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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Igloo Music Party Fun :)

Today's FUN is an Igloo Party  so that we had :) Sorry all Friends I forgot to put MUSIC in my Igloo…So we had a FUN SILLENT MUSIC PARTY…LOL :) Rassbert was first to the Party :)

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          …Rassbert brought FOOD to the Party :) THANKS!

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  …Gabituxas and Whitepluffy had their cute Puffles with them :)

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     …it it so MUCH FUN to Play and make NOICE TOGETHER :)

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               …Taguester wanted to play Hide and seek…

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             …we all hide and my Puffles tried to find us…

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                       …Snowflake and Chillie found me :)

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                        …and I found Save Maximum :)

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…Save Maximum is a sleeping three…LOL…and Rassbert preparing a Magic Act he will show us :)

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                          …First Rassbert will Disappear…

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                                 …Where did he go?

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                              …and he is BACK! Amazing :)

                   …can Rassbert turn Penguins into Bunnies?

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                  …Yes he CAN! Taguester turns to a BUNNIE!

…Poor Taguester will he be a Bonnie forever Now? Rassbert promise to turn him Back to Penguin again…

…and so he did :) AWESOME! This reminds me about Uncle Gary's Monster Maker 3000 :)


…and then Rassbert make Purple fly…LOL :) Thanks Rassbert for the Show you are Great :)

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  …We Waddled over to the Lighthouse and TOGETHER we ROCKED!

…Taguester invited us to his Igloo and we had a Friendly Break Dance Contest :) We are all the Winners we are all the Best…LOL…

…TOGETHER We breaking down waiting for the Penguin Band to come :)

…THANKS to all that came to the Party you are Awesome Penguins :)

Igloo Music Update :)

So much Fun going on in Club Penguin right now so I forgot to tell that The Igloo Music List is Updated! The New songs are Viking Opera, Mountain Dojo, Silly to Funky and Planet Y :)

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                              See the earlier Music List :)

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That was all from this Years Music Jam Party! THANKS! for all the FUN :) See you around in Club Penguin! Waddle On Friends :)

How to get Cadence’s Background in a Crowded Room :)

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click to enlarge …Cool! I redecorated my Igloo Yesterday :) Let’s have a LOUD Igloo Party Today I will Twitter the Server name 1 hour before the Party starts :)

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