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Thursday, July 23, 2009

COLOR VOTE - Reviewed by You

This Message is from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
There were tons of fabulous comments on last week's Reviewed By You post. It was really cool to see what you guys thought about each of the new possible penguin colors. Here's a comment we thought was fun:
Coolman said:
i like...ALL OF THEM its so hard to choose. I like aqua cuz i love the color blue. I like Maroon cuz its a fun bright color! And last but not least i like Lavender because it is a summer color and it is summer! U rock cp!!!!!!!! Untill then waddle on!
Thanks, Coolman. I like all the colors too. They remind me of those salt water taffy candies... Don't forget to vote in the Forest starting this Friday!

We hope you're loving the Music Jam and we'd love to know what your favorite party area is - and why?
Remember - 50 - 75 words please!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Thanks happy77 :) 

Fun at Stage Part 15 – Animated

G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob and Franky The Penguin Band Rocks The Iceberg :)

                   …I am DANCING with the Penguin BAND :)

  …and Playing TOGETHER with the Penguin Band! This is AWESOME :)

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Fun at Stage Part 14 – Animations :)

           Today's Big Stage at The Dock is the BLUE Star Stage :)

Harris T 1, Patrick Ware and I Playing TOGETHER at the Great Pizza Parlor Stage :)

                                   …It is So Much FUN :)

…The FANTASTIC FLOOR PIANO 3000 :) I LOVE to spend Time here creating Music TOGETHER with my Friends :)

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Dot-to Dot in Club Penguin Times :)

I LOVE when we have Dot-To-Dot Puzzle in the Newspaper :) First I try to guess what it can be…

click to enlarge                           …Card-Jitsu Playing  NINJA COOL :)

click to enlarge

                                        More Dot-To-Dot :)

Fun at Stage Part 13 - Animations

                    The Night Club is FUN :) Dancing in Neon :)

                  …In the Music Studio we create our own Music :)

…I LOVE that we can Choose Music up here at the Night Club Roof :)

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

CONTEST! Penguin Tales!


click to enlargeThe Snowball Press is pleased to announce a new story competition!

Calling all poets, writers, scribes, authors, novelists, playwrights and journalists. Your Book Room needs you!

Start writing now to enter July 23 – August 5!

Here are the story topics:

1) The Hiking Vikings…
2) Wacky Wildlife in the Wilderness!
3) My ultimate igloo dance party…
4) The day we turned blue… and sunk the Iceberg!


- 4 winning stories will be added to the Book Room.
- Each winner will also receive 10101 coins and a special post card!
- Stories can be submitted in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish. 1 story from each language will be selected!


Entries must be original and have something to do with Club Penguin. They’ll be judged based on their creativity, as well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Submit Good Luck!

When your Story is ready click on Submit and you will get this Box…Penguin Tales Please copy and paste your Story in the text box below (between 100 and 500 words)

click to enlarge

…click on Send and if everything worked you will get this Message: Thank you! Your Submission has been sent, an editor will read it soon.

click to enlarge

                 Time to be creative and to make up a Story :)

Special Items! Secret Revealed!

Secret Nr 22 or Rerun of Secret Nr 7…RERUN AGAIN! I wonder where all these HUNDREDS of Secrets are?

click to enlargeSpecial Items! There are a few things that you can find anytime in Club Penguin: Rockhopper’s Key – The key to the Captain’s Quarters is in Rockhopper’s Journal. Friendship Bracelet – Check out “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” in the Book Room. Ninja Belts – The Sensei will award belts to worthy players. Challenge a few friends to Card-Jitsu, and you’ll have one in no time.

click to enlarge           …Next week I hope for a NEW SECRET to be Revealed!

Week Eight Online Activity – 101 days of FUN :)


It’s day 50 of 101 days of fun! Can you help to get a group of at least 10 penguins on the iceberg to pop up happy face emotes?

You get to vote for the new penguin color! Head to the forest and help decide! Cheer for your favorite color around the island.

Take your purple or blue puffle out and about and visit other igloos! You can decorate your own igloo (try purple or blue) to host a puffle party.

Last day of the Music Jam! Join your friends for a massive “Dance Off” at your favorite stage.

Play the secret hidden game on a computer in mission #3. If you’re not a penguin secret agent, join by clicking the M at the top of your screen & take the quiz!

It’s a symphony! Press ‘E’ and then ‘T’ to show the music note emote and then get you buddies to fill up an igloo with sound!

You are the puffle handler of the year. Take you puffle out for a walk and give other penguins tips on how to have the best pet ever!click to enlarge

                              You can Print out this Schedule :)

Thursday Blue Stage at Dock :)

This Stage is Cool :) Go to Coffee Shop too and get this Stage with More Special Effects :)

click to enlarge

Day 50, HAPPY FACE – 101 Days of FUN :)

Thursday July 23, It’s Day 50 of 101 days of fun! Can you help to get a Group of at least 10 Penguins on The Iceberg to pop up HAPPY FACE EMOTES?

click to enlarge …This is WOUNDERFUL :) I will be back soon :) Hello again…LOL…I am back and we are HAPPY :)

click  to enlarge

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