) Then we have Tree Paint by Letters Books :) My Puffles, Burnt out Bulbs, Lime Green Dojo Clean (and one more Cheat), I LOVE The AWESOME Journal of Captain Rockhopper there we can read about  Rockhopper’s and Yarr’s Adventures at sea :)

 click to enlarge 

                      …I found the Secret Hidden Book item :)

…you find The Friendship Bracelet in a blue book about Friendship :) It is FANTASTIC to have Friends :) I remember a FUN Nice Penguin Party :) Now I will read more and then play Lime Green Dojo Clean again and earn some Coins :)

                     The day my puffles went on an Adventure

If you want to Read more click on My Stories and Adventures :)

                        Some of Club Penguin’s Books – Toys

One thing? What happened to our New Christmas books? Was they only Seasonal? Please Club Penguin can you bring them back?

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