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Friday, July 3, 2009


I was Server hopping when I  met Sensei in Server Ice Rink :) We had so Much FUN TOGETHER and he told us some Secrets too…

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                  …we told jokes…LOL…it was so MUCH FUN :)

click to enlarge                           …and we asked lots of questions…

click to enlarge                                 …Sensei talked  Haiku :)

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                   …we crowded Sensei A LOT…LOL…SORRY…

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…Take a good look at the Pictures Sensei can be hard to spot…Look for his hat :)

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…and Sensei is the ONLY grey Penguin in Club Penguin and he have a Grey beard too…

                  …Then Sensei started to talk Secrets to us…

click to enlarge                 …Practice your invisibility, and hone your skills…

click to enlarge         ...There is always more to learn…GREAT I LOVE to Learn :)

 click to enlarge                          …A Ninja must always be ready…

click to enlarge              …If you train today, you will be ready for tomorrow…

click to enlarge                 …Your training have only begun, my students…

2009-07-03 21.55.54 - Copy                         …Not all secrets have been revealed…

click to enlarge                       …Master the Cloud Wave, my students…

        …The Cloud Wave is a move I mastered in the Wilderness…

…When the time is right, you will master more than this cloud wave…

                              …Watch for signs to come…

                         …I am proud to see so many Ninjas…

click to enlarge                                 …you are all very skilled…

                    …It is Time for me to return to the Dojo…

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                                 …Farwell, my students…

                                      …SENSEI VANISH!

                              …and then Sensei was GONE!

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WOW! We will Learn NEW Moves I wonder what signs we will see? I can HARDLY WAIT!

                      I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                    Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

I met Sensei during The Medieval Party :) You can read about that in the Adventure Story Klutzy’s Secret

I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

I was with my Friends Spider880 and Rassbert in a Server when Jeepkid7 told me that Sensei is in Ice Shelf…THANKS! Jeepkid7 you are an AWESOME FRIEND :) I yelled Ice Shelf to my Friends and we all Changed Server…There he was…SENSEI! If the Room is crowded and you cant click on Sensei Don't Panic! Just open the Users in Room List and click on Sensei’s name there :)

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…You have found a Sensei’s Autograph. Would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE I WOULD LOVE TO! THANKS!

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…Listen to Sensei When the time is right, you will make more than…This is so GREAT we will soon be able to do MORE as NINJAS :) Sensei can be invisible too :) Look for a Shadow in hat :) It was too crowded to get a picture of that this time…

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        …SENSEI VANISH! Sensei leaved soon after we arrived…

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…Here is a close up picture of Sensei and look on  Spider880 too :)

…We LOVE you Sensei come back soon and Teach us MORE :)When I looked at this Picture I saw a Penguin that missed Sensei! I feel so Sorry for Pinklovie123 that you missed Sensei I guess it it due to The BUG!

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                            …I got The Sensei Background :)

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                 Ninja Secret Move – Sensei Cloud Wave Bracers

                   Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker CHEATS :)

Sensei is in Server ICE SHELF! Club Penguin :)

Sensei just left! Click on this Link for Pictures :)
I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

Talk Sensei Makes Sense :)

                Do you want to Talk Sensei? Click on Messages…

…and then on Hallo…and on Party and you will get Sensei Talk :)  Where’s Sensei?… I think Sensei went back to the Dojo… I haven’t seen Sensei yet… Greetings Sensei!… It’s an honor to see you, sir… Tell us a haiku, please… Let’s play the element game!… Ready? What defeats… Fire!… Water!… Snow!… Farewell Sensei!… Bows…This is GREAT!

click to enlarge       Thanks Joanna7777 for this Tips you are an AWESOME Friend :)

                  Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

Sensei will be found in Ninja Hideout, Flying Flippers Emporium the Secret Ninja Room in Dojo… But on what server can I find Sensei in Club Penguin? Right now I don’t know…LET’S WORK TOGETHER!

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WE WILL KEEP TRYING UNTIL WE SUCCEED! As soon as I know where Sensei are you can read it on this Blog and on my Twitter page…TOGETHER is the BEST WAY to Track Sensei :)

Where can I met Sensei? If you Find or have Found Sensei Leave a comment here so we know where he had been TOGETHER WE WILL FIND SENSEI :)

                                     Sensei Animations!

Invisible Penguins Bug in Club Penguin

I have been in Secret Ninja Hideout for Two and a half Hours now and The Club Penguin Bug I saw when The Penguin Band was here is still not fixed! Still penguins disappear after being in a room for a longer time…When this Picture is Taken the User in Room List has 100 Penguin names Listed…

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My Friend 1w34e and I have investigate this Bug Today :) I could see my Friend 1w34e come online and his Penguin name shown in the Users in Room list but his Penguin didn't show in the Flying Flippers Emporium where I have waited for Sensei for over Two and a half Hour…

We could talk to each other but I could not see anything of 1w34e…Look at the Picture…Right now My Friend is Standing Next too me but is INVISIBLE!  We can still talk if I read the Chat history box…some Penguins that enter the room I can see some NOT it seems to be randomized…

click to enlarge

…TOGETHER we did More testing and we found another Bug! 1w34e left the room and come back and now i can see him BUT look at the picture…1w34e is standing to the right side of me in the stairs and the Penguin name is NOT visible…

click to enlarge

…The BIG question is…HAVE SENSEI BEEN HERE? Without me seeing him? That is Possible!…Can you PLEASE FIX THIS BUG Club Penguin Bug Team? PLEASE!

David Duong met SENSEI! Background

          I met David Duong and he had Sensei’s BACKGROUND!

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                                    …That is so Cool!

click to enlarge Congrats! David Duong to Meeting Sensei in Mammoth GREAT Work!

click to enlarge                              …LET’S PLAY FOR SENSEI!click to enlarge    …Right now I’m in Server Abominable I hope Sensei Comes here SOON! PLEASE Sensei Pretty Please :)

Music Director - Penguins at work

Refined Music Taste? Craving Classic? Help Direct the Music!  I Directed the Music at the last  Music Jam with My FRIENDS :) We had so Much FUN :)

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                                  Time to PLAY MUSIC :)

Ninja Secret Move – Sensei Cloud Wave Bracers

In Dojo you find the Martial Artworks Catalog and a NEW ITEM have been added! The Cloud Wave Bracers :) With Ninja gear comes many powerful skills.These Cloud Wave Bracers Will let you turn fluffy clouds Into distractions.Wear item with your suit. Concentrate, and wave your arm. Food! You have vanished. Nature has much to teach us about the ways of ninja.

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Would you like to buy Cloud Wave Bracers for 250 coins? Yes PLEASE!

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                  …Put on the Cloud Wave Bracers and Wave :) This is so Cool! We can make a secret Cloud just like SENSEI :) and I like the way we can see our Penguins color :) If you click repeatedly on “w” the Cloud will go CRAZY…LOL

                                Where can I meet Sensei?

I have met Sensei ones BEFORE! in The Adventure Story Klutzy’s Secret :)

Music Jam opening Picture

The Opening Picture for The Music Jam Party is here :) COOL! Members will get an ALL-Access Pass Backstage Pass just like last year :)

click to enlarge

                                    Music Party 2008

Sensei Background Sneak Peek!

I got this Sneak Peek of Sensei’s Background :) It will be so Much FUN to meet him :) I can HARDLY WAIT!

                                 Were can I meet Sensei?

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