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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Music Jam by Screenhog

This Message is from Screenhog:

Hey everyone, Screenhog here!

Here's a quick list of some of the things we don't want you to miss at the party:

  • If you have an instrument, then you should go to the Lighthouse stage! If you play your drums, tuba, trombone, or any guitar, you can actually hear what you're playing. Just wear the instrument (only the instrument and no other items) and dance!
  • The Underground Cave has a floor piano! Step on a key. Oh, and the switch on the wall lets you hear other penguins!
  • There are musical icicles in the Mine. Mouse over them!
  • Battle of the Bands at the Snow Forts! The stages are connected to a meter and the one with the most penguins wins!
  • The Music Maker 3000 is back! Last year it was in the Dojo but this time it's near the Snow Forts. Bring some friends and play giant musical instruments.
  • Keep checking out the big stage at the Dock as it plays music from all of the other stages. (It's also the entrance to the Backstage.)

click to enlarg

We hope you're having a lot of fun. Let us know your favorite things at the party!

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

       Thanks Screenhog :) EVERYTHING is my FAVORITE! LOL :)

              Complete CHEAT Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Cadence DJ - ANIMATED :)

This Party with Cadence Animated Pictures is from Server Big Foot :) Cadence is so COOL and she can DANCE :) This is Cadence’s Dance Class :)

                             …and we Make some Sound…

                              …Press et for Sound…LOL :)

                            …Wave your Flipper in the Air…

                                 …Shout out to Saraapril!

           …Cadence makes Gymnastics move She is AMAZING!

                        More Animated Pictures of  K-Dance :)

Fun at Stage Part 12 – Animated :)

                      I LOVE the Icicles Music it is so calming :)

                         …The Music Maker 3000 is FUN too :)

                                     …Cove Island Music!

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Fun at Stage Part 11 – Animated :)

           I am so Happy that I can be a Part of this Great band :)

…here at The Forest we use a Windmill to power the Stage AWESOME for the Environment :)

                          …Count on Country Today at Dock :)

                 …This stage is so Cool! This is ALREADY FUN :)

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Music Maker 3000 – Tour Guide :)

From Snow Fort you can go to The Music Maker 3000 that Uncle Gary have made for us this a FUN place to hand out :) Now I will start the Guide Tour…Welcome to the Music Maker 3000!

click to enlarge

                     …Step on color and make the Music Play…

click to enlarge

                             …Try it with your Buddies…

click to enlarge  …to get All the Music Playing! End of Guide Tour! feel free to try the instruments :)

click to enlarge

                             Music Maker 3000 Animated :)

Country Stage at Dock :)

Today's Big Stage is Country! COOL! Put on your Boots grab a Guitar and come and Play :) Right now I am Taylor Swift…LOL :)

click to enlarge

Day 49, Airplane Igloo – 101 Days of FUN :)

Wednesday July 22, Make your Igloo into an Airplane and Pretend to Fly all over the World!

click to enlarge     …Igloo Decoration DONE! Time to Fly away Welcome aboard :)

click to enlarge

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