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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saraapril in Club Penguin Blog Archive

Me and my Friends have so Much FUN in Club Penguin :) Do you want to know more about Club Penguin History, Parties, Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Glitches, Missions, Secret Agents, PSA, EPF, Famous Penguins, Rockhopper, Yarr, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, DJ Cadence, The Director, Gary the Gadget Guy, The Penguin Band, Ninjas, Secret Rooms, Games, Pins, Catalogs, Igloo Furniture's, items, Free items, Music and Puffles?  You find all this and Much MORE in my Blog Archive :)

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  Have FUN on your Historical walk on Club Penguins Memory lane :)

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Paycheck for June is here :)

If you are a Secret Agent or a Tour Guide…Look in your Mailbox for the Paycheck for June 2009 :) I am HAPPY to Help keeping Club Penguin Safe :) How can I be a Secret Agent?

click to enlarge

…I am a Penguin Person…LOL…So I LOVE to be a Tour Guide, Spending time with New Penguins and Help them to find their way around Club Penguin :) How can I be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

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THANKS! Club Penguin for the 500 Coins! They will come handy Tomorrow when I shop for New Clothes :)

Where can I meet Sensei?

Between July 3 – 5, 2009 we can meet Sensei For the First Time In Club Penguin History :) You will find Sensei in the Secret Ninja Hideout The Flying Flippers Emporium

Before you can meet Sensei you have to Train Hard and Become a NINJA so if you still not have your Black Belt Hurry over to the Dojo and TRAIN HARD! How can I be a NINJA? Club Penguin

Meeting Sensei in Club Penguin July 3-5, 2009

Meeting Sensei in Club Penguin Easier for Members!

What is Power Cards? and How can I use them?

What is Power Cards? and How can I use them?

Power Cards is Used in the Club Penguin Game and is a easier way to become a Ninja in Club Penguin!  - You can buy a Jitsu - Cards Deck and Play the Game with your Friends anywhere offline too :)

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This Blog Post All Card – Jitsu Trading Cards – TOYS! Fun Game :) have Links to all your questions about Ninjas and to ALL Sensei Animations in the Card – Jitsu Game and to where you can get the Card – Jitsu Deck

Where can I meet Sensei?

Sensei Book VIDEO! Offline Activity made by Joanna7777

I got This AWESOME Video from my Friend Joanna7777 :) THANKS! for sending me this :) I LOVE your Cartoon Book :)

Offline Activities Week Five and Six – 101 Days of FUN :) Club Penguin

New Wallpaper - 101 Days of FUN :) Club Penguin

     A New FUN Wallpaper is Available for us THANKS! Club Penguin :)


                …LOL…I LOVE to Balancing on Everything too :)

 click to enlarge

Read the Blog Post about the First  Summer Wallpaper for 101 Days of FUN :) and here you can get ALL Club Penguins Wallpapers

Music Jam Party Banner :)

We have got The Party Banner Updated! COOL! Thanks Club Penguin This ROCKS! Music Jam July 17- 26 in Club Penguin :)

click to enlarge

If you thinking…I want a Banner on My Blog! read this Party Banner in Club Penguin :)

         I LOVE the PINK HAIR…I hope we can get that Wig soon :)

Favorite thing to do at The Stage - Reviewed by you

Here is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
There are tons of things you said you like about becoming a ninja. Thanks for all your awesome responses. Here's one that we liked a lot:
Tweety Girl3 said:
My favorite part of training to be a Ninja is playing Card Jitsu! Its so fun to play with the other penguins. Just think; you could be playing Card Jitsu with people all around the World!! How cool is that, right?
Thanks, Tweety Girl3!

There's a new play coming soon and the team was talking about all the ways to get creative at the Stage... costumes, scripts, Switchbox 3000, directing, being part of the audience - and more! We were wondering what you think. What's your favorite thing to do at the Stage?
Leave your comments (try to keep them between 50 - 75 words) and we'll pick an answer to feature next week!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I LOVE to play the Play's TOGETHER with my FRIENDS  and making up my own Stories :) Once up on a Time a Princess Dragon Lived in an Enchanted Forest…

How can I be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

   First waddle over to The Ski Village and click on the Tours Booth


If you’re new town or would like some help finding your way around the island, take a tour! Tours will help you get to know your way around town and are a great way to meet other penguins.

Step1: Look for a tour guide near this booth. If the tour guide is holding a “TOURS HERE” sign, you can join the guide’s group.

Step 2: Follow your guide on a tour around Club Penguin!

Step 3: Once the tour is over, take time to explore more areas on your own or with a friend.

Would you like to become a tour guide yourself? Click here for more details!

click to enlarge


Would you like to become a tour guide, showing new visitors to Club Penguin how to get around?

Here’s how it works. We’ll give you a quiz of eight questions about Club Penguin. If you get at least seven questions correct, you’ll get to become a tour guide!

Take the Quiz You have to know Club Penguin to be a Tour Guide…if you don't pass the test waddle around and learn some more…it is important to have knowledge about Club Penguin Island to be a Good Guide :)

click to enlarge


You have passed the test! You have proven your knowledge about Club Penguin.

Click the button below to receive your free Tour Guide Hat. Then,  be sure to read the manual on how to give good tours.

Receive the Tour Guide Hat

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You have found a Tour Guide Hat. Would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

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Look in your Mailbox for the CONGRATULATIONS! on becoming a Tour Guide card…

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                        …You are Now a OFFICIAL Tour Guide :)

Wave to holding up the Tour Guide Sign and let Everyone know that you are Ready to Give a Tour…Thanks to Icey40163 and Grandma Gary :) To give a Tour put on your Tour Guide Hat and Click on Messages…

…then on Activities…and then on Give a Tour… How to Be a Great Tour Guide :) 

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      Working as a Tour Guide gives you a Pay check every Month :)

                                Penguins Get Paid for Work

Offline Activities Week Five and Six - 101 Days of FUN :) Club Penguin

                              New Offline Activities Hurray! click to enlarge


Prep Time: 10 MIN.    Ready in: 25 MIN.
Cook Time 15 MIN.    Yield: 4-6 SERVINGS


These sensei-tional Black Belt Pancakes will hit the spot!


1 /4 cups all-purpose flour    1 egg
3 Tablespoons white sugar    1 1/4 cups buttermilk
1 Teaspoon baking powder   4 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Teaspoon baking soda     semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 Teaspoon Salt


We recommend having a more experienced master of the kitchen (a parent or guardian) help you with the instructions below.

  1. Fire Card – Preheat a frying pan to medium heat. While it warms, gather these items: a blender, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a pancake flipper.
  2. Water Card – Measure all ingredients carefully and mix them together in a blender.
  3. Fire Card – Pour batter into the frying pan in the shape of a penguin. When bubbles appear on top, use your pancake flipper to flip it over. Cook until pancake is bamboo-mat brown (commonly known as golden brown), then remove it from the pan.
  4. Winner! – Now it’s time to award your newly grilled ninja a black belt! Do this by making a line of semi-sweet chocolate chips across its waits. Once your pancakes have cooled enough to eat, add your favorite toppings and dig in! Finally, be sure to share this recipe with family, friends, and fellow ninjas!

click to enlarge



Simple flip books make pictures look like they’re moving. Follow these easy steps!

  1. Color the ninja pictures on the next page, using the same colors for every picture.
  2. Cut down the dotted lines using safety scissors and staple the pieces together like a book. Make sure all your images are in the right order.
  3. Now flip through the pages really fast. It will make it look like the pictures are actually moving, like a cartoon!

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not create some flip books of your own?click to enlarge



Choose one player to be ‘it’. This player has the power to freeze the person they touch. They choose an element and shout out “snow!” “fire!” or “water!” at each ninja they tag. The tagged player has to stay still until another ninja touches and unfreezes them.

If three ninjas are frozen at the same time, one of each element, the person who is “it” winds and chooses another player to be “it.” Keep a tally and work out which ninja gets the highest number of wins!

click to enlarge 

                                  You can Print this out :)

I have made the Ninja Flip Book and it is so COOL :) And I have colored Sensei in Grey but I will make a PINK Glitter Glued Sensei too :) Later Today my Cousins will come over and we will play Ninja Freeze Tag :) Me, Dad and Littletias have already starting to practice in the Living room… Dad can stand in freeze position for a long time he is AWESOME :)

Week Five Online Activities – 101 Days of FUN :)


Put on your tour guide hat and take a new penguin around the island, teaching them everything they need to know about Club Penguin! If you’re not a tour guide, take a tour!

Sensei’s at the Hideout! Wear your belt around the island and let everyone know that Sensei has come to visit.

Celebrate under the fireworks by getting your penguin buddies together at the Iceberg and forming lines of different colors. Then… Dance!

Go to the Forest and pretend to be an animal! Try to get 10 different animals there, and pretend to have your own zoo!

Travel! Log in and choose the French language! Waddle around and say “Bonjour”!

Do Mission #1 & look for a hidden penguin by the Ice Rink. If you’re not a secret agent, and your penguin is 30 days old, join by clicking the M at the top of your screen & take the quiz!

”You Decide!” Head to the What’s New Blog and help choose an item for the August Penguin Style catalog!


click to enlarge     You can Print out the schedule for Week Five of 101 Days of FUN :)

click to enlarge

      This week will be so Much FUN! See you in Club Penguin :)

Dot – to - Dot Game in Newspaper :)

I Like Dot to Dot :) Guess what this picture will be about…No peeking…LOL…Then Starting with number 1 join all the dots in the right order to reveal a picture…

click to enlarge            …It is the Best Friends For Life Picture :) AWESOME!

click to enlarge  …you can open your Mailbox and send this Postcard to a FRIEND :)

2009-07-02 07.37.23 - Copy

               …Me and Floppyj10 are Best Friends For Life :)

2009-07-02 07.37.29 - Copy

                    See Club Penguins First Dot –to Dot here :)

How to become a Secret Agent – Secret Revealed!

   Secret Nr: 33 or rerun of Secret Nr 6 (only the picture is changed)

click to enlarge

If you pass, you’ll receive a Spy Phone and be given access to a hidden HQ. There you’ll find spy gear, Secrets and even important Missions. Really, Really important Missions.

click to enlarge More information about How to be a Secret Agent in Club Penguin

Music Jam July 17 – 26, 2009 Coming up in Club Penguin!

                          Are you Ready to ROCK? I AM :)

The Music Jam will be AWESOME! and Just like last Year it will be a Special Area Backstage for Members! There can we meet BOTH The Penguin Band and DJ Cadence :)

…Time for Band Practice I see you all inside The Lighthouse as soon as Possible!   click to enlarge                 Read More about Club Penguin’s Music Festival :)   

Day 29, Tour Guide – 101 Days of FUN :)

Thursday July 2, Put on your Tour Guide Hat and take a New Penguin around the Island, Teaching them Everything they need to know about Club Penguin! If you're not a Tour Guide take a Tour!

click to enlarge…Time to put on the Tour Guide Hat and work for my pay check :)

                    ...We are at the base of the Ski Mountain…                  

                   …This is the place to be if you like to sled…

…Sorry I can’t blog more right now I am to Busy with the Tour Guides :) If you meet me in Club Penguin Today ask for a Tour :)

                    How can I be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

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