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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Penguins Around the World :)

More Fun Penguins have been added to the Community Gallery for Penguins Around the World here are some of them :)

        Soccer Penguin this looks like a lot of FUN :) Cool Picture!

click to enlarge  …Penguins visit Presidents at Mount Rushmore :) AWESOME Picture :)

click to enlarge

…awww so cute a tired sleepy Penguin Goodnight don't let the bed bugs bite :)

click to enlarge

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Fan Art :)

I like the Fan Art we have under Community :) Today New Cool Pictures have been added :) Here are some of them…

                                       Oops…LOL :)

click to enlarge

              …Hello Friends :) I like to play with Klutzy too :)

click to enlarge

       …This is Cool :) So many Famous Penguins :) Great work!

click to enlarge

                            Read More about Fan Art here :)

Day 55, Symphony in et – 101 days of FUN :)

Tuesday July 28, It’s a Symphony! Press' ‘e’ and then ‘t’ to show The Music note emote and then get your Buddies to fill up an Igloo with Sound!

click to enlarge

            …okay :) Now I will go and find an Igloo to whistle in :)

      …Gary3005, me and Wickeddude making sounds in my igloo :)

click to enlarge

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