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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I met SENSEI for the EIGHT TIME :)

I met Sensei in Caribou :) He told us that he likes The Penguin Band he Enjoys their Music and told us more Haiku The sun is Bright The moon is always Full and so is my Stomach…LOL

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                             …Sensei have a Sweet Tooth :)

                                       …Time to study  :)

                    I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                          I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                                  Sensei Animations :)

                  Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

I met Sensei for the SEVENTH Time :)

This time Sensei was in Deep Snow :) To get a quick update when I find Sensei Next Time you can Follow me on Twitter

Sensei gave us Fortune Cookies…His said that he had the best Ninjas he told us that we bring him much Happiness :) And we had FUN during Sensei Training and Sensei tested our Ninja Knowledge :) We had a Fun Throw Snowballs Game at the Gongs…Sensei is GREAT at Throwing snowballs they sounds so Funny and LOUD…LOL :) THIS IS AWESOME!

                     I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                          I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                                  Sensei Animations :)

                  Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

I found Sensei for the Sixth Time :)

   This time I found Sensei in Matterhorn :) To get a quick update when I find Sensei Next Time you can Follow me on Twitter

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                     I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                          I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                                  Sensei Animations :)

                  Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

I found Sensei For the Fifth TIME :)

      My Server hopping is WORKING :) I found Sensei in Summit!

                     I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                          I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                                  Sensei Animations :)

                  Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

Sensei Card – Jitsu ANIMATIONS! ALL :)

When you Play Card – Jitsu you will see Many Fun Comical small Animations I have recorded them for you to see and Laugh at :)

Club Penguin Animated Pictures-Sensei and Saraapril in Card –Jitsu

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Surf

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei as a Dragon

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Drilling

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and The Octopus

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei driving The Aqua Grabber

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei using a Plummer

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei using Night Goggles

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei, Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and The Puffles

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and Ninja

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Sled Race

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Snow Glob Igloo

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei as a Firefighter

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei as a Tour Guide

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and AC3000

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei flying Jet Pack

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Tip the Iceberg

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Singing Opera

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and The Alien

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei playing Thin Ice

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei Water FUN!

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and “G” Gary The Gadget Guy

Club Penguin Animation- Sensei using a Mat…

Club Penguin Animation-Sensei and the Cactus

Fun Fact: This is the FIRST Picture Club Penguin showed us of the Card – Jitsu Cards then we got this Secret NINJA Message in Newspaper

We Ninjas have a Secret Room Flying Flippers Emporium:  Guide Tour of Ninja Secret Room

The First Ninja in Club Penguin was Saraapril

All Card-Jitsu Trading Cards – Toys! Fun Game :)

How can I be a NINJA? Club Penguin?

UPDATE: Club Penguin has New Animations and I will add them here :)

Power Card Card-Jitsu: Night Club Puffle - Animation

White Puffle in Card – Jitsu Animated :)

Yarr in Card-Jitsu Game Animated :)

Card – Jitsu  Animations, Sensei and The golden puffle

Card-Jitsu Animations, Sensei and The Penguin Band

Card-jitsu Animation, Sensei and Sensei

Card-Jitsu Animation, Sensei and Rockhopper

Card – Jitsu Animation, Sensei Glitch

Card-Jitsu Game Animation, Sensei and the Living Sled

Card – Jitsu Animation, Sensei and Third Years Anniversary Celebration of Club Penguin :) 

Card –Jitsu Animation: Sensei, Herbert and Klutzy

Power cards Card – Jitsu Animation: Sensei and The Flare Flinger 3000

Power Cards in Card-Jitsu: Sensei and the Thunderstorm

Power Cards Card – Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Bean Bags

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Pencil

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animations: Sensei and the Construction workers

Shazman8 and I tries to Animate :)

UPDATE: These Power Animations were Released to the Fire Ninja Journey :)

Card-Jitsu ANIMATED! Sensei and the Switchbox 3000 Dragon :)

Card-Jitsu ANIMATION! Sensei and Cloud Wave Ninja :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Box Dimension :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Gary and Sensei Invention :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei is a Viking :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Aprils Fool Pencil :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Hydro Hopper Flight :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and Cart-Surfing :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei, Rockhopper and Snow Canon :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei and The White Puffle :)

Card-Jitsu Animation! Sensei Plays Keytar :)


Card-Jitsu ANIMATION! Sensei and The Underwater Adventure Fish :)

Card-Jitsu Power Card Sensei Mirror and Ghost! ANIMATION :)

Card-Jitsu Power Card Sensei and Cadence :)

More Power Card Animations will be added here later :)

ALL Card-Jitsu Power Cards on YouTube with Sound :)

Sensei Animations! MORE :)

More Sensei Animations!  I met Sensei for the Fourth time :) This time in Server Kosciusko…

                                ...we Run after Sensei…

                                  …Time to move again :)

…we follow Sensei EVERYWHERE…LOL…Sensei told us that he thinks Puffles are very nice creatures thought he don't own any…he is much to busy training…I know that Sensei Trains Puffles too :)

                     …Sensei Teach us to do a Cloud Wave :)

                            …VANISH practice with SENSEI!

…I am so surprised that Sensei Smiles so MUCH! I LOVE THAT :) He is so NICE and KIND not at all Grumpy :)

            …GOODBYE SENSEI! See you soon again My FRIEND :)

                      I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                          I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                                  Sensei Animations :)

                  Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

I met Sensei for the Fourth Time :)

I continue to Server Hopping and found Sensei in  Kosciusko Follow me on Twitter for Sensei updates :)

            Listen to Sensei The floor does not need to be cleared

No Sensei in Spanish Servers!

Message from Billybob: Some of you have asked about a visit from Sensei on the Spanish servers, and we wanted to let you know that he just couldn't make it there for this first visit. He'll be making more appearances in the future

                           Sensei Smiles A lot I like That :)

                     I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

                          I met SENSEI AGAIN :) SECRETS!

                                  Sensei Animations :)

Translation into Spanish:

Mensaje del Billybob: como algunos de ustedes nos preguntaron sobre la visita del Sensei a los servidores de español, queríamos decirles que realmente no pudo llegar a hacer su primera visita hoy. Mientras tanto, ¡queremos que nos cuenten qué piensan de los nuevos poderes de las muñequeras de humo! Hasta la vista, ¡sigan pingüineando!

Sensei’s Element Game :)

Sensei plays The Element game with us :) It is so Much FUN and me and my Friends plays The Game all the Time :)  Water beats Fire…

It is much like Card – Jitsu :) To learn the Quick cheats to play the Element Game in Club Penguin read Talk Sensei Makes Sense :)

                Some Penguins don't Know when to stop…LOL

click to enlarge

…Me and Littletias and our Friends Plays The Element Game outside Club Penguin too :) And outside the house...LOL…We have water balloons and soft bottles we can squeeze filled with water colored with red food color…for snow we use papers we have crumpled to balls (you have to be very skilled and need lots of practice to Freeze someone) Sometimes we Yell POWER CARD and makes up moves like the one in Card – Jitsu! TOGETHER we have so much FUN! When we are done playing we pick up EVERYTHING that is left of the balloons…that is best for Animals and the Environment :)

Sensei Animations :)

I NEVER Met Sensei! Sensei AVOIDING me…LOL That is NOT TRUE! For ALL my Penguin Friends that feels Sad because you not have met Sensei YET…I have made this Blog Post FOR YOU :)
I met Sensei for the Third Time This Time in Server Boots:) And I got Sensei ANIMATED! ENJOY :) First we played the Element game…here we gives Sensei FLOWERS before we starts NINJA Training…Gather round my students…

…Put on your Mask for Training, my Students. Let me see your skills…

    …I do the Cool Cloud Wave and Sensei get INVISIBLE! AWESOME!

                                   …we Following Sensei :)

…Sensei Teach us Wisdom :) I learn much from the Puffles…To this day, I still train to get better…A Ninja’s work is never done Do you want to hear a Haiku?

                              …Sensei walks and we Follow…

         …Wisdom you can learn from observing the black Puffle…

        …and Wisdom we can learn from Mullet…This is so GREAT :)

…Time for Sensei to return to the Dojo…So long and keep practicing!

                             …SENSEI VANISH! Farwell Sensei!

THANKS Sensei for coming and Teach us of your Wisdom! I Promise to practice and learn NEW things EVERYDAY!

Sensei Animations! MORE :)

                    Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEATS!

Waiting for Sensei PARTY :) and more…

My Friend Joanna7777 invited me to a Waiting for Sensei Party in Ninja’s secret Hideout The Flying Flippers Emporium :)

  click to enlarge

     …we joined a Book Club to learn more about Sensei and Ninja…

click to enlarge

…and we had so Much FUN playing the Element Game :) Not all Penguins have found the cheats for this game yet…

click to enlarge

…My Friend Jambo Bwana is GREAT at Dancing and Singing…We ALL are :) DANCE and SING for SENSEI!

click to enlarge          …Please Sensei come and Tech us of your Wisdom…

         …and how to grow beard…LOL…Coessense is FUNNY :)

click to enlarge

    …Thanks Joanna7777 this was a Great Party :) Goodbye Friend!

click to enlarge

  …The Partying NEVER STOPS! LOL…We have so MUCH FUN TOGETHER :) Smile for SENSEI :)

click to enlarge

…My Friend Harrynanu invited me to a FIREWORK PARTY! THANKS :)

…I Found Sensei again :) Sensei have just left and I and Spider880 making a HAPPY RUNNING :) Sensei Animations!

Thanks to ALL my Friends for ALL FUN we have had today :) You are AWESOME!

Off the Floor and Sensei will come?

A Rumor in Club Penguin is that we have to be Off the Center floor in the Hideout before Sensei will come!

click to enlarge                                           That is NOT TRUE!

To be off the wooden Floor and clear the middle of the Secret Ninja Hideout will not make Sensei come!

click to enlarge

…BUT If we have Cleared the Middle in Flying Flippers Emporium we can SEE Sensei :) So don't get upset if Penguins stand in the Middle Sensei will go to all Servers and Please DON'T Crowd Sensei! If we Crowd him we can not see Sensei’s COOL INVISIBLE Move!

click to enlarge

There is a BUG that can make up Problem for you and make you MISS Sensei! Invisible Penguins BUG in Club Penguin!

This post can be of help for you too :)


I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!

Where is Sensei? Sensei TRACKER! CHEATS :)

If you wish…Pretty in PINK :)

I LOVE the New PINK HAIR :) and the Pretty PINK Dress :) THANKS Club Penguin Artist Team That make this wish come true AGAIN :)

click to enlarge                                     …THINK PINK…LOL…       

              …Polka dot hot PINK Dress PINKELY PERFECT :) 

click to enlarge                    …My Pink Wishes come TRUE THANKS :)

Right now you can buy these items in the Gift Shop :) Cheats – Penguin Style July 2009

Day 31, Celebration -101 Days of FUN!

Saturday July 4, Celebrate under the Fireworks by getting your Penguins Buddies TOGETHER at the Iceberg and Forming Lines of Different Colors!

click to enlarge                                        …Let’s Do that :)

click to enlarge

               …LOL…Nobody is here EVERYONE looking for Sensei :)

                Fireworks at Iceberg and Ski Hill in Club Penguin :)

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