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Friday, August 7, 2009

Rare Outfit St. Patrick’s Lucky Clover Dress :)

      Today in The Ski Village I met Hollister835 and Snow Bunni :)

…Snow Bunni’s Dress is so Pretty and Saint Patrick’s Green :) I Think this is the First Time I has ever seen this Dress on a Penguin! Is it anyone that knows when it was available? I Guess during The First St Patrick’s Day Party am I right?

click to enlarge

…This Years St Patrick’s Day Party had a Picture of The Green Clover Dress in The Penguin Times Newspaper but The Dress was not for Sale…

click to enlarge

…and here is The Dress again at The St. Patrick’s Card we could send to each other :) I hope we can get this cute Dress Next Year :)

  click to enlarge

The St. Patrick’s Day Party was so MUCH FUN :) Do you Remember this…

What Time is it? It’s PARTY TIME!!!

St.Patrick’s Preparations

St. Patrick’s Day Party Update!

Waddling around waiting for St. Patrick's Day Party to start

New Club Penguin Pin-The Lucky Coin Pin :)

ST Patrick's Day Party is HERE :)

New Club Penguin St. Patrick's Post Card

Hydro-Hopper going Green :)

Guide Tour of Club Penguin’s St.Patrick’s Day Party Member Room-The Leprechauns Tree House :)

Welcome to Club Penguin’s St Patrick's Party :)

Home Cute Home :)

A New Friend :)

St.Patrick's Party Update! or HELP WERE IS THE St.PATRICK'S PARTY!!!

Our Island is GREEN :)

Dancing around and having Fun at St. Patrick's Party :)

click to enlarge

…If you miss St. Patrick's Day you can Download this St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper :)

AQUA COLOR PARTY! Invitation :)

AQUA is HERE! Let’s CELEBRATE :) Tomorrow Saturday August 8, 2009 I will have a AQUA PARTY at The Iceberg in Server Abominable :)

click to enlarge

     …The Time is 9 AM PST (Penguin Standard Time) WELCOME!

Festival of Flight PARTY BANNER :)

My Party Banner Has Automatically Been Updated :) Thanks Club Penguin! WOW! I LOVE This Cool Festival of Flight Banner :)

click to enlarge                            …This is so Much Amelia Earhart :)

                                  ALL Club penguin Banners

Green Beanbag Chair WON! You Decide :)

Do you Remember Wednesdays You Decide Vote? The Result is Here The Green Beanbag WON! WOHOO!

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
If you check out the new Penguin Style catalog, you'll see quite a few new things today:

  • The winner of the new penguin color vote (aqua)!
  • The Splatter T-shirt from last month's blog poll!

We found a penguin who's already been to the Gift Shop:


click to enlarge

What do you think? Will you be using your coins for anything in this new catalog?
In other news: It was cool so many of you let us know which furniture item you want to see next month. By a landslide (drum-roll...) the Green Puffle Beanbag won! It'll be available in the September edition of Better Igloos.
Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks Billybob I LOVE ALL The Festival Of Flight Items :)

Shazman8 and I tries to Animate :)

Today my Friend Shazman8 and I tried to find More Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animation…We didn't got any new ones but a Big Bunch of old ones :) LOL…Shazman8 is ready for The Festival of Flight :)

…THANKS for Today it was so MUCH FUN to Play with you :) You are a GREAT and HELPFUL Penguin! Another day we might find the New Animations :)

                  See More Power Cards Card-Jitsu Animations :)

Aqua a Winner?

Aqua Won the New Color Contest…OR…Something is off here! I have Looked in Many Servers and in so Many Rooms but it is Very FEW Penguins that have the Color Aqua on…No BIG Aqua Parties No HAPPY Celebrations…WHY? Club Penguin said that Aqua Won HUGE! Can it be that Club Penguin has been taken for a ride? When we had the Vote we could log off and then on again and VOTE AGAIN! I just Vote ONCE! on Lavender But I know that some Bloggers asked  their Readers to Cheat and Vote for Aqua MANNY Times!

click to enlarge  …This is me in Light Blue and in Aqua…Not a Big Difference…That is GREAT :) Now when we stand close TOGETHER we will look like different Shades of Water :) Let’s make Waves :)


…In the Newspaper The Penguin Times we can Read: It was a record breaking vote. Never before have we seen so many penguins having their say in the Forest.…Next time we can Vote for something…Please Club Penguin give us ONE VOTE EACH !

Lighthouse Music Update!

My Friend jt9034 told me about the Update in The Lighthouse THANKS you are a GREAT Friend :) When we and other Penguins Play Music on The Lighthouse Stage we can Hear it! ROCK ON!

…A Special Thanks to Bloo Kazoo3 you are the Perfect Encouraging Audience and made this Show so FUN! Thanks for all your Kind Words you ROCK TOO! 

click to enlarge               Happy77 Promised us This Lighthouse Upgrade :)

Rockhopper’s Flowerpots Blooming More :)

Rockhopper’s Flowerpots are So Pretty and the Flower buds have become FLOWERS in Pink and Blue :) I LOVE Them so Much they are so Pretty :)

click to enlarge

…My FLOWER covered Couch is my new Favorite Place to sit :) Look at the BIG Trees :)

click to enlarge

…and this FLOWER have a New Bud too :) I guess my plants will grow some more soon :) Ahhh…The air in My Igloo smells Wonderfully from the FLOWERS Welcome to Visit  :)

click to enlarge 

                           Flowerpot Starting to Blooming :)

Festival Of Flight Outfits are FANTASTIC!

        I LOVE the Festival Of Flight Outfits they are AMAZING!

We can buy: Girl’s Pilot cap 330 Coins, Fairy Flight Outfit 400 Coins, Golden Fairy Wings 350 Coins, Pilot Cap 310 coins, Big White Scarf 175 Coins, Pilot’s Jacket 380 Coins, Aviator Goggles 250 Coins, Test Glider 450 Coins…

click to enlarge

…Kite 75 Coins, Balloon 59 Coins…Remember that we decided about the Splatter T-shirt ? Now we can Buy it for 150 Coins :)

click to enlarge

                            …Amelia Earhart Here I come :)

            …I LOVE the Way The Balloon flutter when I walk :)

…and the Kite is so Cool :) I can Hardly wait for this Party it will be so Much FUN :) And I LOVE the Party Preparations too :) Time to CONSTRUCT :)

                              See the Catalog CHEATS :)

Time to Build at Club Penguin Island :)

The Home Page For Club Penguin has been Decorated for the Work Party :) Time to BUILD! All Brilliant Ideas are needed :) you can Help out :)

click to enlarge

                          See The Constructions Areas :)

Festival of Flight Opening Picture :)

I LOVE Opening Pictures here is the Latest One for Gary's Party The Festival Of Flight August 14 – 18 :)

click to enlarge

Pizza Chef - Penguins at Work!

If you Like Pizza this can be the Perfect Work for you :) Pick out your Uniform here Chef Hat 50 Coins, Pizza Apron 100 Coins and head over to The Pizza Parlor to get started :)

click to enlarge

             …I Think Everyone on Club Penguin LOVES Pizza :)

                                Play the Game Pizzatron 3000

AQUA is HERE! Penguin Style Catalog August 2009 :) CHEATS!

                               The New Catalog is HERE!

click to enlarge

  …Tired of your old colors? Pick a New One :) I will click on Aqua…

 click to enlarge

…Would you like to pick up Undefined for Undefined Coins? LOL…Aqua is ALMOST HERE :)

click to enlarge

               …NOW IT WORKS :) YES Please I will buy Aqua!

click to enlarge

…The FIRST Picture of me in AQUA! It looks Good I still think Lavender would have Looked Better…

click to enlarge

…Here are The Catalog CHEATS! As always I will not Ruin your FUN :) On this Page The Red Viking Helmet is Hidden…you can buy it for 750 Coins…Open and Close Three Times Open again and…

click to enlargey

              …you find The Blue Viking Helmet 1200 Coins…

click to enlarge 

                              …Chrystal Staff 250 Coins…

click to enlarge 

                                  …Canteen 100 Coins…

click to enlarge

                             …Woodsman’s Hat 200 Coins…

click to enlarge

                       …Blue Dragon Costume 1000 Coins…

click to enlargey

…We got Two New Backgrounds :) Purple Wave Background and Tropical Palm Background 60 Coins Each…I like that the Backgrounds and Colors are Available for ALL so Non Members can get these too :)

click to enlarge

                   …I think this was all did I miss anything?

Construction Started at The Plaza and Beach and all over CP Island :)

       WOW! Look at this :) Workers are needed at The Plaza…

ckick to enlarge 

         …and The Beach! Grab your Tools Gary Needs our Help :)

ckick to enlarge

                                         …The Town…

click to enlarge

     …I was right :) The Sneak Peak Picture must be from here :)

click to enlarge

…The Beacon looks interesting i wonder what Gary has in mind?

click to enlarge  

                                    …Time for Tea :)

click to enlarge

…I met my Friend Extra Peng in the Forest and I have got a BALLOON some whishes comes true FAST! Thanks Club Penguin Team :) Now I need to figure out a way for the Balloon to FLY…LOL :)

click to enlarge…We are Dressed For Flying :) I LOVE the Forest :) Time to work see you all around Club Penguin :)

click to enlarge

                      See Festival Of Flight Opening Picture :)

Day 65, Turn AQUA – 101 days of FUN :)

Friday August 7, Celebrate the New Color release with a Game of Tag. When you get Tagged, Turn Aqua and pass it on!

click to enlarge…This will be AWESOME! I will be back and Post about this later…Hello again I am Back LOL  :) We had a Aqua Tag Party at The Plaza :)

            …Why The Plaza? It is PIZZA THERE! Yummm…LOL :)


                          …Gary3005 Tagged Extra Peng…

click to enlarge…Thanks to all Penguins that Played Aqua Tag with us :) This was FUN :)

click to enlarge

      …Tomorrow we will have a AQUA COLOR PARTY! WELCOME :)

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