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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Penguin Band in Chrystal Animated – Club Penguin :)

Yesterday I met ALL FOUR Members in The Penguin Band in Server Chrystal :) I found ALL FOUR Penguin Band Members Backstage TOGETHER we was only Fourteen Penguins in the Room :)

                                 …OOPS! I missed a Beat  :)

…It is so AWESOME FUN to Play TOGETHER with The Penguin Band :)

                              …I have found the Beat again :)

         …Singing and Playing Accordion with Petey K and Friends :)

…G Billy tells us about How the Penguin Band started :) and we ALL jamming TOGETHER :)

     …We had a BIG Show at The Dock!This is The BEST DAY EVER!

                …The Penguin Band tells us about Themselves :)

                               …FRIENDLY MUSIC BATTLE!

…Good-Bye Penguin Band See you soon again G Billy, Franky, Petey K and Stompin Bob :) This was so Much FUN or as Petey K says This was Brilliant!

…Me and The Penguin Band! I have The Penguin Band  Autographed Background   :)

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More Animations and lots of FUN you find in the Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

Franky and G Billy in Yukon Animated - Club Penguin

Yesterday I met G Billy and Franky in Yukon here are the Animations :) Franky and G Billy are Happy and wants me to play with them :)                       …Trumpet goes TOOT! TOOT! LOL :)

                         …My Friend Gary3005 plays with us :)

                                       …THANKS G Billy :)

                  …Franky and me HAPPY RUNNING Backstage :)

              Complete CHEATS Guide to Music Jam Party 2009 :)

I met Penguin Band in Server Wind Chill in Club Penguin :)

             I just met Petey K before he left server Wind Chill :)

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Adventure: Aunt Arctic's Show

Today at the Family dinner Gary said to Aunt Arctic…Now when The penguin band is here it is Time for you to take the Stage! WHAT Aunt Arctic cried out what are you talking about? Uncle Gary laughed…I overheard you and the Penguin Band last time you interviewed them and they invited you to play with them Next time they had a Big Show and today is the Last day of The Music Jam Party so Today is THE DAY! Gary smiled encouraging at Aunt Arctic…

click to enlarge …I like to write Aunt Arctic said I am not sure that I can rock a Stage what if Nobody wants to listen to me playing?  Sure you can Uncle Gary said I promises you that it will be a success…Hmmm…Aunt Arctic said IF I do this and If you are so sure it will be a success you can rock with me…NOOO Uncle Gary said and took a step back you know that I am a Background Guy…Well it is time for you to stick out a little Aunt Arctic said I will do this! and if it comes More than 100 Penguins to watch me you have to wear my Glasses for one hole day! Ohh Okay Gary said trying Aunt Arctic's Glasses But I can’t See so Good...

…You look Good with sparkles on you face I said and Laughed :) Then it’s a deal uncle Gary said and he and Aunt Arctic shook hands…

…Now I will go and find the Penguin Band Aunt Arctic said will you come too? She asked me…YES I will I started to jump up and down of Excitement TOGETHER we waddled over to the Dock and went backstage…

...Hi there Saraapril, Aunt arctic are you here to play with us as you promised last time? Billy G shout out as soon we entered the room You can choose any Stage you like Stompin Bob added with a smile. Aunt Arctic hesitate for a second and I gave her a little nudge…Ouch she said and jumped…Yes I think I am Aunt Arctic answered…GREAT Franky said you can pick any instrument you want will you sing too? Yes she will I said before Aunt Arctic had time to opened her mouth and she will DANCE too! AWESOME! Petey K smiled this will be a Great Show! Hold on now Aunt Arctic said me DANCE? She looked skeptical…

click to enlarge

…A Green Music Director Penguin stood and practiced and she said You should go and talk to Cadence she can give you some advice how to move on the Stage…Thanks Aunt Arctic said that is a GREAT Idea I will do that Right Now!

click to enlarge …We Waddled over to the Night Club there Cadence was busy thatching Penguins to dance…Hello Aunt arctic and Saraapril are you here to Groove to the Music with me? Yes and No Aunt Arctic answered I need some help with my dancing I will Rock a Stage Today…Cool I will show you Cadence said and started to show us some cool moves…On what Stage will you perform? The Penguin Band said that you could choose ANY Stage I reminded Aunt Arctic... My Aunt Laughed That is an easy choose I will Rock the PINK Stage at The Beach…EVERYONE at the Night Club heard her and…

click to enlarge                    …They started to tell All their Friends…                         

click to enlarge

                         …and they told all their Friends…

click to enlarge

    …and soon a BIG Crowed of Penguin was running to the Beach…

click to enlarge

…Now you can Dance Cadence said to Aunt Arctic Let’s start the Show…TOGETHER The three of us went to the Beach…The Penguin band was already there waiting for us at the Beach Stage…Wow it was a BIG crowed all screaming after The Penguin band and Aunt Arctic…Time to Play G Billy said can you announce us Saraapril?

click to enlarge…Sure I said and went out on the Stage WOW! It must be HUNDREDS of penguin there  I saw Uncle Gary in the Back row little behind the crowed standing and smiling…I said Here is what you all have waiting for Aunt Arctic and The Penguin Band! The crowed whistled and applauded… 

…Aunt Arctic took the Stage and she ROCKED! The crowd went WILD and so did Aunt Arctic…LOL…SHE was AWESOME!

click to enlarge…After the Show Petey K asked Aunt Arctic if she could draw a name from a jar? The winner would win a Pizza Party with The Penguin band! The crowed was silent when Aunt Arctic draw a name and then she open the little paper and reads…EVERYONE! EVERYONE ARE INVITED! We all cheered like crazy and then we run to the Pizza Parlor…

2009-07-14 13.26.02 - Copy

…Wow The Pizza Parlor owner said to Petey K it is a BIG Party you have with you Today!

click to enlarge

…and then he and Twenty other penguins hurried out to the Kitchen and started to make Pizzas…

click to enlarge…The Pizzas was Yummy! And we all eat talked and laughed so Much TOGETHER :)    

           click to enlarge click to enlarge

…Then we all went to the Iceberg We have played TOGETHER before Stompin Bob said to me Come and play with us…I WAS INVITED TO PLAY WITH THE PENGUIN BAND! This day I will Remember FOREVER!

…Later when me and Aunt arctic waddled home thru The Forest I asked her what she thought about the day…It was a PERFECT day Aunt Arctic answered the only thing that could have made this day better is if Rockhopper had been here and then she HUGGED the nearest tree! Sometimes I think my Aunt is Crazy!

click to enlarge

…So if you happens to see Uncle Gary waddle around with Aunt Arctic's eyeglasses you know why :)

        Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic – My stories and Adventures

Day 53, “Dance Off” PARTY – 101 days of FUN :)

Sunday July 26, Last Day of The Music Jam! Join your Friends for a Massive “Dance Off” at your Favorite Stage.

click to enlarge

…I will miss the Music Jam Party so MUCH  see you for the “Dance off” in The Coffee shop at on The Beach :)

                            Sweet and I Dancing TOGETHER :)

                       …Purple and I Grooving to The Music :)   

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