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Friday, July 10, 2009

Club Penguin improvement - Servers Now FASTER :)

When Sensei was around it was almost impossible to move in the crowded Secret Ninja Hideout…The last times I met Sense it worked better to move around :) I guess Club Penguin Tech team used Sensei’s visit to test the Servers and make them better :) Now I can walk faster than ever! AWESOME! Right now I play TOGETHER with my Puffles in my item over crowded Igloo and I can move around FAST :) This was IMPOSSIBLE Before! THANKS Club Penguin Tech Team for this Update you are GREAT :)

I LOVE to spend time in my Igloo :) Me and my Puffles playing Hide and Seek TOGETHER we ALWAYS have so Much FUN :)

New Music Jam Coloring Pages in Club Penguin :)

A New Coloring Picture PERFECT! Yesterday I bought a New Glitter glue with Stars  :) This Picture will be so FUN to Color it is the PINK Stage :) This is PINKELY PERFECT! I will color my Picture with Glitter Glue and PINK!…LOL :)

click to enlargePrint out this coloring picture :)

Under Fun Activities you find coloring Pages Archive and there you can Print out ALL Club Penguins Coloring Pictures :)click to enlarge


Penguins around The World! Again :)

This message is from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
When the team was talking about the 101 Days of Fun activities, we wanted to include something called Penguins Around the World where you could showcase pictures of your penguins and puffles in cool to enlarge

To get things started, we've posted a few photos we took so you can see what it's all about. You can find them in the Community section. Our pictures might be there now, but Penguins Around the World is really for you.   
Your pictures can be from a vacation, or even from your own town! If you don't have the toys, try creating something yourself, and then take a picture of it and send it in! We'd love to share your creativity with the community!

You can send in your pictures through the Art Submissions page. We'll be posting your first ones on Thursday, July 16 and then updating them every Thursday. We can't wait to see the spots where your penguins and puffles visit...

In Other News: You decided! Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll to choose a shirt for the August Penguin Style catalog. Your choice was: The Splatter!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

For more details about this read Penguins around the World :) Here is me Saraapril taking a break from Painting :)

Plants and Flowers have grown some MORE :)

The Flowerpots Rockhopper brought us have grown some More :) AWESOME!

click to enlarge

I LOVE that the Flowerpot Plants Grows and Grows :) Both me and my Puffles Enjoys this so Much :)

Pins are Rare and Unique and will NEVER come Back in Club Penguin?

Lots of Old Items have come Back again to be sold on the Island…The same with Backgrounds I think that is cool :) Another Cool Thing is that PINS NEVER COMES BACK! They are Rare and will NEVER be found on the Island again! Or…The Ruby Pin is BACK!

I Like that PINS are RARE and UNIQUE! I wish Club Penguin didn't changed this!

How to find The Ruby Pin

Music Jam Party Under Construction In Club Penguin :)

Today the constructions for the Music Party Starts! Outside the Lighthouse I found PINK items and PINK paint :) I guess that the Cute Stage from last year will be put up here :)

click to enlarge

…This looks different from last year…Look at the Blue Pain on the Wall! Cool :)

 click to enlarge

…I wonder if The Penguin Bands BIG Stage will be on Iceberg this year too…

click to enlarge

                              …DRUMS! This will be FUN :)

click to enlarge …The Forest will be all about Country Music just like last year that is GREAT! Time for a coffee break…LOL…

click to enlarge

       …interesting…I must ask Rory If I can help him with this…

click to enlarge

                                        …Blue vs. Red…

click to enlarge 

…The Stage at the Dock will be BIG! Last year we got a New Stage EVERY DAY! I hope we will get that this year too that was so Much FUN :)

2009-07-10 06.26.43 - Copy

…The Coffee shop is so Cool :) Thanks Joanna7777 for telling me that  :) I had missed the Coffee Shop you are Great!

click to enlarge

…and I missed the Ski Village I must still have been asleep when I blogged…LOL…THANKS Spider880 for letting me know you too is an AWESOME Friend :) I think the Orcastraw will be back :)

click to e  Music Jam Party 2009 Sneak Peak!

Music Jam Party 2008

Ruby and the Ruby The Costume Trunk CHEATS!

This is Exactly the same as last time we had this play…But FUN Anyway :)

click to enlarge   …on this page you find the Secret Hidden Dark Detective’s Coat…

 click to enlarge

…on the back of the Catalog you can pull Down the Text and you find the Secret Hidden Background…Both Members and Non Members can Buy Backgrounds :)

click to enlarge

…Would you like to buy Noir Background for 60 coins? I already have this Background :) Otherwise Yes Please!

click to enlarge

…To Find the Ruby Pin read this…Ruby and the Ruby solving the Mystery and finding the missing Gemstone the Ruby PIN!

How can I find the Secret PIN in Ruby and the RUBY? CHEATS! Club Penguin

If you have problem to find the Ruby Pin read this post and you will get the answers :) Ruby and the Ruby Secrets to Find the Ruby PIN :)

click to enlarge

…Background Story to Ruby and the Ruby…Private detective Jacques Hammer has a nose for sniffing out Trouble. One Night, in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm, the fiery Ms. Ruby turns up in his office with a problem. There’s a missing gemstone, and Jacques is the man to find it. As he’s looking around for clues, a fishy looking character turns up outside. Maybe he’s got answers for Jacques… …Shakespeare has a part in this play too :)

Time to play this cool Play find some Friends and start to work TOGETHER! But First take a look in The Costume Trunk Cheats!

Day 37, Ruby and The Ruby – 101 Days of FUN!

Friday July 10, Ruby and The Ruby is at The Stage! Go read the script and then be Jacques Hammer or Ruby all over the Island. Ask Questions about the Missing Ruby!

click to enlarge …This will be challenging! Can I solve the Mystery…LOL…I will do this FUN Activity and then Blog about it here :)

Time to BLOG…LOL :)
…I am a Detective and looking for Clues…interesting paper on the floor it is a CLUE :)

                        …that clue must have been a fake…

click to enlarge   …A bucket filled with Paint…a Ruby can easily be hidden in  here…

                                   …Not in here either…

This Friendly cowboy needs to shave…LOL...or I might need better glasses…

                                    ...007ot had a clue…

                        …BOTH RUBY and the RUBY! HURRAY!

         Thanks Ide Qeen111 you are sparkling in your role as Ruby :)
                                        Pins are Rare!

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