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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Fan Art in Club Penguin :)

We have new Great Artwork under Community Fan Art  :) Here are Two Of them…

…a Island Girl Penguin and her Cute Red Puffles :) I Like this Picture and it is so well done too :) GREAT WORK!                        

2009-08-07 00.42.47 - Copy

…Famous Penguin as Puffles! AWESOME Idea! The Green Aunt Arctic Puffle looks so alike her and The Cute Bouncy Cadence Puffle is so Cool! Rockhopper and Gary are here too :) Very Creative! Well Done indeed :)

2009-08-07 00.42.53 - Copy

                See More Great Pictures In The Fan Art Gallery

Penguins around the World :)

Today's FUN is Penguin around the World and now we have got New Penguins around the World Pictures :) Here are some of them…

…Penguin and Puffle in Training for The Festival Of Flight :) Great Picture

click to enlarge

...Hi there Hiking Aunt Arctic :) Where is Rockhopper? LOL :) I Like this Picture :) Adventure: Aunt Arctic’s Show

click to enlarge

…Safety Penguin Car Seats! AWESOME Idea :) LOL…They look so Cute :)

click to enlarge

…Here is Rockhopper Aunt Arctic at Rockhopper Island! Can anyone send me a Map Please? LOL :) This is a GREAT Picture!

click to enlarge

You can see More Great pictures at The Penguins around the World Gallery :)

New Featured Igloo :) FINALLY!

            Today Club Penguin Featured a NEW Igloo! GREAT :)

   …CONGRATULATIONS to Cvcv35297 you’re Theatre Igloo is Cool :)

click to enlarge                        Read More about Featured Igloos :)

New Wallpaper in club Penguin :)

              One More wallpaper from 101 Days of FUN :) Cool!

click to enlarge

                         ALL Club Penguins Wallpaper :)

How will you help Gary to prepare for lift off in the Underground Pool area? Reviewed By You

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
On Tuesday, we showed you guys a sneak peek of a new party that'll start August 14, and there were lots of guesses about what the image was. Did today's newspaper article about Gary help you figure it out? We really liked reading your answers to last week's question about Gary's inventions.  Barkra said:
My favorite Gary the Gadget Guy invention is probably the Switchbox 3000 at the Stage. It is so much fun to see what each button does in the play! I love it!
Thanks, Barkra. I wonder what Gary will come up with next?
For this week's question, we'd like to know some of the creative ways you'll be helping Gary to prepare for lift off in the Underground Pool area!
Thanks for keeping Reviewed By You comments to less than 75 words.
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob 

I Think the Sneak Peek Picture are Hot air Balloons from the Snow Fort :) Now I will think up an Idea how to help Gary…I will add it here later…click to enlarge 
…Hello again :) Littletias has an idea…Gary can use environment Friendly Solar Power. First sunlight is abundant on Club Penguin and can be converted to electricity that can Power Large rotor blades that will work like on a helicopter. Second, Sunlight can be focused with BIG lenses so that the sun’s energy is used to boil water and the steam can be used to Power Hot air Balloons

                      Thanks Littletias That’s GREAT ideas :)

…I just want to grab a PINK Balloon and fly soundless right up in the clouds just like Winnie the Pooh does :)

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Construction workers

I often work with Constructions in Club Penguin :) WHAT? Let me out PLEASE!

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Pencil

                                   The April Fool Pencil :)

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Power Cards Card – Jitsu Animation: Sensei and the Bean Bags

                    Bean Counters NOW? Be careful! OUCH!

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Power Cards in Card – Jitsu Animated: Sensei and the Thunderstorm

                          The Thunderstorm is BACK HELP! 

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Storm Warning!

The STORM is soon HERE!

What about our Puffles?

More Agent Work

Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animated: Sensei and The Flare Flinger 3000

An Automatic Firework Machine! This must be the one Gary use when we have Fireworks at the Iceberg and Ski Hill :) Oops! In Aqua Grabber the Beginning you can see how we used Gary's Flare Flinger 3000 to contact Rockhopper :)

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

I wish for a Jet Pack :)

I wish we all gets a Jet Pack as a Free Party Gift at the Festival of Flight then we all could Fly around that would be so Cool :) And something that NEVER have happened in Club Penguin before…Please Club Penguin Team Pretty Please :)

Card – Jitsu Animation: Sensei, Herbert and Klutzy

EARTHQUAKE!…So this is why we have so Many Tunnels in Club Penguin see Secret Mission Free the Puffles :) and go to HQ and play Mission 8 Mysterious Tremors too :)

                           More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Card – Jitsu Animation, Sensei and Third Years Anniversary Celebration of Club Penguin

Thanks Sensei you know that I LOVE Cake :) The Third Anniversary of Club Penguin was AWESOME do you Remember the LIVE Online Show from Time Square in New York? I had so Much FUN TOGETHER with my Friends :) and Club penguin started to sell Toys and Elite Penguin Force :)

                          More Card-Jitsu Game Animations :)

Club Penguins Anniversary Party in Time Square New York! Invitation!

The First Club Penguin Toys :)

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force

Elite Penguin Force CHEATS!

Cake Crazy!

New York Time Square PARTY!

THANKS! For Three Years of AWESOME! 

Crazy Cake Video!

Underwater Adventure August 21 – September 21 in Club Penguin :)

YES! I have longing for this so MUCH! THANKS Club Penguin :) Last underwater Party was a Splash…LOL…
click to enlarge
…I wonder if this will be a NEW Party or a rerun of the old Underwater Party from February 2008…This is how it looked back then :) The Town was like a coral reef and the Coffee Shop was renamed to Mermaid Coffee :)
click to enlarge
…I LOVES it in here and I LOVED the Fishes that swum around under the Floor :) Look at that Sparkling BIG Pearl Table :)
click to enlarge
     …in the Book Room we got a Free Item a Cool Seashell Belt :)
click to enlarge
                                   …Pretty Pearl in PINK :)

                   …LOL…Night Club Is TOTALLY under Water…
click to enlarge
         …But up here it is The Submarines Commander Deck…
click to enlarge
…Old ships parts from wrecked ships was used all over the Island…here is The Snow Fort :)
click to enlarge
                …The cute octopus wants to be a Pet…LOL :)
click to enlarge
          …The Pizza Parlor served Yummy Pizzas as Always…
click to enlarge
                …and The Forest was filled with Treasures…
click to enlarge
…Hello there Pink Puffle :) The Big Fish changed Color if you clicked on it to Yellow and Blue too :)
2008-02-15 17.01.02 - Copy                             …The Anchor Pin was at Cove :)
click to enlarge
    …We Played and had so Much FUN TOGETHER here at Dock :)
click to enlarge
                  …The Beacon had a Light Glowing Fish :)
click to enlarge
…and we were still working at the Save the Migrator Project! You can read More about this in Aqua Grabber the Beginning :)
click to enlarge
…and at The Iceberg we were Busy too…In How to play Aqua Grabber you will find many interesting links…
click to enlarge
…The Ski Village was so Pretty I LOVED the way it was Decorated :)
click to enlarge  
                   …CPIP had started and I lived in a Fishbowl :)
click to enlarge
…And I met Billybob! It was GREAT FUN and EXCITING Times in Club Penguin :) This was all from the Underwater Party 2008 :) Thanks for walking on Memory lane with me :)
UPDATE: The Underwater Adventure will be a PLAY at The STAGE :)

Take your Puffles places! Secret Revealed :)

              Secret Nr 38 or Updated Reruns of Nr 26 and Nr 8!

click to enlarge

Take your Puffle PLACES!

Did you know there are games some Puffles can take part in?

DJ3K: Take yellow Puffles into the game to watch them dance (and for bonus coins)!

Surfing: Red Puffles love Catchin’ Waves with their owners. Hang ten together!

Aqua Grabber: Pink Puffles love to swim. Take yours into the ocean for an extra air bubble from time to time.

Dance Contest: Purple Puffles love to dance!

click to enlarge      …Please Club Penguin something NEW Next Week? PLEASE!

The Festival of Flight August 14 – 18 a NEW Club Penguin PARTY :)

Gary the Gadget Guy has made up a Party for us :) Thanks Uncle!

click to enlarge  This is from The Penguin Times: On August 14-18 Club Penguin takes to the skies with its first ever ‘Festival of Flight!’

Last week Gary let us know that he wanted to do maintenance on the windows at the Underground Pool. He let us know this week that he’s figured out a solution.

“The obvious solution is to lift Club Penguin out of the water. We’ll make it float in the clouds!” Gary explained that the entire island could easily be made to fly with a combination of various inventions. These include jetpacks, balloons filled with a special lifting gar known as ‘super-helium,’ propellers, and hot air balloons.

“I will still need many volunteers to help in the Underground Pool area,” he told us, “Also, I will require help from penguins to keep the hot air balloon full. This will be vital for buoyancy – or in other words to keep us in the air!”

Gary will be keeping an eye on things from the Base of Operations on the Tallest Mountain.

Be ready to fly August 14.

click to enlarge

WOW! This is FANTASTIC we will FLY! AMAZING I can hardly wait for this to start! I think I will go over to uncle Gary and see if I can get some More Sneak Peaks ;)

Week Ten Online Activities - 101 Days of FUN :)


Check out penguins around the world on the community page of the website, then send us a picture of your toy penguin preparing for the festival of flight!

Celebrate the new color release with a game of tag. When you get tagged, turn aqua and pass it on!

Have a shopping race with a buddy! Start at the Snow Forts and see if you can run to the Gift Shop, buy a new outfit, then return to the snow forts in 1 minute.

Form a group with other penguins and pretend you’re a car. Waddle around the island together and give other penguins a lift!

Waddle up to the Book Room for a blast from the past. Find the hidden pyramid in the 2007-2008 yearbook!

Be the funniest penguin possible! Go tell everyone your favorite joke on the stage at the Lighthouse.

Slow down! See if you can be the last penguin down the Hill while playing sled racing with your buddies.

click to enlarge                                  Print out this Schedule :)

                        Week Nine and Ten Offline Activities

                               Week Nine Online Activities

Aqua NEW Club Penguin Color :)

The Color Votes are counted and the Winner is AQUA! Tomorrow we can buy the New Color in the Gift Shop :) I Vote for Lavender but I like Aqua too :) Now I will try to make the Iceberg Invisible :)

click to enlarge

Day 64, Penguin Toy Picture – 101 days of FUN :)

Thursday August 6, Check out Penguins around The World on The Community Page of The Website, then send us a Picture of your Toy Penguin Preparing for the Festival of Flight!

click to enlarge                      …Hmmm I wonder where the camera is?

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