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Monday, July 6, 2009

Music Jam Sneak Peek 2009

Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

It's getting closer - the party so many of you have been looking forward to! Last year's Music Jam was a really big success because of all the ways you got involved. There were band practices everywhere, and cool music performances all over the island.

click to enlarge

This year's Music Jam will go from July 17 - 26, and if you rock Club Penguin anything like you did last year, it's going to be an even bigger and better party. There will be lots of stages (with different kinds of music for everyone), and just like last year, members will get a chance to purchase an All-Access Pass. We've heard rumors about some musical penguins making appearances - and about other surprises, too!

It's the perfect time to start getting ready, so grab your guitars and some friends, and find a good spot to make some noise. Be sure to let us know how your band rehearsals are coming along!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Music Jam Opening Picture with SOUND!

                                Time for Band Practice :) click to enlarge

…Yasmineaqua, me, Culie10, Ivaaaa0023 and Kilo566 hopes that our Band will be good enough to play on the BIG Stage TOGETHER with the Penguin Band…right now we sounds like a cat that got stepped on the tail...LOL…we need MORE Practice…before the Music Jam Starts we will be AWESOME :)

SENSEI PARTY in Club Penguin July 3 – 5, 2009 :)

This was the First time in Club Penguin History that we could meet Sensei, talk to him and learn from him :) The Sensei lessons and the Sensei Ninja Training was AWESOME! The wisdoms in Sensei’s haiku was great and we learned so much…Sensei made us laugh and he was much Nicer and Funnier than I had expected :) SENSEI is AWESOME HELPFUL WISE KIND and COOL! Here are links to ALL my posts with Sensei Stories, Sensei Animations and videos, Images and pictures from the Sensei Party :) ENJOY!      

Day 30, Meet Sensei - 101 Days of FUN :)

New Dojo Lantern Pin in Club Penguin

Sensei Background Sneak Peek!

Ninja Secret Move – Sensei Cloud Wave Bracers

David Duong met SENSEI! Background

Invisible Penguins Bug in Club Penguin

Where is Sensei? Sensei Tracker! CHEAT :)

Talk Sensei Makes Sense :)

Sensei is in Server ICE SHELF! Club Penguin :)

I met SENSEI and got his BACKGROUND!


Off the Floor and Sensei will come?

Waiting for Sensei PARTY :) and more…

Sensei Animations :)

Sensei’s Element Game :)

No Sensei in Spanish Servers!

I met Sensei for the Fourth Time :)

Sensei Animations! MORE :)

Sensei Card – Jitsu ANIMATIONS! ALL :)

I found Sensei For the Fifth TIME :)

I found Sensei for the Sixth Time :)

I met Sensei for the SEVENTH Time :)

I met SENSEI for the EIGHT TIME :)

New Secret Sensei Ninja Dance Move :)

I met SENSEI for the Ninth TIME :)

I met SENSEI for the TENTH Time :)

I met SENSEI for the Eleventh TIME :)

I met Sensei for the Twelfth TIME :)



click to enlarge

I met SENSEI for the FIFTEEN TIME :)

I found SENSEI for the SIXTEENTH TIME :)



Club Penguin Server Bugs!

After Sever Hopping for Three Days Looking for Sensei I am Server dizzy…LOL…During these days I found some Bugs that bugged me…LOL :)…I got this screen after I logged in on one server…probably because the designated room became full during the time I was on the way in to the room…instead I got the map with no Club Penguin…

click to enlarge 

                       …This is how it NORMALLY Looks :)

click to enlarge

      …Sometimes Your Suggested Servers Suggest Four options…

click to enlarge

                                  …Sometimes Five…

click to enlarge

…I got a problem to log into the Portuguese servers Avalanche and Freezer…I had no problem to log in to the other Portuguese Servers… 

click to enlarge

…At this point the computer hangs with the message Corregando Avalanche or Corregando Freezer and I can not come any further and have to log off…

 click to enlarge

            …I hope Club Penguin Tech Team can fix this soon :)

Music on Music Jam Party Opening Picture!

If you have your speakers on you will hear MUSIC when you get the Music Jam Party Opening Picture :)This is the FIRST time an Opening Picture have SOUND! ROCK ON!

click to enlarge

Day 33, Bonjour! 101 Days of FUN :)

Monday July 6, Travel! Log in and choose the French Language! Waddle around and say “ Bonjour “

click to enlarge                               This will be FUN :) BONJOUR!

                          …Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!

click to enlarge

                 …LOL…This is FUN :) I am Penguin35701942 :)

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