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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maximum login attempts exceeded. Please try again in an hour

I have had so Much FUN Server Hopping with My Friends Looking for The Penguin Band :) And we found them TWICE Today  :) Now I was looking for them again and then SUDDENLY I got THIS!!! Maximum login attempts exceeded. Please try again in an hour…

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…I am dressed up and looking forward to practice the violin and play TOGETHER with The Penguin Band and my Friends again and now I am SHUT OUT for an hour…I have done NOTHING WRONG! Club Penguin tells us to Server Hopping to find Famous Penguins! Now I might not meet The Band again before they leave…PLEASE FIX THIS CLUB PENGUIN!

                        Impossible to find Captain Rockhopper?

UPDATE: I got this Message from Club Penguin Support…As for you question regarding the 'maximum login error', this error message is there to keep your account safe. When penguins are constantly going back and forth over different servers it usually means that the account has been compromised. By placing this error message it creates a notice so that the original user will contact us about the error, then we can return the account to them.

Thanks for letting me know :)

I met Penguin Band in Server Crystal in Club Penguin :)

This is so AWESOME ALL FOUR Band Members was here :) Pictures and Animations will be added later…And NOW is Later…LOL :) Franky, Stompin Bob, G Billy and Petey K They are ALL HERE and invites us to play with them :)

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…Franky tells about his first show you can read that Story in the Book Room :)

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              …Then we walked out to The Main Stage at Dock :)

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…and we all talked played and sung TOGETHER! I LOVE the way Stompin Bob sings :)

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…Petey K is always so Positive and Encouraging and he agree with me :) 

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             …This is so AWESOME!!! Said Franky and I agree :)

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…LOL…G Billy, Petey K, Franky and Stompin Bob ALL talks at the same time :)

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                              …Blue, Green Yellow, Red…

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…This was the MOST FANTASTIC TIME with The Penguin Band EVER! THANKS! for all the FUN and Please come back soon again :)

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                                    Petey K’s Player Card click to enlarge

            Animations from this Party with The Penguin Band :)

            Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

I met Penguin Band in Server Yukon in Club Penguin :)

I just met G Billy and Franky in Server Yukon at The Dock pictures and Animations will be added later :) Now is Later…LOL…G Billy and Franky are GREAT Musicians and they LOVES to Play TOGETHER with us :)

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                   …G Billy likes the way I play on my Trumpet :)

                            …That made me so HAPPY :)

click to enlarge                                             …THANKS!

               …Now I will practice EVERY DAY to learn MORE :)

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                    …G Billy Making so Much NOISE :) LOL…

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                                …and so DO I! Toot Toot :)

                   …G Billy Think Aunt Arctic is a Great Lady…

                      …she has interviewed them a few times…

      …I ensured G Billy that Aunt Arctic will keep her promise :)

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         …That made Franky so Happy :) Time to go Backstage :)

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                            …G Billy needs More Drummers…

            …Me and Franky did a HAPPY RUNNING TOGETHER :)

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                                 …it was so MUCH FUN :)

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                            …G Billy started a LOUD battle…

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                                    …They are LOUD!

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…but we are LOUDER!!! LOL...It was so Much FUN I Laughed and Laughed my voice is raspy and my ears are still Ringing…LOL :)

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…Time to say Good-Bye…Hearts to G Billy and Franky see you soon again Friends :)

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                                   G Billy’s Player card :)

Animations From this Meeting with G Billy and Franky from The Penguin Band :)

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Adventure Story Sneak Peek

Right now I writing a NEW Adventure Story that will be Posted Tomorrow…Here is a Sneak Peek :)

Penguin Band Stompin Bob and Franky ANIMATED :)

Yesterday I met Franky and Stompin Bob from The Penguin Band  in Server Avalanche here are the Animations :) First it was only Stompin Bob and then Franky came too :)

                             …Penguin Band in the House :)

                   …me and Stompin Bob playing TOGETHER :)

             …Stompin Bob wonder if someone plays Tuba…I DO :)

  …Stompin Bob like the way we sounds :) Let’s go chill Backstage…

                                      …Let’s Go Friends!

             …and we Follow :) Time to use your All Access Pass :)

                          …Singing and Playing TOGETHER :)

                   …Franky Plays,Talks and Answer Questions :)

                              …We making a NEW Band :)

                                        …Time to go…


Day 52, Purple and Blue Puffle Party – 101 days of FUN :)

Saturday July 25, Take your Purple or Blue Puffle out and about and visit other Igloos! You can decorate your own Igloo (Try Purple and Blue) to Host a Puffle Party!

click to enlarge

             …This will be FUN :) I have redecorated my Igloo :)

click to enlarge

                               …Time for PUFFLE PARTY :)

click to enlarge

                …Coolapse101 came and ROCKED our Igloo :)

2009-07-25 01.13.23 - Copy

                   …Then we Party in Box Dimension :)

click to enlarge

…and played Card-Jitsu :) Thanks for coming to the Party Coolapse101 you are a Fantastic FUN Friend :)

…My Igloo will be open for Puffle Party all day Today :) WELCOME!

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