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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Game Updates!

It was about Three Months since I played EPF the last time but when I started to play again I found these Updates :) In the secret EPF Head Quarter in Club penguin online we have this…

click to enlarge … but in the EPF Nintendo DS Game if I go to HQ Room I find a new Gadget :) If I click on it I can read “This is the Command Coach station, which enables two agents to work together” Cool :) I wonder if the HQ online will be updated soon…

…And I have New items available in my DS Penguin Style Catalog too :)

  • Green Dive Mask 200 Coins
  • Pink Swimsuit 250 Coins
  • Green Flippers 200 Coins
  • Life Jacket 330 Coins
  • Red Shorts 250 Coins
  • Brown Sandals 200 Coins

…These above New items replaces these Old items below…

  • Blue Ball Cap 200 coins
  • Rugby Shirt 400 coins
  • Brown Shoes 400 coins
  • Floppy Hat 300 coins
  • Daisy Hoodie 500 coins

I wish we one day can take the items we earn in EPF Nintendo DS and bring them to Club penguin online that would be so cool :) Specially     if we get Rare items that ONLY are available in the EPF Nintendo DS Game :)


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Fun on Stages Part 5 – Animated :)

LOL…This is FUN if you click the confetti button like CRAZY you get this Cool effect and the room gets SLOW very SLOW…LOL…      

…Club penguin Tech Team has improved The Room after I took this animation but you can still get the same effect just not so FUN SLOW that I captured :)      

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Fun on Stages Part 4 – Animations :)

I LOVE the Coffee Shop Stage :) It is My Favorite Stage :) And the confetti is AWESOME :)

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Fun on Stages Part 3 – Animations :)

                     WE ROCK the Main Stage at The Dock :)

…This is FUN This way to Backstage :) Bring you’re All Access Pass :)

…At The Soccer Pitch Stage we hold a ROCK CONCERT! WE ROCKS! LOL :)

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Fun on Stages Part 2 – Animated :)

In Ski Village we have an AWESOME Orca Straw with Cool Classic Music :) Our Music Directors takes the lead :)

                             …We miss The Penguin Band!

Where is Pb stage

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Fun on Stages part 1 – Animated :)

We had a TOTALLY AWESOM FUN Battle between Red and Blue Band :) BLUE WON! Next time I will be RED :)

..WOW! LOUD FUN Music LOL we had a FANTASTIC Time Playing TOGETHER :) Rees3 is an AWESOME Break dancer :)

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Main Stage Disappointment!

I have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER with my Friends at this Music Jam Party! Thanks for EVERYTHING you done for us Club Penguin Team :)One thing I really looked forward to when I was waiting for this Party was the Main Stage Change a NEW STAGE EVERY DAY! Last year we had that and it was so Much FUN! In the Club Penguin Times we can read that it was planed for this year too…What Happened? Can we PLEASE get a NEW STAGE soon? A PINK STAGE :) PLEASE!

click to enlarge

Day 46, interview a Penguin - 101 Days of FUN :)

Sunday July 19, Use your all Access Pass to get behind the scenes. Find a penguin to interview about their favorite times jamming with their band!

click to enlarge

…This will be FUN :) Today I will interview someone…will it be you? 
…I Waddled around on our Island and met King Sing :) And I asked for an interview…

…King Sing I know that you are a great Musician do you have a Favorite Memory when you played TOGETHER with your Band? I asked…

…King Sing Laughed and said Yes I have…The Funniest thing happened once…one of The Band Members played so intense that he tripped and fell over it looked so funny and we all laughed so Much :) Then we helped him up and continued playing it was our BEST Performance EVER! 

…That is a GREAT FUN Memory Thanks for sharing this with me :)

                                      …You're welcome :)

           …another question What is your Favorite instrument?

…I play all kind of instruments but I have to go with the drums…drums are my Favorites…

…drums are so COOL! can you please play for me? Yes King Sing answered with a smile :)

..and then King Sing played he is AWESOME at Drums :) Thanks for the interview King Sing :)

…If you ever meet King Sing and his Band ask them to play for you and you’re in for a treat :)

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