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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hollow Tree FUN in Fairy Fables Land :)

I LOVE this Hollow Tree it is so FUN to RUN Through…I can do this for a LOOOONG Time…LOL…

                       …and a GREAT place to Think or Read…

         …or to Live in…This place is perfect for me and Gosig :)

…Fairy Fable is a Fabulous FUN Story and FUN to Play TOGETHER with Friends :)

Snow fight Party Review :)

Today we had a Friendly Snow fight Party Thanks Rassbert for that idea :) Minnii4, Tenshii08 and the blue cute Puffle, Cafina and Peggie Quin was already at the Snow Fort when I arrived :) Great idea to take a blue Puffle to the Snow Fight they are AWESOME at throwing Snowballs :)

click to enlarge

                                …My Team will be here…

click to enlarge

               …but first we sending Post cards to each other :)

2009-07-01 20.03.57 - Copy

             …Time to Snow Fight and a HAPPY RUNNING :)

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                                       …this is FUN :)

click to enlarge

                         …Team Saraapril vs.Team Rassbert…

…Team Rassbert Won! Congrats :) Now let’s work TOGETHER and Hit the Clock with Snowballs :)

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   …I got a snowball on my Head…LOL…Throw snowballs at Cafina :)

                                …We standing TOGETHER…

click to enlarge

                  …Throw Snowballs to Tip the Iceberg..LOL…

click to enlarge

                                   …Team PINK here…

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                …Rassbert is Team Blue…Team PINK Wins!

                               …Time for More Cards :)

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     …You are very Welcome Sassiefras you are a Great Friend :)

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                   ...I LOVE to have FUN with my Friends :)

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                      …The Ski Hill’s Fireworks is so Pretty :)

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      …me, Jozza2, Cafina and kflames sliding in the slopes :)

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                               …CONGRATS! Cafina :)

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…Dance Party Contest on the top of the Mountain :) It is so Cool to Dance to the sound of the Fireworks :)

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                              …I LOVE to Dance and Sing :)

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...It is so Much FUN to Throw Snowballs at the Gongs in Secret Ninja Hideout :) GONG! GONG! GONG!

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                         …Who wants to play Card – Jitsu?

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                      …Flipat have some Funny Power cards

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                …I Love to play Card –Jitsu it is so Much FUN :)

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         …Oops…Rassbert Throw a Snowball in my Face…LOL…

click to enlarge  

…If you Train you will learn and can Win over other Penguins without Power Cards :)

click to enlarge

THANKS! To all Penguin that came to the Party :) This was so Much FUN :)  See you soon again in Club Penguin :)

Sensei Memories by Screenhog

This Message is from Screenhog:

Hi everyone! Screenhog here!
Sensei is going to show up in the Ninja Hideout, and it got me thinking that there are many of you who may not know how Sensei made his first appearance on Club Penguin. It was just after Halloween 2008, and storm clouds had darkened the island. The storm was fiercest on the mountaintops, and the snow-covered Dojo was struck by lightning!

Lots of you worked with hardhats and jackhammers to repair the hole and shovel off the mounds of snow. Some of you noticed a strange figure clothed in a brown, ragged cloak who helped to clear the snow away. A couple of weeks later Sensei revealed his identity; He had been living on Club Penguin, and had finally chosen to make himself known!

Sensei Animated

Were you there when Sensei showed up in Club Penguin?
In other news: Check out the fireworks today. Lots of you are celebrating different things this time of year so enjoy!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

Thanks Screenhog :) It is so MUCH MORE to read about this I have collected some links here Meet  Sensei in Club Penguin July 3 – 5 if you want to see EVERYTHING you can look at these Labels: Dojo, Ninja, Sensei, and Card- Jitsu you find them in the Label List on the Right side on my Blog :) Have FUN on Memory Lane :)

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Fireworks at Iceberg and Ski Hill in Club Penguin :)

Time to Celebrate! Both Canada Day and Fourth of July :) Or…Why not make up your OWN reason for the Fireworks! Lets have Fireworks for a FUN Summer :)

click to enlarge

Stand and Look at the Sky for a While and You will see a Puffle :) I know lets have the Firework to Celebrate our PUFFLES :) and Blueberry  looking at the Firework Puffle at the Ski Hill :) Here on the Top of the Mountain you have a GREAT view :)

   …The Iceberg have Fireworks too :) Sunshine was so Happy to be here with me and see this :) I am sure she will paint a beautiful picture of this when we are back home :

  ohhh…so Pretty :) Sweet and I both think this is breathtaking :) A sad thing is that Fireworks is very harmful to the Environment! I am so Glad that Uncle Gary found a way to make ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY Fireworks :) I LOVE FIREWORKS :)

                                         TIME TO PARTY!                 

click to enlarge

   Look at Earlier Club Penguin Fireworks and more Fireworks :)

Snow fight Party at Snow Fort Today!

Rassbert asked me if we can have a Snow fight Party Today…That is an AWESOME idea! Lets do that :)

Time: 11:00 Am PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Server: Ice Shelf
Room: Snow Fort and then all over the Island

I will Send a Postcard to everyone that comes to the Party so make sure that your Mailbox not is full :)

                          See you There :) Let’s Throw Snow!

Day 28, Send a Post Card – 101 Days of FUN :)

Wednesday July 1, Make a Buddy smile. Tell your 5 Favorite Friends that you think they’re Terrific by sending a Penguin Mail Postcard! Thank you!

click to enlarge

I have so MANY FRIENDS so it is IMPOSSIBLE to only send Five Cards :) The mail must go through…

        This Card is to ALL My FRIENDS You are ALL AWESOME!click to enlarge

We got The Blue Mail Bag from Club Penguin Team in the Very First Mail send on the Island :)

I often work as a Mailgirl on Club Penguin Island and now and then I stumbles in to a Mission: Java Bags Mystery it is GREAT to have Friends that can help if you forget The Letter :) and I LOVE to get Mail too :) One day I got a message from Klutzy…I Love that we can send cards to our offline Friends :)

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