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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Card – Jitsu Game Animation, Sensei and The Living Sled

   HELP! The Living Sled from HALLOWEEN  is after ME! HEELLPP!!!

                        More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Card-Jitsu Animation, Sensei Glitch

LOL…Look at this Cool Card Glitch I found in The Card-Jitsu Game :) The Sky is gone and you can see Sensei's…Cool :)

                         More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Card – Jitsu Animation, Sensei and Rockhopper

Rockhopper and Sensei working TOGETHER! Saraapril overboard…

                        More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Card-jitsu Animation, Sensei and Sensei

         Sensei and one More Sensei this makes no Sense…LOL :)

                         More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Card-Jitsu Animations, Sensei and The Penguin Band

Wow! G Billy, Petey K, Franky and Stompin’ Bob are here :) Great Music Guys :) My eyes…MY EYES!

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Card - Jitsu Animations, Sensei and The Golden Puffle

A BIG Thanks to My Friend shazman8 :) He told me that I can get more Card-Jitsu Animations if I play with Sensei :) Club Penguin has Updated him! AWESOME! THANKS again shazman8 you are both Kind and Helpful :)

          …Hi Alaska and Yukon :) Oops better Run FAST…LOL :)

                        More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

You Decide Furniture Item!

                        Todays FUN is FINNALY HERE! WOOHOO!

This Message is from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
The team's always trying to make the things you want - and we've been doing some thinking about new furniture for your igloos. We're hoping you'll help us decide on a new furniture item for the September issue of Better Igloos! Click which piece of furniture you'd like to see most:click to enlarge Whenever there's a You Decide blog, we get tons of penguins who want to help choose, so it gets really busy. In the past, some of you have had to wait to leave comments. Until we can fix that, we're going to keep the comments off when we do these kinds of blogs. So you won't be able to leave a comment after you pick a furniture item - but they'll be back on tomorrow!!
Don't forget that you'll see the Splatter shirt you chose last month in Friday's new Penguin Style catalog!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

The Dinosaur Statue is cute and the Globe on Pedestal is Cool but…I LOVE the Green Beanbag Chair! And right now it is leading…Hurray!

            Go here and Vote for YOUR Favorite Furniture item :)

Last Day For Penguin Tales CONTEST!

Right now I submitted My penguin Tale Story :) Thank you! Your Submission has been sent, an editor will read it soon.

click to enlarge ...Okay…Let’s hope Club Penguin like my Story…I know that they have got MANY GREAT Stories from Penguins from all over the World :) That is so Cool! If you not have send in your Story yet you have a few more Hours left to do that :)

                             GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US :)

                 The Penguin Tale Story Writing CONTEST!

Day 63, You Decide - 101 days of FUN :)

Wednesday August 5, You Decide! Log out and Head to What’s New Blog to Help Select a New Furniture Item!

…Okay I like when We Decide :) Here is a Shortcut to The What’s New Blog :) Now we just have to wait for Club Penguin to Post about this…

                                You Decide is FINALLY HERE :)

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