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Saturday, July 11, 2009

FUN Preparing For Music Jam and More :)

So Much FUN Going on Around The Island right now :) Many of us Penguins have FUN preparing for the Music Jam Party :) Paint the walls…

…Be Man 130 and I building on the Stage at Dock Man116 is tells us how to build :)

                     …EVERYONE NOW! DRILL! DRILL! DRILL!

…Tuttermouse and Piaopiao direct me and Gary3005 when we work…Oops…Tuttermouse tells us that we not follow the Blueprints…Best we correct that :)

                                      …Painting in PINK :)


…Time to go to The Stage…Peachgurl14 and I working hard to help Penguins to Find the Ruby Pin :) LOL…we can’t stop the train…

click to enlarge

…to find the Ruby click on Drawer…Trashcan…Book…Vase…Painting…Safe…

click to enlarge

                       …I was invited to a ICEBERG PARTY :)

click to enlarge

                       …In The Forest I met Coolharrydon :)

            …Snow fight…LOL…Coolharrydon is AWESOME at this :)

click to enlarge …My Old Friend 1w34e and the cute Purple Puffles founds us…DANCE PARTY!

                                …THANKS :) and so are you!

…I running around all over The Island just for FUN and I found Oddy48 :)

click to enlarge                                     … ROAR! LOL…

click to enlarge 

                           …Sled Race…Who will Win?

click to enlarge

                                …CONGRATS! Oddy48 :)

click to enlarge

…TOGETHER we waddled over to The Stage to find the Ruby and The Secret Hidden Noir Background

click to enlarge

                            …Oddy45 found them BOTH :)

click to enlarge

    …Time for Tea and Coffee…Yummm…I drinking Hot Chocolate…

 click to enlarge

…Back to Paint I hope to have this Mural done before the Music Jam Party Starts :)

…jt9034 Asked me If we can have Medieval Tag in my Igloo Today… GREAT Idea :) WELCOME to my Igloo it will be on Map…Server Icebound at 3 Pm PST (Penguin Standard Time :)

   …If you can feel free to dress up if you can’t WELCOME anyway :)

I can’t log in to Club Penguin Server Problem?

I can’t log in to Club Penguin Right now…I tried a couple of times but it didn't work…

click to enlarge

…Then I got this message…Incorrect Password. NOTE: Passwords are CaSeNsiTIVE…That is WEIRD I have my Penguin REMEMBERED on my Computer!

click to enlarge

…I continued to try…Then I got this…Maximum attempt exceeded. Please try again in an hour…I clicked on Okay…

2009-07-11 16.43.46 - Copy

        …and got this! I filled in everything and clicked on Login…

click to enlarge

                       …and I was back to this…Forever load…

click to enlarge

…I have tried with different Penguins both Member Penguin and Non Member Penguins all got this Message… I have the same Trouble in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome…

Just when I was ready to Post this I got a Message from My Friend Joanna7777 Hi! Can you log in to CP? I just can't...Forever load! me Problem?

Thanks for telling me Joanna7777 So it is NOT only me! is it MORE Penguins with the same Problem? Please let me know!

I hope Club Penguin Tech Team can Fix this soon…

Update: The Servers working again :) THANKS Club Penguin Tech Team you are AWESOME!

The Ruby Pin Return – Answers from Club Penguin :)

I wrote and Asked Club Penguin why the Ruby Pin was Back?
Pins are RARE and Unique and will NEVER come Back in Club Penguin?

And I got this Answer from Club Penguin Support:
I love the set for Ruby and the Ruby, it's like stepping back into the 1940s! I realize that it can be a bit disappointing when the new pin turns out to be one you already have.
The good news is that the ruby isn't actually the new pin! The new pin is due out on July 17th and will be something brand new and spectacular! The ruby has just come back alongside the return of the play.
We try our best to introduce brand new items and keep old pins and clothing rare for our older penguins, but there was such a high demand for Ruby and the Ruby to come back to the Stage that we just had to bring it back. The ruby pin that comes with it is more of an accompanying prop so that new penguins can act out the play from start to finish.

Thanks Club Penguin Support for answering my question :) I understands why the Ruby Pin is available again but hope you don't bring back more Pins…PLEASE let Pins stay Rare :)

Did you notice? The new pin is due out on July 17th and will be something brand new and spectacular!
WOW! That Pin will be released the same day as the Music Jam Party Starts :) I wonder what that will be? I can Hardly wait :)

Day 38, Medieval Tag – 101 Days of FUN :)

Saturday July 11, Play Medieval Tag on the Island by dressing in your Favorite Medieval-Style outfit and Chasing Penguins who say “Roar!” If you have a Dragon costume, get knights and Princesses to chase you!

click to enlarge                  …ROAR! Come and catch me if you can…LOL :)

Medieval Party 2008

Medieval Party 2009

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